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The effectiveness of inhalation for sore throat

It is known that inhalation with pharyngitis most effectively improve the patient's condition. Inhalation is an effective method of medication based on the inhalation of a vapor or gas with which the body receives therapeutic agents.

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The advantages and benefits of the inhalation of pharyngitis

The main advantage of this treatment is that the active ingredients of drugs are the goal and start to act immediately. The size of the particles is small enough allowing them to penetrate through the mucous membranes into deep tissues. As a result, the treatment process becomes more effective and leads to quick recovery.

This method of treatment is not only quickly delivers the medicinal components, but also moisturizes the mucous membranes which is very important for pharyngitis.

formy faringitaInhalation can influence the affected area of infection directly, it is a non-contact method of treatment. During the procedure, the medicinal substance is not released into the bloodstream and bypass the digestive system, which significantly reduces the risk of any side effects.

Because the infection is localized in the throat and it has direct access, inhalation is the most logical method of treatment of this disease.

An important factor affecting the efficiency of procedures, is the power of a jet of steam or gas and the penetrating ability of the inhalation flow. The better these parameters are, the higher the effectiveness of treatment. It should be noted that most high performance nebulizers have special devices for inhalation. Along with them there are other ways to treatments that you need to know more.

Steam inhalation

This method of treatment is used for quite some time. Previously, it was as follows: the patient would sit over a saucepan of hot water, cover head with a towel and breathe the steam. Entering the Airways, the vapor began to act.

polza parovyh ingalyacij pri faringiteIn modern medicine, this method is rarely used. And it has certain reasons. For example, this procedure is contraindicated in high body temperature as it can provoke further increases. Moreover, hot steam is impossible to breathe in certain respiratory diseases (bronchial asthma, obstructive bronchitis, etc.). This may provoke an asthma attack that requires immediate medical intervention.

If the patient has no contraindications and his body temperaturenot increased, it is possible to do steam inhalation and use of various decoctions of herbs (chamomile, propolis, calendula and other plants). Before beginning procedures, you should make sure that the steam is not too hot, otherwise it may burn the mucous membrane.

To prepare the composition for inhalation of steam you can use the following recipe: take 10 g of chamomile or calendula pour 200 ml of boiling water, put the mixture on the stove and boil for 10 minutes, then cooled to the required temperature.

Nebulizer for the treatment of pharyngitis

Modern medicine is constantly evolving and offers the use for the treatment of pharyngitis and other diseases of the nebulizer. This device is of relatively low cost that allows you to use it at home. Its main advantage is that unlike traditional methods of drug administration it provides maximum local impact.

All the hospitals have similar inhalers, providing direct access of drugs. These devices are of three types:

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  • powder;
  • dosed;
  • nebulizer.

The last species is most effective because it forms a fine cloud of vapor from the medicinal substance, which penetrates deep into the tissue. Besides, the construction of devices of this type is very functional and comfortable.

Currently, compressor nebulizers are widely available and may be purchased by practically everyone because of their low cost and small size. In hospitals, as a rule, use a powerful ultrasonic device that provides continuous cycle operation.

Why strep throat are best treated by inhalation that is a nebulizer? It is important that when applying the nebulizer does not use propellants that makes inhalation as safe as possible. In addition, the device can be purchased in a drugstore and it is inexpensive. To use a nebulizer for the treatment of pharyngitis is very convenient and easy. For this purpose, any suitable liquid medications of local action. Besides, he has no age restrictions, so it is ideal for the treatment of children.

It is far not all advantages of the nebulizer in comparison with other drugs from pharyngitis. If you start inhalation in a timely manner on the first stage of the disease, it will eliminate the need for taking antibiotics and other drugs common actions.

Solutions for nebulizer

The first was the popular steam nebulizer. But now it is almost not used, since heating some components of drugsdestroyed, why inhalation is not have the desired action.

The most effective are ultrasonic and compressor nebulizers. In their application it is important to first study the device's user manual, because it can be specified certain contraindications.

«fluimucil» dlya ingalyacijUsually with pharyngitis "Fluimucil" and "Gentamicin". The latter refers to the group of antibiotics and destroys all types of microorganisms. "Fluimucil" has anti-inflammatory effects and induces tissue repair. Along with this drug dilutes and removes the mucus formed in the throat. For inhalation, you can also use "Furatsilin" (solution).

A great therapeutic effect has alkaline mineral water. It can be Essentuki №4 and №17, Borjomi, and others. Mineral water moisturizes the mucous membranes, reduces inflammation, eliminates mucus. It is advisable to use at the initial stage of pharyngitis.

For inhalation it is possible to use saline solution. It is well reduces inflammation and moisturizes, but it is recommended to use in combination with other active medicinal components, such as propolis. For preparation of a composition for inhalation take a tincture of propolis and mix it with saline in a ratio of 1:20. You can replace the propolis tincture of calendula. But in this case, the ratio of infusion and saline should be 1:40.

Often in physiological solution is added various essential oils, such as aloe, mint, etc. Before this is done, it is recommended to study the instructions in the nebulizer, since not all devices allow you to use oils in the solution. For inhalation suitable well filtered decoctions of medicinal herbs.

To use the device should be in strict accordance with the instructions.

Equally important to regularly clean its nozzles to eliminate the spread of bacteria.

Tips for performing procedures

konsultaciya vracha pri lechenii faringitaBefore you start the treatment of pharyngitis, you should learn some simple rules that must be followed when conducting inhalation. Experts recommend to do the treatments regularly, at least 3 times a day. During the session you should try not to move and not to talk. Inhalations is not recommended before eating. It is desirable to carry out the procedure at least 1 hour before a meal and after it.

Duration of one session should be about 5-10 minutes. After the procedure the patient requires rest, it is not recommended to talk. It is best to go to bed andrelax.

To conduct inhalation need, following all the prescriptions of the doctor otherwise you can get complications and harm to health.

It is important to remember that pathogens of pharyngitis can be not only chemical or physical stimuli, but also pathogens, fungi, viruses. For this reason, the disease should be treated comprehensively. Inhalation should be part of therapy, but not the only method of treatment. On the possibility of carrying out such procedures, be sure to consult with your doctor. Only a specialist can make an accurate diagnosis, identifying the causative agent and to appoint necessary treatment.