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Peculiarities of treatment of pharyngitis and laryngitis

The treatment of pharyngitis, laryngitis largely similar, but, nevertheless, these are two different diseases. They differ in the causes. But, laryngitis, and pharyngitis lead to the same problem - the disruption of the nasopharynx. To learn how treatment of pharyngitis and laryngitis, you need to find out what differences they have.

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Distinguish from pharyngitis laryngitis

The difference from pharyngitis laryngitis have on inflammation. In the inflamed mucosa of the pharynx pharyngitis, laryngitis - the larynx. I must say that SIP is located closer to the mouth area, whereas the larynx is much lower in the region where the origin of the voice. So often when we are afflicted the vocal chords of a person because of his breakdown, we can safely say that the patient has laryngitis.

Pharyngitis: "a bone in the throat"

As already mentioned, pharyngitis is the inflammation of the mucous membrane of the pharynx and improper treatment, the disease can become chronic. Often provoke a disease various bacteria, less viruses.

Pharyngitis is different:

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  1. The pain is pricking in nature, often manifests in swallowing.
  2. Inability to open mouth widely.
  3. Dryness in the throat associated with dry cough and tickle.
  4. The feeling of being in the throat is com, which is impossible to swallow.

Diagnosis of pharyngitis:

Diagnosis includes a primary inspection of the throat doctor-otolaryngologist. If you have pharyngitis, the mucous membrane of the throat red, covered with foil or purulent formations.

On examination can diagnose the disease, but the nature of its origin will be able to figure out just laboratory research.

The doctor will necessarily appoint additional diagnostics, which includes: General blood test and swab of the throat to determine which nature of occurrence has pharyngitis (antibacterial or viral).

The treatment of pharyngitis

First, it is necessary to follow a diet that provides warm meals, but in any case, cold or hot. In addition, it is prohibited spicy food.

Also recommended lots of fluids. It can be mineral water, medicinal teas, fruit drinks, broths. When determining that the perpetrators of strep throat is bacteria, antibacterial therapy is carried out.

There is gargling, can apply furatsilin or solution of potassium permanganate, a decoction of medicinal plants. Sprays and aerosols is also recommended during this period.


The treatment of pharyngitis folk remedies:

  1. It is recommended to change the diet to exclude all products, irritating the throat, alcohol. To eat only watery porridge and broth warm.
  2. Caress the throat decoction of Linden and chamomile.
  3. Suitable for rinsing the rosemary, licorice, elecampane, sage, calendula, eucalyptus. You can combine these tools.
  4. After the acute phase has passed, you can add vegetable rinse, in particular, you can gargle with the juice of the potato.
  5. When the throat begins to recede, at the final stage you can gargle with immunomodulators of natural origin, such as Echinacea, common duckweed, lesser duckweed, celandine.
  6. In chronic course of the disease can lubricate the pharyngeal wall with a cotton swab dipped in sea buckthorn oil. Instead, you can use oil of propolis or St. John's wort.

Features of laryngitis

The disease is characterized by inflammation of the mucosa of the larynx. Pathogens can be viruses.

In addition there are other causes of laryngitis. Laryngitis is a common illness of people whose professions are connected with oratory, does not shy away from laryngitis and smokers who want to smoke in the cold. Cold drinks in hot weather can also trigger this disease. The ingress of gases into the throat, air conditioners and other factors can affect the occurrence of disease.

Distinctive signs of laryngitis:

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  1. The voice becomes hoarse.
  2. Loss of voice complete or partial.
  3. Throat pain can be aching or burning, it feels sore.
  4. Difficulty swallowing.
  5. Constantly there is a desire to clear my throat because of the lump in my throat.
  6. In some cases, fever.

Diagnosis of laryngitis:

As with pharyngitis, the doctor initially examines the throat and talks with the patient, figuring out what complaints he has. In addition, the patient may undergo the following studies:

  1. Blood for General analysis.
  2. The analysis of urine.
  3. Tank sowing on the microflora, with a sample of sputum or throat.

How to treat laryngitis?

Treatment involves the following steps:

  1. It is recommended to speak less, and in severe cases is it is forbidden to do it for 5-7 days.
  2. It is recommended to take decoction of licorice and breast collection.
  3. In commercially available antimicrobial sprays should be applied while doing a deep breath to medicine has penetrated as deep as possible.
  4. Rinse herbs.
  5. The application of warm inhalations.
  6. To take daily foot baths with the addition of hot water.
  7. On the throat youapplying dry heat.
  8. Not be amiss to undergo physiotherapy.
  9. Sometimes laryngitis may go into bronchitis, so you should start taking mucolytics.

nozhnye vanny dlya lecheniya laringitaPossible complications:

Most often, laryngitis is without consequences. But, if the sick little child, the disease can be hard, because due to the narrowing of the larynx can cause the breath. Adults can also face loss of voice in laryngitis undertreated.

Treatment folk methods:

  1. To soothe a sore throat, you can drink warm milk mixed with alkaline mineral water. And prepare the following cocktail mixes warm milk with honey, butter, raw chicken egg. To take the product twice a day morning and evening.
  2. It is recommended to prepare a solution for rinsing, with the addition of soda and iodine.
  3. Tea made from marshmallow with honey or a decoction of anise seeds with lime honey will help to relieve hoarseness.

Prevention of pharyngitis and laryngitis

The main preventive measures for pharyngitis include the following steps:

  1. Nurtures the whole student body activities. The rejection of bad habits. The treatment of rhinitis, increased local immunity. In the General case will help increase the immunity and healthy way of life.
  2. Humidification of the room. Dry air may cause dryness of the mucosa of the throat that leads to difficulties swallowing and pain. Buy a humidifier, particularly needed in winter.
  3. Try a night sleep to keep your head on a small hill. Otherwise during sleep can appear casts of gastric juice into the throat, which can cause irritation. But not puts a pillow under his head, in the folded state, on the contrary, will increase the pressure on the esophagus.
  4. Compliance with standard rules of hygiene - hand washing, wearing respiratory armbands during exacerbations of viral and bacteriological epidemics, etc. Regularly change your toothbrush. This will keep the throat from penetration accumulated on the bristles bacteria. To change the brush every month and leave it in a humid environment, as bacteria in such environments commonly breed.
  5. Avoiding alcohol, Smoking and other harmful habits.
  6. Regular airing of the rooms, wet cleaning.

If the diagnosis was correct, not broken the silence mode, laryngitis and pharyngitis when good treatment is a week or a little more.