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Pharyngitis: causes, symptoms and treatment in children

If there is suspicion of strep throat, the symptoms and treatment in children - a topic of special interest to caring parents in cold season. Because often the disease is manifested after exposure. How to distinguish it from the common cold and, most importantly, how to treat?

problema faringita u detej

The causes of the disease

The main cause of pharyngitis - contact with the mucosa of the pharynx viruses. Sometimes this condition is caused by and bacteria. The inflammation affects the posterior wall of the throat, not including the tonsils. Often a child observes the symptoms after a recent exposure. Often strep throat is accompanied by runny nose.

streptokokki - mikroorganizmy vyzyvaushie faringitThe course of the disease depends on how strong the immune system in the body. Dangerous virus may get into the tonsils, which might lead to tonsillitis. But if it only affects the throat, then there is pharyngitis. Often the virus enters the throat from the nose after calling it inflammation; this disease is called nasopharyngitis.

The root cause of the pharyngitis are harmful bacteria (Streptococcus and Mycoplasma). In this situation, the disease will leak worse, accompanied by high temperature. If the tests prove the presence of dangerous pathogen, the child should be used antibacterial drugs. But it is worth remembering that this is by no means impossible to do if the disease was caused by a virus. The effect of such measures would not, and the intestinal flora is weakened and damaged.

The symptoms of pharyngitis

Sore throat, pain when swallowing, high temperature - the main symptoms of pharyngitis. School-age children immediately notice these unpleasant nuances, and the babies are fussy, not sleepy, coughing. In addition, if you suspect it is a viral disease should immediately to measure the temperature and to put the baby to bed.

infekcionnye prichiny i priznaki faringitaSometimes a mild cough that accompanies the disease as a symptom, but it is only in the case when only inflamed throat. If, on the contrary, frequent and loud, then confirmed the suspicion by the lowering of the virus below. So formed tracheitis, laryngitis and bronchitis.

Throat hurts when infected only during the reception of solid or hot food. Unpleasant sensations in the throat are present not always, but always appears or increases, in response to external stimuli. Pharyngitis from a sore throat can be distinguished by the fact that in the second case, because of the pain do not want to drinkwater.

Pharyngitis in the initial stages is characterized by "scratching" throat. Then the child is raised and the temperature. You should remember that if the infection occurred because of the ingestion of Streptococcus, the thermometer will show a very high result.

Strep throat almost never alone. Usually he is accompanied by a runny nose, fever, headache, drowsiness and weakness. So you need to pay attention to signs of illness and, if necessary, seek the advice of a pediatrician or otolaryngologist.

Diagnosis of disease

mazok na nalichie streptokokkaBefore you confirm the insights of parents about the presence of strep, the doctor must inspect the throat of the patient. In this case it should be red with the usual tonsils. Often the back part of the pharynx has a distinctive "grain". Sometimes there are purulent discharge, but this only applies to bacterial diseases.

ENT rarely sends child for tests. But if there is uncertainty in the expected diagnosis or pharyngitis is not a major disease but only the symptom, without laboratory tests is not enough. Because you need to take a swab for the presence of Streptococcus or diphtheria. If the suspicion be confirmed, the baby hospitalitynet.

Besides the usual there is and chronic. If a light form ends already after two weeks, the heavy continues to torture the child for much longer.

If the mother fails to win at home, it is necessary to consult a doctor.

Chronic pharyngitis may occur due to such factors as:

hronicheskij nasmork - prichina vozniknoveniya faringita

  1. Of secondary bacterial infection.
  2. Mononucleosis (enlarged lymph nodes).
  3. A foreign body in the throat or of the consequences of its presence.
  4. Irritation of the throat with the external environment: very dry air in the house, tobacco smoke, exhaust gases, dust.
  5. Mouth breathing (allergies).
  6. Inflammation of the adenoids.
  7. Chronic rhinitis when nasal discharge dripping down the back section of the throat.

Practical recommendations

We all know that the child's body needs to defeat the virus alone, but every mother wants to ease its course.

Therefore, the first step is to eliminate all stimuli from the environment. There is also a need for a more frequent wet cleaning kid's room.

Premises have to be sufficiently humid. Ideal is 55%, which can be obtained using a special humidifier. It should also as often as possiblewalking with a child, but avoiding cold air in fever. You need to regularly walk with the baby in any weather except for days when the child has a high temperature.

poloskanie gorla pri faringiteGood help and regular gargling. It is relieves pain and reduces swelling. Quite a bit of heat, then salt the water. This procedure should be carried out as often as possible. The best option is to gargle three times a day. But this method is only suitable to students.

Perfectly calm the inflammation of the warm teas, fees, and various tinctures of herbs. Due to the large amount of fluid you can protect your child from dehydration because fever is rapidly deprives the body of liquid. But before using this option need to consult with your doctor.

To increase the humidity in the room should put a deep open vessel with water. This will help soothe irritation in the throat and reduce pain. But from time to time, the container must be clean so as not to become too damp.

If the child is difficult to tolerate elevated temperatures, it is necessary to try to reduce it. After all, if it is above 38°C, this further saps the strength and resources of the body. Well suited for this purpose, paracetamol and ibuprofen.

In any case it is impossible to give the baby antibiotics. They can be prescribed only by the attending physician. Because without analysis it is not clear what led to the emergence of pharyngitis.

zakapyvanie v nos sosudosuzhivaushih kapelAs for the popular and very convenient dosage form of aerosols, they can be used to treat children from two years. Infants can suffer from them as possible after application of the laryngeal fissure spasm, leading to acute failure of the respiratory tract. Moreover, you should pay attention to the presence of alcohol or other aggressive substances. Such drugs it is better not to buy.

Temporary relief will bring a package of candy from a sore throat. Often they are released with the analgesic effect. But many children may suffer allergies to some components of this product. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to consult with a doctor about their use.

If pharyngitis is combined with a runny nose, you can dig the baby's nose vasoconstrictive medications (nazol, Xylometazoline, etc.). They are well soothe the mucous membranes and reduce secretions. The last stop to get to the throat, and uncomfortable feelings disappear.

Conclusion on the subject

Treatment of pharyngitis is a very unpleasant disease. But to recoveryou can only learn the reason for it. Removing external stimuli and moderate its course, it is possible to reduce the force of pain.