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Pharyngitis and tonsillitis: the one disease differs from another?

What is the pharyngitis, it differs from tonsillitis and how to treat it? These questions are of interest to many patients. When the child begins to sore throat, many parents immediately taken to treat sore throat. And do it using available tools, are often guided by the recommendations of folk medicine. Very often, even without causing harm to the child medications, parents waste valuable time, thereby causing the welfare of a child tremendous harm.

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Any doctor will tell you that the throat may be sore, not only because of angina. Upper respiratory tract behave this way and pharyngitis, and laryngitis, and in chronic tonsillitis. The only thing that unites these diseases, a place where they develop. To take treatment of the throat, you need to clearly understand the distinction of one disease from another and to understand the clinical picture of each disease.

Approaches to the treatment of tonsillitis and pharyngitis is largely similar, but the treatment of angina are also held in this way. So it is not necessary to consider these diseases as the same.

What is tonsillitis

Chronic tonsillitis and strep throat hit the throat, but not in the same place. Tonsillitis primarily affects the pharyngeal tonsil, they are the same glands. This important system of the body not in the least responsible for the immune system and acts as a protective barrier to infection in the body.

zapah izo rta - simptom tonzillitaThe disease occurs when a pathogenic microorganism enters the tonsils. Glands immediately react to infection by increasing in size and a marked decline in immune function. It is at this stage is often a pain. The above-mentioned diseases often are the cause of the ingestion of a viral infection. If left untreated tonsillitis, then the tonsils should be removed.

Chronic tonsillitis, like pharyngitis, develops on the background of a weakened immune system, when not all disease-causing germs are neutralized by lymphocytes. This occurs as a result of tonsillitis. Since forming chronic tonsillitis. Pharyngitis owes its birth to the streptococci, staphylococci, diseases in the oral cavity and sinusitis.

The clinical picture of tonsillitis:

  • the size of the gland significantly increased;
  • the surface of the tonsils becomes loose;
  • the tonsils become livid;
  • lymph nodes visibly swell;
  • swells sky;
  • there is an unpleasant smell from a mouth;
  • pain is felt when swallowing;
  • change voice;
  • breathing is difficult;
  • significant temperature rises.

Chronic tonsillitis without the intervention of a doctorwill only get worse.

The audiologist will examine, prescribe tests and establish the correct diagnosis.

temperatura pri tonzilliteThe widespread belief that a sore throat better hot drink is nothing in this case is wrong and leads to complication of the disease, as well as the warmth bacteria to multiply much easier.

The primary task at this stage: do not let the tonsillitis or pharyngitis, to become chronic. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, should immediately go to the doctor.

Complications from these seemingly innocent ailments can affect the activity of the heart, kidneys, skeletal system.

Treatment of tonsillitis

To begin the treatment of tonsillitis, it is necessary to determine the diagnosis, what blood and urine of the patient to recover for analysis. At the initial stage of treatment practiced by rinsing the glands in iodine and salt, which should prevent the spread of infection. Salt fights infection, and iodine has an antiseptic effect on the surface of the tonsils.

Sometimes doctors prescribe treatment mucosa Lugol and use of antibiotics of local action. If the temperature is very high, you should take an antipyretic. Antibiotics must be taken if the fever lasts more than three days. There is no need to repeat that all prescribing is performed by a doctor.

konsultaciya vrachaIf the tonsillitis has passed into the chronic form, the doctor will recommend you to remove tonsils. The same recommendation he would make, and the frequent ENT diseases. If you do not, it is constantly crumbling from inflammation of the tonsils can become a major source of pathogens.

As practice shows, the removal of the tonsils leads to a significant reduction in the number of diseases of the throat. After treatment, you will undergo a course of treatment medication and vitamin preparations to bring the immune system in good shape.

What is pharyngitis

To succeed in treatment, you need to accurately represent what is chronic pharyngitis and how does it differ from tonsillitis. Unlike tonsillitis pharyngitis pathogens diseases affect glands and itself mucous membrane of the throat. Like many other diseases, pharyngitis can occur in two ways:

  • in the acute form;
  • chronic.

Cause diseases are respiratory pathogens:

  • rhinoviruses;
  • adenoviruses;
  • parainfluenza virus;
  • coronavirus;
  • cytomegalovirus.

povyshennaya potlivost pri faringiteSharpform of pharyngitis is a disease not the most common in contrast to chronic, which can occur as a result of regular viral infections of the upper respiratory tract or of the action of streptococci. How to distinguish a sore throat from pharyngitis, it should be understood, as the clinical picture of pharyngitis sufficiently clear:

  • sore throat;
  • dry cough;
  • lymph nodes are enlarged and sore;
  • fever;
  • the redness of the back of the throat;
  • lack of energy, aching muscles and sweating.

Despite the obviousness of the manifestations of pharyngitis in its nuances can handle only a doctor. So do not try to install a self-diagnosis and especially to treat the disease.

The treatment of pharyngitis

Before treatment, you should decide what form of disease you have: bacterial or viral. If the diagnosis indicates a viral form of the disease, then the treatment will be as follows:

  • proper nutrition;
  • drink plenty of liquids;
  • antibiotics of local action;
  • regular gargling;
  • treatment of the larynx inhalers.

In case of chronic pharyngitis, you should not abuse foods that will irritate the throat: sour, spicy, hot food should be eliminated from the diet. When a viral form of pharyngitis should drink as much as possible that the infection was derived faster from the body.

As for the high temperature, in this case drinking plenty of fluids is necessary as a remedy for dehydration. At high temperatures, the body begins to produce a hormone that destroys viruses and bacteria.

If the pharyngitis is bacterial, then antibiotics will not do. Their use will allow to avoid many complications that affect adults more often than children.

Prevention of tonsillitis and pharyngitis. To rarely encounter these diseases need to pay attention to preventive actions. Unlikely to surprise you that the main factors of prevention should become a healthy lifestyle and good hygiene. Given that pathogens are all around us, regular hand washing can reduce the likelihood of disease by half.

To be healthy, you need to temper the body, drink cool fluids during the summer heat and constantly replenish stocks of vitamins in the body. There is a perception that if over the summer to eat three kilos of strawberries, it will be enough that the organism gained the ability to cope with any infection during the winter. Citrus fruits also keep the body in shape due to the abundance of vitamin C. So if you like in the morning to drink tea with lemon, then you are much less likely to get an infection.