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The correct treatment of pharyngitis and tonsillitis

Treatment of pharyngitis and tonsillitis can be performed in various ways, using medications, and folk remedies that have passed the test of time.

pereohlazhdenie - prichina faringitaPharyngitis is an inflammation of the mucosa and lymphoid tissue of the pharynx. It occurs mainly by inhalation of air saturated with harmful substances. At risk are primarily residents of large and developed cities. The population of the areas located near factories and industrial areas also often suffer from this disease. The risk of getting strep throat increases if a person smokes or takes alcoholic drinks. Tobacco and alcohol act as additional chemical irritants of the mucous membrane.

The disease can develop from breathing in the winter not the nose and mouth, as the air in this case enters directly into the throat and not pre-warmed. This is another cause of pharyngitis.

Strep throat can be infectious type. Agents in this case will be streptococci, pneumococci, staphylococci, influenza, adenovirus and fungi Candida. There are cases in which pharyngitis originates from infections of the oral cavity, e.g. caries, rhinitis.

The treatment of pharyngitis

formy faringitaUnder the getting rid of this disease means the elimination of the factors that caused the pharyngitis. This means that if you suffer from pharyngitis caused by bacterial infections need to drink a course of antibiotics, and if the disease arose from the inhalation of cold air, tobacco smoke, and vapors of chemicals, you need to change the living conditions, work (if it is the cause of the disease), use protection.

If you are a smoker, for the treatment of all varieties of pharyngitis, you need to get rid of this bad habit, otherwise it will interfere with recovery and will be responsible for the blend of acute pharyngitis chronic.

Treatment, ongoing medications, should be done under supervision of a specialist. In General the acute form usually prescribe preventive measures, which consists in taking hot baths for the feet, applying compresses to the neck, the use of milk with honey, and inhalations, rinsing of a throat. Pharyngitis without complications usually can be cured without using any medication.

antibiotiki pri lechenii faringitaIf no medication is not enough, prescribed medications for antimicrobial therapy, which typically includes the following components:

  1. Antiseptic ingredients: chlorhexidine, Amazon,thymol and others.
  2. Essential oil. They help soothe the pain and calm the place of irritation.
  3. Local antiseptic components (lidocaine, menthol).
  4. Antibiotics. Used in fairly rare cases, and, if present in the composition, it is usually framizetin and fusafungin.

As additional components in the composition can be vitamins, natural preservatives (extracts of various herbs), features that help protect the mucous membranes (lysozyme, interferon).

Drugs whose action is directed against germs, are usually prescribed by experts as a gargle, inhalation, and sublingual tablets.

The treatment of pharyngitis folk remedies

Of course, the treatment of almost any disease should be the doctor who will prescribe a professional treatment and medication. Folk remedies help only partially mitigate symptoms and alleviate the patient's condition.

lechenie faringita narodnymi sredstvami

Remember that completely cure pharyngitis, doing only the impossible, whatever may be said of your grandmother. So, in parallel with medicine and antibiotics, the throat may be rinsed with herbal infusions. In the acute form of pharyngitis usually prescribed warm infusions, rinse which is necessary to produce three to four times per day. Prepare them as follows: 200 ml of water 10 grams of dry matter.

Herbs used in medicine for gargling:

  • chamomile;
  • thyme;
  • eucalyptus.

When severe inflammation you need to chew two or three cloves Bud of the ordinary, it will have an analgesic effect and help to improve the General condition. To carry out this procedure is recommended every three to four hours.

Chronic tonsillitis and its treatment

vidy tonzillitaChronic tonsillitis - inflammation of tonsils for a long time. In tonsillitis the tonsils are inflamed, they appear small size of the holes that accumulate tube yellowish white color, having a characteristic odor. Chronic tonsillitis is very common in children. The peak of the disease falls into two seasons: spring and winter. The causative agents of this disease are viruses and bacteria in 90% of cases the streptococci. In addition to the infectious factor to the aggravation of the disease is influenced by immunosuppression, hypothermia, poor and unbalanced nutrition, stress, and depression.

Distinguish 2 forms of occurrence of this disease:

  1. Acute tonsillitis (angina).
  2. Chronic tonsillitis.

Until recently it was believed that the main and almost the only method to combatchronic tonsillitis are antibiotics. But later it turned out that there are cases when antibiotics cause greater harm. Treatment depends on what form of tonsillitis (quinsy), you suffer.

In the acute form of tonsillitis (sore throat) and prescribed local common therapy aimed at the destruction of unwanted and harmful bacteria, including rinsing and irrigation of the throat with solutions of antiseptics, the treatment of the tonsils means on the basis of iodine, the use of special sublingual tablets, which have an antibacterial effect, and inhalation.

The above procedure is advised to repeat every two-three hours to the action of antiseptics has been a constant and uninterrupted. The additional effect will have a bound neck warm woolen scarf, drinking warm (in any case not hot!) water and non-steroidal remedies with analgesic effects. Acute tonsillitis should not be treated with antibiotics because they will only lower immunity and will not have the desired effect.

In chronic tonsillitis, you first need to identify the causative agent of the disease and then prescribe the appropriate therapy.

In some cases, without surgery - removal of tonsils - impossible to do. But most often the doctors find it more gentle methods of treatment of chronic tonsillitis, so ill prescribed medications are aimed mainly against one specific pathogen, identified in the analyses. In any case, the otolaryngologists do not advise to hurry with the operation and always try to avoid this extreme measure. Removal of tonsils is necessary only in the case that after getting rid of the disease you have some time, there are relapses.

Treatment of tonsillitis folk remedies

narodnye sredstva dlya lecheniya bronhitaAs already mentioned, folk remedies - this is only a Supplement to the main complex therapy of tonsillitis. But the use of folk remedies, like drugs, is not advised without consulting a doctor. It's better to consult with a specialist, because even the herbs may have an allergic reaction, which will only aggravate the situation.

Gargle in chronic tonsillitis, it is recommended the following drugs:

  1. Herbs, including calendula, chamomile, sage.
  2. Soda or sea salt diluted in warm water.
  3. Hydrogen peroxide diluted in warm water.

In addition, a positive effect of inhalation of chamomile, eucalyptus.

Follow these basic guidelines and be healthy!