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The types of hypertrophic pharyngitis and its treatment

Hypertrophic pharyngitis is a disease in the form of inflammation of all the tissues of the throat: the soft palate mucosa and muscle of the lymph nodes. There are times when inflammation occurs acutely, but go unnoticed. But it is extremely rare. Basically if you do not treat the disease, it can become chronic.

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The causes of the disease pharyngitis

The main cause of pharyngitis is inhaling polluted or cold air, exposure to chemical irritants: alcohol, tobacco smoke.

Often there are cases when the disease is caused by infection due to the inflammation adjacent to the larynx. This way is the development of pharyngitis during caries or sinusitis, rhinitis.

Pharyngitis and its types

To date, medicine distinguishes the following types of pharyngitis:

  1. Sharp. Develops after exposure directly on the mucous membrane of the throat aggressive factors (infection, an irritant gas).
  2. Chronic. Can act as the consequences of not timely cured of strep or just a disease with long-term irritation of the larynx. In this case, there are phases of exacerbation and remission.

Classification of the disease

Acute pharyngitis is divided into the following types:

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  1. Virus. Is an inflammation of the mucous layers, including the lymphoid tissue of the larynx. This pharyngitis may be caused by a variety of viruses.
  2. Fungal. Inflammation of the mucous membrane caused by fungi. Treatable with medication.
  3. Bacterial. The presence of large numbers of bacteria in the mouth provokes bacterial pharyngitis (e.g., caries).
  4. Staph. This type is called a variety of ailments, from a simple, time has not cured the common cold to chronic diseases.
  5. Chronic. This stage occurs at the beginning of the pharyngitis was not taken for treatment, and in the end he simply "hid". After a certain time, it gradually develops in the larynx of the person, causing him constant headaches and chronic discomfort in the throat.
  6. Traumatic. If ever there was a hurt throat a fish bone, for example, and after the larynx has not been treated with a special antibacterial drugs and was not healed the wound, because of this, and appears traumatic pharyngitis.
  7. Allergic. The disease is caused by an allergic reaction.
  8. Herpetic pharyngitis. Can be triggered by a simple cold, which turned into the strongeststage of its development and resulted in the inflammation of the throat.
  9. Purulent. To that effect, and lateral pharyngitis. This type is already the most difficult. Here it is necessary to treat not only medical, but also a special UV light. Such procedures guided by the doctor. They are harmless to the body and very effective, but it's better not to allow this state to continue not to engage in prolonged treatment, instead of just the time to drink tablets or to rinse the throat.
  10. Normal. Is divided into:

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  • atrophic;
  • hypertrophic;
  • mixed form;
  • the follicular.

There is also a secondary pharyngitis. It represents the second stage of the disease when the first symptoms of pharyngitis was missed, i.e. going to the doctor was not, of course, no treatment is not undertaken.

Thus there is a secondary pharyngitis, that is, the second stage of the disease – the disease with even greater force.

In addition to these main types there are also candidal pharyngitis. His symptoms were discomfort in the throat, tickle in the throat, increased body temperature to 39°C.

The main symptoms of pharyngitis

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In acute pharyngitis, you experience the following symptoms: sore throat (as if someone tickles the throat), considerable dryness in the throat, severe pain during swallowing and the presence of a certain discomfort. In rare cases, the symptoms is the discomfort and the increase in body temperature to 37°C and above.

In chronic pharyngitis is observed dryness in the throat, tickle in the throat, feeling of lump in throat, persistent coughing (dry). On the membrane of the throat there is mucus, which accumulates quickly and in large volumes, which causes some discomfort to the patient.

While atrophic pharyngitis throat becomes dry enough and over time it formed a dried mucus. The patient feels malaise, discomfort in the throat. There is sore and sharp pain coming from time to time, including when eating. It hurts to swallow.

The treatment of this disease

In case of illness pharyngitis need to take the following action in the treatment of disease:

  1. Rinsing the throat with antiseptic compositions (for example, medication “Eucalyptus” or “Rotokan”) two to four times throughout the day.
  2. Sprinkle throat spray two to four times a day. Before buying a particular type of spray it is best to comeon reception to the doctor to consult in order not to burn the throat when using this medication because the disease can be very different.
  3. Dissolve tablets from pharyngitis. Pills envelop the throat with a film and it soothes irritation, resulting is a positive effect on the nidus.
  4. Drink herbal teas (chamomile, lime, a mixture of herbs), or weak tea, but in any case not to add a lemon, as it can cause irritation in the larynx. You should drink the tea collection warm but not hot.
  5. Eat 1 spoon of honey throughout the day. Linden soothes the walls of the throat.

The treatment of pharyngitis during pregnancy

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As you know, a pregnant woman needs even before taking headache tablets to consult with your gynecologist. Because all drugs taken by the girl in a position take a toll on the health of the future baby.

Especially if a pregnant woman caught a cold and feels discomfort in throat and fever, then there is an urgent need to go to the doctor. If it was viewed by the throat of your family and exactly noticed bumps on the sides of the throat (looks like strep disease), it is already delayed. After all, any illness for both mother and the unborn baby.

As a rule, pregnant therapist shall appoint a special mild, but at the same time quite effective drugs that are aimed only at treating the disease. Most of the pills for pregnant women from pharyngitis includes herbal, which not only treats the disease outbreak, but at the same time has a positive effect on the health of the future baby, while strengthening the nervous system.

In conclusion, I would like to note that if left untreated strep throat, it could lead to the most disastrous consequences from the chronic stage of the disease, which now will always haunt a person, even with the common cold or the redness of the throat, before raising the body temperature to 40°C while cracks in the larynx.

If left untreated throat pharyngitis is correct, then people simply won't be able to eat solid food, but only soft or pomelena through a blender.

Pharyngitis can be cured. The most important thing is to bethink and start treatment. The disease is unpleasant, but quickly treatable, so take care of your health!