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What and how can be treated strep throat in a child

How to diagnose and how to treat pharyngitis in a child? Children's bodies are more susceptible to any viral infections and colds. This is due to a weakened immune system. Children do not like healthy food, parents not thinking about the consequences, you are spoiling them with all kinds of Goodies that do not bring any benefit.

podverzhenost detskogo organizma faringituChildren's groups contribute to the spread of different kinds of viral infections. When visiting a kindergarten, the school, the child often comes in contact with a carrier of the disease. Institutions are not always sanitary standards for wet cleaning, airing. A huge role plays the human factor when making concessions to parents, and taking a sick child to class or group, thereby spreading the infection.

The symptoms and features of pharyngitis

Pharyngitis - inflammation of the mucous membrane of the throat.

simptomy faringitaDepending on the location of the lesion mucous membrane there are two types:

  1. Nasopharyngitis - inflammation of the nasal part of the pharynx.
  2. Mesopelagic - inflammation of the mucous membrane of the oral part.

It can have both bacterial and viral in nature.

In medicine, they distinguish several types :

  1. Acute pharyngitis.
  2. Chronic (catarrhal, granulosa, atrophic).

In acute pharyngitis in children appear redness, swelling and pain in throat that increases with swallowing, accompanied by a dry and sore mouth. Sometimes the pain experienced in the ears. In mild form may increase body temperature and General malaise. Acute pharyngitis in a child occurs when ingestion of the virus or bacteria and is contagious. Triggered mainly by viruses:

  1. Flu.
  2. Herpes.
  3. Adenovirus.
  4. Enterovirus.
  5. The rhinovirus.

konsultaciya vracha-otolaringologaAnd bacteria:

  1. Staphylococci.
  2. Streptococci.
  3. Pneumococci.

Chronic pharyngitis occurs when the self and the advanced form of acute pharyngitis, inappropriate use of drugs, a weakened immune system. The main symptoms - fever, sore throat and ears, the appearance of edema, swollen lymph nodes on the back of the throat in large quantities, the formation of purulent mucus, which in severe form of the disease collected in lumps and causes a foreign body sensation in the throat, unpleasant smell. The correct diagnosis and determine which drugs should be used can only the doctor-the otolaryngologist, after a pharyngoscope.

Chronic pharyngitis is oftenit is not a separate disease, and occurs as a reaction of the body to diseases of the internal organs. Appears most often in pancreatitis, chronic gastritis, diseases of the kidneys and heart.

Treatment of acute pharyngitis in children

Treatment of disease depends on the age of the child and is correctly installed the causes of the disease. Depending on what is the causative agent of pharyngitis is a virus or a bacterium determines which drugs will be effective. In parallel to the treatment of diseases caused by the emergence of infections.

bakteriya - odin iz vozbuditelej faringitaIn identifying the disease in children under 3 years are appointed by means of local actions - various compresses, rinses, irrigation, application of sprays. Recommended bed rest and plenty of warm drinks. The baby is not able gargle and suck lollipops, so he needs to lubricate the oral cavity antiseptic and drink plenty of warm liquids. Spray use requires caution. Jet, getting on the tonsils and throat can cause a gag reflex, can lead to irreversible consequences. Therefore, you need to sprinkle the inner surface of the cheeks, the medicine in the mouth will dissolve and reach the desired surface.

The Throat sprays, eye drops, Orasat, Hexetidine, Miramistin has analgesic, antiseptic, antibacterial and antiviral. Each of them has its indications and the age limit, so before applying them should consult a pediatrician.
Children aged 3-5 years can easily dissolve tablets, and lozenges. Since that time, permitted the use of Septefril, Strepsils, Faringosept, Neo-Angina.

polza strepsilsa pri faringiteAfter use for half an hour can not eat or drink.

Mouthwash can make your own with the use of herbs chamomile, calendula, sage, BlackBerry leaves. Effective gargling solution furatsilina or soda with iodine or baking soda and salt.

The inhalation nebulizer shown to children of all ages. An otolaryngologist will help determine what drugs can and should be used for procedures. It can be antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic agents that are assigned according to individual indications.
Pharyngitis in children effective use of Lugol's solution containing iodine-based and propolis tincture.

A good means in the fight for a healthy throat are warming treatments and proper diet. At normal body temperature is shownwarm foot baths, the use of pepper patch, warming compresses on the throat. From the diet of the child during the period of sickness it is necessary to remove rough, sharp, sour, salty food that irritates and hurts a sore throat. The main dishes are soups, vegetables, mashed potatoes, warm herbal teas. With the right combination of treatments, the disease gets better in 3-5 days. If the condition worsens, cough, increased temperature, that may be a complication, and the disease passed into a chronic form

Treatment of chronic pharyngitis and possible complications

aevit pri lechenii hronicheskogo faringitaTreatment should be done according to type of disease and take place in parallel with the elimination of sources of infection.

Atrophic pharyngitis under alkaline and water-glycerol solutions. In the fight with him good Lugol. Are inhalation chymotrypsin. To enhance immunity, be sure to use b vitamins, aloe, Pheebs, Aevita. In particularly severe cases, even the cauterization or laser treatment of the affected tissue.

In catarrhal and hypertrophic pharyngitis are the same as rinses, sprays, inhalations only good to use antibiotic Bioparox. Effective means to combat bacterial infection are Hexalin, Imudon, be sure to use immunoprophylaxy drugs. If the treatment is long and the inflammatory process persists, then use the laser cauterization or surgical intervention is performed to remove the tonsils.

The positive outcome of the treatment will be only with the full implementation of all recommendations, and attend a full course of treatment and taking medicines.

udalenie gland - odin iz sposobov lecheniya hronicheskogo laringitaThe chronic form of disease carries a hidden danger of complications. Pharyngitis, if not timely diagnose and treat, may cause a serious threat to the body. More serious is the risk of streptococcal pharyngitis, which can lead to such complications:

  • purulent suppuration of the lymph nodes and formation of abscesses around the tonsils;
  • complications purulent - inflammation of the kidneys, rheumatism.

Rheumatism is the formation of an inflammatory nodes in the tissues of the body. They are formed in the joints, the skin, muscles, impede the passage of blood in the vessels. Edema, pain may develop heart disease.
On the basis of pharyngitis in children can happen, spasm of the larynx, which causes choking.


Prevention of pharyngitis, above all, is the hardening of the body, improving the immunity and mandatory preventive examination, which will help to detect diseases that lead to disease of the throat.

pravilnyj racion pitaniya dlya profilaktiki faringita u detejThe basic measures directed on an exception of emergence of chronic pharyngitis:

  • the conservation of heat in cold season, warm shoes, hat and scarf mandatory);
  • hardening;
  • moisturizing dry air in the apartment;
  • eating right, taking vitamins A, b, E;
  • warm herbal teas;
  • gargle with alkaline solution;
  • a frequent change of toothbrush.

All the above mentioned measures will help you to overcome strep throat in a child and to prevent the development of chronic forms of possible complications.