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Symptoms and treatment of acute pharyngitis

Such a disease as acute pharyngitis, is common in adults often. The disease has a strong symptoms, but treatment is sometimes prolonged.

problema ostrogo faringita

Pharyngitis is a disease of the throat, caused by infection. Children have a similar disease called tonsillitis. Therefore, the pharyngitis can be considered an adult disease.

The disease is usually treated at home, of course, if no complications. With proper self-treatment relief occurs within 2 days, otherwise need to see a doctor.

Pharyngitis: General description

Pharyngitis is an inflammation of the larynx. This inflammation is caused by viral or bacterial infections. The treatment of pharyngitis caused by bacterial infections, more difficult and may be delayed, as is often associated with the occurrence of side effects from antibiotic use.

Pharyngitis rarely acts as an independent phenomenon. It appears mainly on the background of catarrhal and inflammatory diseases, such as SARS. Viral (caused by viruses) pharyngitis is much more common.

Pharyngitis caused by bacteria is 1/3 of all cases of acute pharyngitis.

konsultaciya vracha pri ostrom faringiteAcute pharyngitis is usually accompanied by inflammation of adjacent land. This region of the upper respiratory tract. In case of inflammation of the nasal sheath pharyngitis accompanied by rhinitis, when inflamed larynx - laryngitis, trachea - tracheitis.

Pharyngitis is an acute form only in the case that lasts no more than 2 weeks. The acute form of flow of pharyngitis can be identified by characteristic signs: a scratchy throat, it's like there is a foreign object that I want to cough up. When the disease a sore throat, bouts appears dry coughs.

The causes of acute pharyngitis

The main reason for the disease pharyngitis - viruses. Viruses are the cause of 70% of all cases of detection of pharyngitis. These viruses can be SARS: the adenovirus, Rhino - and coronaviruses, influenza. Viruses, like enteroviruses, herpes, cytomegalovirus, among the causative agents of pharyngitis occur less frequently.

In the course of the disease to the initial pathogens (viruses) are usually attached bacteria and, previously, for example, in the oral cavity or in the locations of chronic infections in the patient. Examples of such bacterial environments may be streptococci, staphylococci or pneumococci, which is observed less frequently.

But the most common pathogens (viruses and bacteria), pharyngitis can cause fungi, injury to the upper respiratoryways, allergens, chemical compounds in the environment.

Among the factors contributing to the development of pharyngitis, can be listed:

  • hypothermia;
  • hormonal failure;
  • allergic reactions to different pathogens.

Furthermore, it should highlight bad habits: alcohol abuse and intemperance in Smoking.

Aggravate the disease:

  • the presence of chronic infections;
  • the weakness of the immune system.
  • unhealthy kidneys;
  • blood diseases (mononucleosis).

So, bacterial pharyngitis excite:vizualnye simptomy ostrogo faringita

  • group a Streptococcus;
  • gonococcus;
  • diphtheria Bacillus;
  • hemophilic Bacillus;
  • less Streptococcus groups C and J.

Pharyngitis viral origin excite:

  • adeno - and rhinoviruses (rhinovirus infections occur very often);
  • the viruses parainfluenza and influenza;
  • coronaviruses and cytomegalovirus.

Types of pharyngitis

Most often, pharyngitis can be acute, cured, usually at home. The second form of the disease is chronic, we can not do without medical care.

Pharyngitis in the acute form begins after penetration of the pathogen in the throat (mucosa). Strep throat has a favorable prognosis and course.

Chronic pharyngitis, as a rule, is a continuation of acute in the case where the treatment was not carried out until complete recovery. But the disease may occur independently (as a result of continuous exposure to the mucous membrane of the throat, for example, harmful substances in the environment). The course of the disease in a chronic form, accompanied by exacerbations.

Pharyngitis the nature of origin is classified as follows:pravilnoe pitanie pri ostrom faringite

  • viral infection;
  • bacterial infection;
  • fungal infections;
  • allergic reactions;
  • traumatic lesions of the larynx;
  • the effect of harmful chemicals.

In addition, the pharyngitis is:

  • hypertrophic or atrophic;
  • mixed pharyngitis includes both forms.

A simple call catarrhal pharyngitis is the most common form of pharyngitis, a component 2/3 from all diseases. Scheme of development of the disease is such that first occur disease SARS, and then added another, and a bacterial infection.

The symptoms of pharyngitis

kashel pri faringiteAs the sick cannot be made to determine the presence of pharyngitis. Only with time appear sore anddryness in the throat. Then there is the hysterical dry cough, starts pretty sore throat. Man it hurts to swallow, and there is edema of the mucosa of the throat, caused by inflammation. This swelling provokes a feeling of stuffiness in the ears. The ears, too, often fall ill. Then, after several days, dry cough passes into the wet.

Enlarged lymph nodes, the patient experiences pain when pressure is applied on them. There is a feeling of weakness, fatigue, body temperature significantly increased (up to 38-39 °C).

So, symptoms of acute pharyngitis following:

  • dry mouth, a dry, hysterical cough, a feeling of tickling in the throat, it may seem that it is a lump;
  • sore throat radiating to the ears;
  • redness in the throat is visible to the naked eye, the surface appears glossy;
  • the lymph nodes are significantly enlarged and painful on palpation;
  • increasing swelling of the throat due to the hard work of the glands caused by inflammation;
  • the weakness of the body, fatigue, lethargy;
  • periodic severe exacerbation of headache;
  • reluctance to eat.

Diagnosis and treatment of

The disease is diagnosed quite simply, because this disease is very characteristic signs. First diagnosed by a physician based on history (survey) of the patient. Next is the inspection of the throat, while for diagnosis can be used pharyngoscope.

If such a procedure can clearly see the redness of the throat, the glossy nature of its surface and the presence of edema. Using such procedure it is possible to perform enlarged lymph nodes without touching them. Greenish patina just say that there are bacteria.

Of course, we don't always go to the doctor with a sore throat, resorting to self-medication, but if there is a suspicion of chronic pharyngitis, then a visit to the doctor mandatory.

The treatment of pharyngitis consists of several components:medikamentoznoe lechenie pri ostrom faringite

  • adherence to the prescribed regime;
  • adherence to the prescribed diet;
  • the use of drugs;
  • physiotherapy.

The recommendations are as follows. You need to be on bed rest, it's not a prerequisite, but can significantly reduce the recovery period. Do not overwork, avoid stress.

Because the throat when the disease is very sensitive on swallowing food and even saliva, and should take only soft food in the form of heat.

Medication and physical therapy when the disease

The use of drugs, of course, the main form of therapy for the disease.Drug treatment allows to eliminate the pathogen in acute pharyngitis. This treatment involves the use of antiviral medications, sometimes in combination with antibacterial.

Antiviral drugs are prescribed in the early stages, if you have already identified acute pharyngitis.

Examples of such means may be Arbidol, isoprinosine, Amizon.

Antibacterial drugs can be administered as tablets and injections, which is more efficient. Apply topical preparations such as bioparox. However, the abuse of such preparations should not be, because they are effective only when lesions bacterial lesions that is not available in all cases of acute pharyngitis, and in only 30%. About the presence of bacteria can be judged by purulent secretions.

Local treatment is gargle various solutions, for example, orasecom. You can apply compresses to warm the neck. Antiseptic sprays, such as, for example, trahisan, also relieve pain in the throat. To strengthen the immune system are used Imudon or multivitamin such means as multi-tabs and the alphabet.

When you confirm the allergic nature or excessive mucosal edema should take antihistamines: aleron or effective. If you are allergic do not take medications containing iodine (Joks, yodinolom), or funds with bee propolis. Iodine and propolis are strong allergens.

Physical therapy is recommended in addition to the core set of measures for strengthening effect and strengthen the result. Used it is normally in the latter stages of the disease, but rather at the stage of recovery, and includes electrophoresis with antiseptic additives, UHF-procedure darsonvalization.