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Contagious disease such as strep throat or not?

Pharyngitis is a very common disease. Therefore, the question often arises: strep throat is contagious or not? Pharyngitis usually develops between the seasons. Pathogens are dangerous bacteria: Staphylococcus, pneumococcus, Streptococcus. In addition, to promote the development of the disease can Candida fungi or flu. According to statistics conducted by doctors, it is noted that this disease can occur due to third-party development of infectious diseases in the body (dental caries, sinusitis, frontal sinusitis etc.).

problema faringita

Reasons may be injury to the throat, pharynx and Allergy leading to the development of inflammation. Leaking disease may be acute or become chronic.

How to treat pharyngitis in adults?

To treat the disease have together with the illness, which it is developing in parallel. Loyal, efficient tactics can be appointed only the doctor. In addition, it is imperative to comply with bed rest, strict diet and drink more fluids. Frequent gargling with alkaline solution. Good effect in the treatment of the disease have inhalations with oils. It is recommended to remember about lifting the immunity of medicinal substances. Chronic pharyngitis is treated the same as acute, but always under the supervision of a doctor.

How do you get?

Strep throat is contagious and can occur during intercourse, oral contact. The types of infections that lead to the development of the disease through sexual route, the following:

genitalnyj gerpes - prichina faringita

  • gonococcal;
  • chlamydia;
  • genital herpes;
  • adenoviral.

Transmissible sexually receptive, intensivnaja and mixed infection. During sexually transmitted pharyngitis affects the back of the throat in the course of sexual intercourse, affects the urethra or the vagina. To define the clinical picture can be received only after analysis, because the disease in this form has no symptoms. The disease in most cases does not manifest itself. Rarely there may be pain during swallowing, sore, dry.

Perhaps the appearance of small areas with a touch yellowish. In some cases, may manifest loss of voice, increased lymph nodes. When gonococcal form possible bleeding of the gums, bad smell from the mouth. Chlamydia is very often diagnosed form of the disease. To get this form may only oral sexually. Kiss will not lead to infection. Symptoms in this case is very weak. May be traced a slight redness in the throat and a slight tickle. Sometimesbacterial pharyngitis in humans. This form of the disease can occur through close contact with the ill person. This type is transmitted by airborne droplets, through the means of hygiene, household appliances and Cutlery. These types of pharyngitis are diseases caused by Streptococcus. Appears this kind of disease General weakness of the body and a rash that resembles the rash of scarlet fever.

Effective therapy of pharyngitis

vrednye privychki - prichina faringitaPharyngitis is the inflammation in the nasopharynx. The acute form may develop as a concomitant disease acute respiratory infection or occur as an independent disease. The acute form of pharyngitis may develop by eating hot or cold foods. The patient can be traced symptoms such as pain when swallowing and inhalation of the air, dryness in the throat, but the temperature may not change. The chronic form of pharyngitis usually occurs after experiencing strep throat. To provoke chronic can sinusitis, rhinitis, diseases of the digestive organs, bad habits (alcohol, Smoking).

Symptoms of chronic pharyngitis is pain in the throat, dryness, sensation of foreign object in the throat. The main method of treatment is the elimination of factors that lead to the disease. During treatment of pharyngitis, it is recommended to eat only soft, mild, hot products. To clear mucous and warm it can gargle the throat with warm solutions. Good decoction of chamomile, sage, which have the effect to eliminate inflammation. Strep throat is often treated quickly, and treatment can be quite a light diet, hot foot baths, compresses on the neck area and rinse. If the disease proceeds without any complications, antibiotics are not assigned a doctor. In this case, the doctor may prescribe monotherapy, local antimicrobial therapy.

konsultaciya vrachaBut after a survey among health care workers it can be concluded that sometimes treatment with antibiotics is still applied. It depends on the the disease, its forms. In addition to preparations based on chlorhexidine, benzydamine, hexetidine, ambazone and iodine, local anesthetics are used. Most often doctors assigned to local anesthetic:

  • lidocaine;
  • tetracaine;
  • menthol;
  • essential oil.

Doctors prescribe the following antibiotics: Fusafungin, Framizetin, sulfonamides. In addition to medical treatment, good effect and treatment of pharyngitis folk ways. In the fight against chronicpharyngitis propolis is used.

You need to grind the propolis and add it to a glass of cold water. During this process, extraneous additive will emerge, and the substance will settle at the bottom. It is necessary to separate the precipitate and pour the alcohol in a proportion of 30 g of propolis 0.1 liters of alcohol. The mixture should infuse for at least two weeks. Then filter, mix one part glycerin or peach butter. The resulting mass is recommended to pre-lubricate the cleaned area of the nose, pharynx once a day.

lechenie faringita antibiotikamiThis treatment is very effective. As practice shows, the condition of the patient improves in 75% of cases.

It is recommended to take a 10% propolis solution in alcohol and add 40 drops in a quarter Cup of water. The drops should be instilled into the nose (5 per treatment). After instillation to produce the pull-in movement in the throat. During this process there may be a slight pain, which will pass very quickly. Next, you need the same amount to rinse the throat for a minute and swallow it. The following procedure is recommended at least 3 times a day half an hour before a meal. The course lasts for months. This recipe has a number of advantages. This is useful as there is no need to lubricate the throat and nose. In addition, this recipe helps in treating stomach. This method is very effective. In parallel, it is recommended to drink juices (vegetable).

This technique helps in 100% of cases. Complete cure can be only a comprehensive combination of diet, proper lifestyle and naturopathic therapy.

It is recommended to take a tablespoon of herbs such as sage, eucalyptus, plantain, thyme, chamomile, calendula. Mix all the herbs and pour 0.5 liters of boiled water. Boil 15 minutes and place in a thermos. In the finished broth add lemon acid on the tip of a knife, and a spoon of honey. This composition is used for rinsing the pharynx. It is recommended that after the process of rinsing to do a few SIPS. Pain after treatment in this way pass through 5-6 procedures.

Pharyngitis in children should be treated under the strict supervision of a pediatrician, ENT. Most often, the treatment of newborns occurs in a hospital, and older children - at home (under supervision of parents). In viral pharyngitis, the doctor will prescribe the child a recombinant type of interferon, antiviral. On average, pharyngitis is cured in a week. To prevent this disease is recommended General hardening of the organism in the nasopharynx.

In the season of disease outbreaks it is recommended to reduce contact with contagious people. Shown receiving immunomodulators, multivitamins.