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How to recognize and treat strep throat tonsillitis and other throat disease

Such diseases of the throat like pharyngitis, tonsillitis, very similar to each other, and therefore, it is important to be able to distinguish them. Often inexperienced parents self-diagnose their firstborn, which the irritation in the throat. They begin their treatment of different homemade methods, resort to alternative medicine, not knowing that can cause the health of the child irreparable damage.

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Throat irritation is not the only symptom of angina and other related respiratory diseases, it is often a symptom of dangerous pathologies such as tonsillitis and pharyngitis. In order to understand how they differ, you must be able to identify their main causes. Despite the fact that control of symptoms of tonsillitis and pharyngitis are similar in General terms, it is still different in quite material respects.

Tonsillitis - the etiology and course

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Pharyngitis, and tonsillitis, appears in the throat, but in different areas. What is tonsillitis? Tonsillitis – this is a permanent inflammation of the tonsils, which in another way are called tonsils. They are a special human organ, which is responsible for the formation of the immune system. In addition, the tonsils act as an obstacle to the passage inside the human body bacteria and viruses that contribute to such serious diseases as pneumonia or tracheitis.

Tonsillitis occurs when the lymph gland comes to microbial or viral infection. From the tonsils grow in size, their protective and the protective function is lost, sometimes to such an extent that in the form of chronic tonsillitis, experts advise to carry out the operation to remove the tonsils.

The root cause of constant tonsillitis and pharyngitis is usually the lowered immunity. Blood cells that fight infection in the bloodstream, can not cope with their work and destroy harmful microbes. Chronic tonsillitis, pharyngitis is usually the result of constant angina. In addition to the causes of tonsillitis referred:

  • carious infection;
  • sinusitis and other sinus disease;
  • streptococcal and staphylococcal lesions.

Signs of tonsillitis include the following:

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  • the increase in diameter of the gland;
  • the mucosa of the tonsils is softened;
  • the tonsils become red color;
  • swell lymph nodes near the chin;
  • tonsils are hiding torakopodami ground light colors;
  • occurs swelling of the palate;
  • bad smell from the mouth;
  • startdiscomfort and pain during swallowing;
  • changing the voice, sometimes there is hoarseness;
  • complicated breath;
  • when tonsillitis, and pharyngitis, an increase in overall body temperature.

To find out how to get rid of chronic tonsillitis, you need to make an appointment with the specialist. To deal with the diagnosis and examination can a professional doctor. To determine the correct diagnosis is 50 percent of the treatment. Many parents, using unconventional means, only worsen the situation. Warm steam rooms and hot drink only aggravate the disease, as the microbes develop in a warm environment much more rapidly.

To tonsillitis, pharyngitis not become constant companions of the patient, in the presence of the above signs should immediately go to the audiologist. Tonsillitis, pharyngitis, and tonsillitis is the disease, which may cause complications in the heart, kidneys and even bone marrow.

The fight against tonsillitis

Combating tonsillitis begins with diagnosis – the examination and issuance of directions for tests. They give up to detect the system internal organs staphylococci or streptococci. In the first stage of the disease prescribe only the treatment area of the tonsils.

To keep the infection it is necessary to rinse the throat a mixture of: 1 liter of water 1 tablespoon of salt and five drops of medical iodine.

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Salt perfectly removes the infection, and iodine helps to restore the functions of diseased tonsils and has an antiseptic effect on a person who has chronic tonsillitis.

Experts advise splashing in the throat with a special spray and the tablets, providing abiotic effects of a local character. In the case of increasing temperature is to drink drugs that reduce fever. Medicine determines exclusively the doctor, as all patients are individual, many have allergic to certain drugs. If the fever continues more than three days without a break, urgently and necessarily it is necessary to start to drink antibiotics to inhibit the growth of the bacilli and to anticipate complications that may be caused by respiratory infections.

When tonsillitis and other such diseases specialists suggest to completely remove the tonsils. Recurring sources of infection in the tonsils lead to purulent inflammation. To protect themselves from such danger, you must immediately perform surgery to remove the tonsils. After the removal of the children two-thirds less sick, since this eliminates the main infectious source in the immature organism.

After treatment in mandatory to define a list of vitamins and recovery of fundsimproving the immune system. When tonsillitis is categorically impossible to remove the bright clumps on the tonsils. This can result in not only damage to the amygdala or its individual regions, but also to increase the speed of development of infection. It can also lead to purulent inflammation.

Features of pharyngitis

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Pharyngitis there are two closely related types:

  • sharp;
  • chronic.

The causes of this disease – respiratory infections:

  • nasal viruses;
  • flu;
  • other.

Acute pharyngitis is usually caused by any such virus and appears rarely. Chronic pharyngitis is permanent and can be caused by staphylococci or regular defeat viruses and germs in the respiratory organs. To recognize pharyngitis easy. His companions include the following features:

  • the feeling of a lump in the throat;
  • cough without mucus;
  • enlarged lymph nodes in the neck;
  • fever;
  • the back area of the throat becomes black;
  • pain in muscles, increased sweating, and fatigue.

Chronic pharyngitis is not so pronounced, the patient occurs hoarse cough, fever, and aches throughout the body. To distinguish microbial infection from the rotavirus, and to determine the appropriate preparations can only professional. Therefore, the manifestation of suspicious symptoms better to enroll him and not phoning relatives in search of advice on how to get rid of chronic pharyngitis.

Fight strep

Before you begin to fight strep, otolaryngologists identify what form of pathology in the patient, viral or bacterial. When the virus is assigned such treatment:

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  • a proper diet;
  • the increase in the flow of fluid in the body;
  • local-spectrum antibiotics;
  • rinsing the throat;
  • treatment of the larynx inhalers.

A lot depends on the diet. Acidic and spicy foods will irritate the mucosa, therefore, to observe a diet it is necessary. Frequent drinking fluid actively removes the virus from the body.

At body temperature above 38 degrees abundant fluid intake is necessary, to avoid total dehydration. To use medicines that reduce temperature, it is not necessary, if it is below 38. When this indicator appears in the body hormone that destroys viruses and bacilli.

Pharyngitis is pathological, which also appear complications. And in adults, they occur almost twice as often than children. People often Express surprise when they detect heart failure ordysfunction of various systems of internal organs. All of these complications are the result of migrated microbial diseases.

So from the earliest childhood it is necessary to understand that to treat yourself without consulting a doctor, you should not. Only a qualified specialist can correctly diagnose and prescribe the necessary medicines.