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The symptoms and treatment of pharyngitis in pregnancy

Every woman knows that any disease, for example, pharyngitis, during pregnancy can cause a lot of trouble. The treatment itself and not because the fetus in this case very much may suffer. Many expectant mothers are afraid to go outside or in a crowded room, fearing for your health and baby. And to prevent this from happening, women need to know how to defeat this disease during pregnancy.

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What is pharyngitis?

Pharyngitis is an inflammation of the larynx, which entails pain and sore throat. It is believed that this disease is one of the symptoms of an infectious disease. But sometimes it can provoke and other factors. Namely:

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  • cold drink;
  • inconclusive cured SARS;
  • diseases of ENT-organs;
  • cold or polluted air;
  • caries of the teeth;
  • Smoking (including passive);
  • pneumococcus;
  • the fungus (Candida);
  • rhinitis, sinusitis.

In this list are infectious, bacterial and fungal viruses. Few know that the viral disease is only the beginning of the disease, since it helps to join bacteria and fungi. Bacteria and fungi quickly adapt to the conditions quite active and begin to spread throughout the body. And it is very dangerous to the fetus.

Pharyngitis can be:

  • sharp;
  • chronic.

By etiological basis of acute pharyngitis can also be divided into:

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  1. Virus.
  2. Bacterial.
  3. Fungal.
  4. Allergic.
  5. Traumatic. This is because the throat gets a foreign body and requires surgery.
  6. The influence of irritating factors, that is, hot liquid or steam, acid, any irradiation.

As regards chronic pharyngitis, it is also its classification, but for the development of the changes in the mucous membrane:

  • catarrhal;
  • subatrophic or atrophic;
  • hypertrophic.

All of these forms of chronic pharyngitis can be combined, then there is a mixed type of disease. It is believed that the most common form of strep throat is the infection of the mucous in the throat of the man (catarrhal pharyngitis when cold). Noted that most pharyngitis is caused by such viruses as:

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  • rhinoviruses;
  • coronaviruses;
  • adenoviruses;
  • respiratory syncytial virus;
  • virusflu;
  • parainfluenza virus.

The most common is the rhinovirus.

This virus seems to be rapidly spreading, especially during the spring and autumn epidemics.

But this is only the initial stage, followed by a more severe form of the disease.

The symptoms of pharyngitis

Strep throat during pregnancy can occur even after the mucous membrane of the throat was exposed to the above adverse factors. But it becomes chronic in the case when this irritation lasts quite a long time or acute pharyngitis treated properly.

The main symptoms of acute pharyngitis:

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  • discomfort, pain, dryness, or sore throat;
  • body temperature rises to 37,5-38° C;
  • the person feels pain and increase the cervical lymph nodes;
  • swelling and redness of the posterior wall of the larynx;
  • voice hoarse (it happens more often in the evenings).

When there is a chronic form of pharyngitis, it has almost the same symptoms as acute, but only the body temperature is not increased, instead, there is a heavy dry cough.

How dangerous strep during pregnancy?

All infectious disease, be it angina, influenza, colds, rhinitis or pharyngitis, dangerous for the normal development of the child in the womb. It can also affect the pregnancy. In the early stages even seemingly slight inflammation of the throat can lead to spontaneous miscarriage. At 12-18 weeks to develop and form the Central organs of the nervous system, and because of the disease's development can be compromised. Changes occur in the brain and spinal cord, the possible formation of such diseases as heart disease.

In the second trimester when the disease is strep throat, the child may have detected encephalitis, meningitis, inflammation of the lungs.

If, during the course of disease will be damaged tissues and blood vessels of the placenta, the child will receive less food and begin to lag behind in development. The main danger during pregnancy when strep throat is high fever that lasts a long time. Also the danger is intoxication in the mother's body. These toxic substances can affect not only the metabolic changes in the fetus. The effects of toxins can lead to destruction of some vital organs in a child.

The treatment of pharyngitis in pregnancy

obilnoe pite pri faringiteAny painful sensation in the throat - this is a reason to go to the doctor. If these feelings have arisen as a resulthit in the throat a foreign body, you should consult the audiologist. If long-term pain not associated with traumatic form of pharyngitis, it is necessary to address to the therapist. Specialist find out what is the cause of pain in the throat, that is, carry out a complete diagnosis, will prescribe the correct and efficient therapy considering pregnancy from a woman.

The doctor should prescribe a comprehensive treatment. That is, it not only medication, but the generally accepted recommendations. Namely:

  1. Speak as little as possible. The throat should be as much as possible at rest.
  2. Do not eat salty, sour and spicy foods, or drink sodas.
  3. Drink plenty of warm fluids. In addition to tea, it can be juice, broth, milk and honey.
  4. More rest.
  5. Frequent wet cleaning in the room and ventilate the room.

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For the treatment of pharyngitis in pregnancy is usually prescribed gargling with different infusions and decoctions. It can be calendula, chamomile, plantain, mint, Melissa. Require rinsing different antiseptic solutions: furatsilin, tincture of propolis, chlorhexidine and so on. You can do inhalations with the addition of eucalyptus or pine oil, mint or lemon balm. Prescribed absorbable antiseptic tablets. Mandatory antipyretic pill that will help you quickly eliminate a high temperature, because it is very dangerous during pregnancy. This is usually pharmaceutical drugs, the basis of which is acetaminophen.

If we talk about folk medicine, for the treatment of acute pharyngitis using propolis and honey. A very famous product from the salt, soda and iodine, but in this case it is strictly prohibited to pregnant women. This can only worsen their position and to bring the body more infection. If a pregnant woman decided to use the recipes of alternative medicine and she's not getting better, then she needs to go to the doctor and not to delay it.

Prevention of pharyngitis

Of course, you should always carry out preventive measures that will help to reduce the likelihood that during pregnancy, you may receive a disease such as strep throat. For this you need to follow a few simple rules.

So, it is necessary to treat the oral cavity. Try less to visit the place with a large crowd of people. It's shops, transport and cafes. If a woman decided to take a stroll, you should definitely spread nasal passages oxolinic ointment. Don't forget to change your toothbrush once every 2-3 months. Walk in the fresh air. Not to drink cold drinksespecially with the addition of ice.

Pharyngitis in pregnancy is no less dangerous disease than rhinitis or flu. It is recommended to treat any infectious disease under the supervision of a physician, especially during pregnancy. Depend on the life of the expectant mother and the development of her child. Free to choose medicine is very difficult, and the specialist after a complete examination will be able to prescribe those drugs which are suitable in a particular situation. It is not necessary to run this, at first glance, simple and effective. No wonder it is believed that during pregnancy not hurt.