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Pharyngitis: how to treat disease during pregnancy?

Pharyngitis - how to treat during pregnancy this disease, few know. However, the disease poses a certain threat to life of the unborn baby.

problema faringita pri beremennosti

In this disease, as pharyngitis, is the inflammation of the mucous membrane of the pharynx, which is accompanied by fever and sometimes a runny nose, cough and General weakness of the body. And it not only brings inconvenience to the expectant mother, but is dangerous to life and health of the fetus. This can be attributed to the fact that for the treatment of pharyngitis during pregnancy require specific medications, but they can negatively affect the baby's health. So what actions should be taken by mothers who had to face such an unpleasant situation?

Some important points

zloupotreblenie alkogolem - prichina faringitaBefore talking about the common and effective ways to combat pharyngitis, expectant mothers should know about the possible causes of this disease:

  • permanent inhalation of tobacco smoke;
  • the abuse of alcohol;
  • frequent use of cold drinks;
  • caries;
  • the presence of chronic diseases;
  • a variety of infectious diseases.

Mostly pregnant women pick up viral pharyngitis, ill with the flu or normal SARS.

All women who are in an interesting position, must be aware of the fact that for any infectious disease is the risk for the full development of the baby and General pregnancy.

formy faringitaIf a woman inflamed throat, even the initial stage of the disease can cause miscarriage. Further development of the disease is a possible fetal hypoxia or premature birth.

Therefore, only the correct behavior of the pregnant woman, her responsibility for themselves and the life of his unborn child to protect the woman from unwanted and dangerous consequences. At the first sign of disease pregnant women just have to go to the doctor and consult with him about the selection of the correct treatment. A competent doctor will prescribe the correct, effective and suitable for pregnant women course of treatment, which in no way will harm the health of neither the mother nor the baby.

The treatment of pharyngitis in pregnancy

As mentioned, strep throat is a disease dependent. Therefore, this disease requires complex treatment and a special approach, especially if the woman is pregnant. Pregnancy does not forgive mistakes andirresponsibility, so no independence and hope for "self-will" can not be.

chaj s medom pri faringiteHowever, the treatment of pharyngitis in pregnant women requires not only the advice of a doctor and apply its requirements, but compliance with certain rules and recommendations that do not harm and only improve the condition. All pregnant women who suffered an unpleasant fate, you should be sure to:

  1. To ensure the vocal cords at rest, that is to limit yourself in conversations, and better and to keep silent.
  2. To adhere to during the disease diet and to refuse from salty, acidic and spicy dishes.
  3. To drink more warm liquids. It can be tea with honey, fruit drinks and compotes.
  4. Try to ventilate the room as often as possible and, if possible, and moisturize it.

Traditional medicines

Many pregnant women are supporters of treatment folk remedies. Useful in this case are herbs such as sage, chamomile or plantain. Infusions and decoctions of these herbs you can easily prepare your own at home. Well, if you have neither the strength nor the desire for cooking, you can find them in any pharmacy.

polza sody pri faringiteI'm sure many have heard that strep is a very good cope with saline solution, which is added iodine and soda. Women should know what to use this mixture during pregnancy in any case impossible. Yes, this solution is treated pyogenic sore throat, but not strep throat. Pharyngitis this salt solution will only result in severe irritation of the throat.

But in pharmacy, in addition to herbs, you can buy lollipops for the treatment of pharyngitis. Pharmacy their selection is quite wide, but not all of them are shown during pregnancy. Only on the advice of some of these candies can be safely applied to pregnant women, because these drugs are completely harmless, as in its composition does not contain hazardous for the baby's health substance. In addition, these tools are able not only to remove the unpleasant and painful sensations, but some way still to treat.

During pharyngitis in some pregnant women increases the temperature. To use medicines in order to reduce, pregnant is not worth it. Only in rare cases, the doctor may recommend medicines containing paracetamol.

Potato is very effective in fighting strep throat.

polza kartofelya pri faringitePotatoes can be cookedpotato juice, which is very useful to rinse throat. Also recommended for inhalation of potato steam. For carrying out these procedures should boil the potatoes in their skins. While the potatoes are hot, you will need to lean over it and cover head with a towel. By breathing this vapor, can greatly facilitate a state of health. In exactly the same way you can arrange a inhalation of spruce cones. The only cook they should not be - just throwing the cones into boiling water.

Strep throat during pregnancy very treatable propolis. It can be purchased at the pharmacy. Ready extract propolis lubricated tonsils.

Additional recommendations

If a pregnant woman revealed a normal pharyngitis, is quite possible to do without antibiotics. Surely all women know that antibiotics are a category of drugs that are not recommended for use during pregnancy. However, if the woman discovered bacterial pharyngitis, there is no treatment with antibiotics can not do. But, they should appoint only qualified doctor. Knowing the medical history of the pregnant woman, he will pick a course of antibiotics to which the causative agents of pharyngitis are sensitive.

If you closely look after themselves and their health to avoid such diseases as pharyngitis. Having had the slightest signs of this disease, must quickly respond to the situation and to take all necessary measures. Indeed, any infection or bacteria that settles in the human body, very soon, may reduce the immune system and during pregnancy this is undesirable. It is the lower protection of the body during pregnancy can cause the appearance of pharyngitis. Pregnant women carefully monitor their oral cavity, because there is accumulated a large number of microbes and harmful bacteria. These procedures not only protect from the onset of pharyngitis, but also prevent the occurrence of mouth infections, which can very adversely affect fetal development. Pregnant women should avoid crowded people places and spaces that are poorly ventilated.

We all know that pregnancy is a period in a woman's life when she requires a special, careful attitude. Any illness at this time of threat. You must adhere to certain simple rules to not get sick and do not risk the health and life of future child.