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How much can be treated pharyngitis?

Such diseases as pharyngitis, how much is treated? Today it is almost impossible to find a person who's never had a sore throat. All people sooner or later face this problem and are asking this question.

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What is pharyngitis?

In most of the cases not transformed into a sore throat, are a manifestation of pharyngitis. Pharyngitis is the inflammation of the Airways that is accompanied by pain in the throat and difficulty swallowing.

Pharyngitis inflammation of the pharynx, or rather its mucous membrane, due to the ingestion of infection by airborne droplets.

formy faringitaPharyngitis can also be caused if the person is breathing hot air or eats cold or hot food, consume spicy food. The wrong treatment of the disease lasts long enough and may not take place for several days, but weeks.

Mostly the inflammation of the throat most people don't pay attention, but if strep throat is not treated, it can lead to complications. For the treatment of such diseases would take much more time than conventional treatment, which is carried out immediately after the occurrence of unpleasant, painful sensations in the throat.

Pharyngitis is manifested by symptoms such as sore throat. A man may feel dryness in your mouth and swallowing will be painful. These feelings can continue for several days.

Severe pain indicate inflammation of the mucous membrane of the throat. When inflammation of the body temperature becomes higher, the human condition is weak, you experience discomfort.
The first 3-4 days of people falling ill with pharyngitis, can infect other people, but at the end of this period the danger of Contracting the disease disappears, even if the patient has the disease is not yet fully passed.

Colds are treated relatively easy. If you use the right tools, the disease will pass quickly. If you do not start treatment, as a rule, patients very rarely seek help from a doctor and perform the treatment independently at home.

The main methods of treatment of throat inflammation


polza poloskaniya gorla pri faringiteRinse need to spend about 7 times a day (possible more). Tincture for rinsing may be a solution of 1 tablespoon of salt, the same amount of soda, prepared in a glass of warm water. In such a solution, you can add a tincture of chamomile flowers, Hypericum, eucalyptus, etc. For today sold in pharmacies many remedies for gargling. It can betinctures from herbs, pills, syrups, inhalers, etc.

Inhalation is the most popular method against sore throat. Pharmacies sell aerosol, sprays. They are used for injection of the contents of such aerosol in the inflamed sheath throat. This procedure should be done at least 6 times a day. The best effect will give inhalations along with daily gargling.


These tablets are most often used as a prophylactic. You can use them during treatment, apply after full recovery. During pregnancy and lactation these pills is better not to take. If there is a need for them before that consult a physician. Such tablets should not use to treat people who have allergies.

polza ingalyacij pri faringiteIn order as soon as possible to get rid of the strep, eliminate all irritants of the throat. You should also follow a diet and not to eat hot, cold, spicy, salty, hard. Drink large amounts of warm, but not hot water.

It is better to avoid Smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages, try not to breathe cold air. It will exacerbate the disease. Effective will a hot compress, foot baths of hot water with oils, and the use of warm milk with honey or a small amount of warm wine. To do all this is not difficult and, to some extent, even pleasant, and the word "treated" will not be so sad.

You need to remember that strep is easy to troubleshoot in that case, if his treatment be taken immediately after the symptoms of disease and not to run it. If the pharyngitis is severe, you will most likely have purulent plaque on the walls of the pharynx and it is necessary to consult a doctor.

Pharyngitis can be cured in 7-10 days. The first three days most patients have high fever, which knocked antipyretic drugs. The main thing is not to allow the cold has moved into a sore throat. She's been treated for long enough and problematic. Angina definitely need to take antibiotics to avoid the consequences of the disease in the form of heart disease or rheumatism.

antibiotiki dlya lecheniya faringitaIn any case, treatment to the doctor the strep throat can be cured much faster than yourself, because only a specialist can prescribe the correct therapy.

Children suffer pharyngitis is much harder, because they are afraid to gargle or breathe into the inhaler.

Therefore, the treatment of inflammation of the throat in such cases should be conducted with aerosols and warm food.

When using aerosols staythat was not a spasm. Often, when a child has a sore throat, parents smeared its walls with oil.

Folk remedies for gargling

Tincture of chamomile and sage

Take a tablespoon of both herbs, pour boiling water. Leave for one day. Gargle this infusion several times a day.

Propolis solution

This means you can buy in a pharmacy or make it yourself. To do this, grind about 30 grams of propolis, pour 100 g of melted plum oil. This liquid is put on a week in a dark place. Then pour the mixture into a bottle of spray. Use as inhalation several times a day.

Inhalation with herbs

Take a teaspoon of the herb chamomile, eucalyptus, sage, calendula. This mixture of herbs to pour a glass of boiling water and breathe over it until cool.

Inhalation with essential oil

polza meda pri faringiteEssential oil (5 drops per Cup of boiling water) can be used for inhalation. Airtime pairs you need to breathe about 10 minutes.

Eat garlic. It has anti-inflammatory properties and kills disease-causing microbes. Also a good remedy against the disease is a lemon.

To ensure that the disease passed quickly, you need to treat it comprehensively. Use a gentle throat diet, inhalations, compresses and rinsing. The treatment will help you overcome the disease much faster than if you use only one tool or method. Treated not only with medicines, but also a popular, time-tested means.

Any treatment should start with eliminating the cause of its appearance. The cause of pharyngitis is infection. So the basic treatment should include agents against viruses.

For sore throats try less exercise and mental work. Spend more time at home, under a warm blanket. Autogreitis less come in contact with healthy people, because they can catch from you. During treatment, drink plenty of warm water, tea with lemon, raspberries, lime, warm wine, or milk with honey.

The treatment of strep is about 10 days.

If the sore throat passes in 10 days, has elevated temperature, be sure to consult your doctor.