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Effective spray with pharyngitis

Spray with pharyngitis, as a rule, is an effective means to combat the disease. In most cases, for the treatment of pharyngitis sufficiently eliminate symptoms and local antibacterial effects.

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Pharyngitis – disease of the throat, which is inflamed mucous membrane. People can get sick from breathing cold or polluted air, or on the mucous membranes of the throat can affect chemical stimuli. The disease is also caused by tooth decay or is a complication of some diseases of the nose.

Varieties of the disease

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There are acute and chronic forms. Acute pharyngitis is characterized by feeling sore, dryness, pain when swallowing and discomfort. Sometimes patients have a slight fever and feeling bad. The causes of acute pharyngitis can be viruses (influenza, adenoviruses), bacteria (streptococci, staphylococci), fungi (Candida), allergens, or trauma. Strep throat can be a sign of a variety of infectious diseases.

Chronic pharyngitis non specific fever and deterioration of health. Observed a feeling of dryness, irritation and desire to cough. Pharyngitis is a chronic catarrhal (simple), atrophic and hypertrophic. Often forms of the disease can be combined, so pharyngitis is called mixed. Chronic pharyngitis, in most cases, is a consequence of pathological changes in the whole digestive system, but sometimes occurs after untreated, the acute form of the disease. Characterized by remission and relapses.

What can cure disease?

Usually for the treatment of pharyngitis prescribed an antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory pills, throat lozenges and inhalations and sprays that are supposed to eliminate the cause of the disease.

Sprays have several advantages over other drugs. First, they are easy to apply, and secondly, they act directly on the affected area, allowing to concentrate a larger amount of medication. For example, a lozenge for sucking incapable of such an effect.

One of the most popular tools are:

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  1. Hexoral.
  2. Ingalipt.
  3. Lugol spray.
  4. Kameton.
  5. Tantum Verde.

Available for sale is found Hexetidine in the form of a solution and spray. The drug is practically non-toxic. Active in the fight against most bacteria and fungi. Has analgesic action. The main active ingredient is hexetidine is a great antiseptic. Mint, eucalyptus andclove essential oils have good antibacterial effect. After use, the pain decreases or goes unnoticed. The drug should not be applied to children.

Ingalipt – sprey domestic production, whose main task is to fight against various infections and the resulting diseases of the throat. The main active substance is soap, which is antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effect. The ointment has analgesic effect. It includes thymol and the different essential oils, glycerol and sulfathiazol. The medication absorbs mucous and sore throat effectively cope with the problem. Does not cause allergies.

The effectiveness of Lugol spray is provided by the main active substance is molecular iodine. It has antibacterial and antiseptic properties, locally irritating, stimulating her blood flow. The product can be used for adults and children. This inexpensive tool. Contraindications skin diseases, tuberculosis, allergic reactions to the components.

sprej tantum verde

The throat is a combined anti-inflammatory agent. Main active ingredient – chlorobutanol. The throat relieves pain, inflammation and disinfects the throat. Increases blood flow to the inflamed mucous membrane, due to the camphor and levomenthol has a stimulating effect. The throat can be applied in the treatment of children older than 5 years. The drug is effective only in the initial stages of the disease.

Tantum Verde – a drug having anti-inflammatory action. Active substance benzydamine spray is providing anesthetic and anti-inflammatory effect. Doctors say rather weak antibacterial effect means. It is often prescribed to children and expectant mothers as the drug does not have significant contraindications and side effects. Tantum Verde should be applied to correct only the symptoms, but not as a standalone treatment.

Usage instructions

Before the direct application of sprays should rinse a throat with warm boiled water, to remove excess mucus. To introduce spray deep into the mouth, hold breath and make a few taps on the sprayer head. Then try for several minutes to swallow his saliva to give the drug time to effect on the affected area.

You should also refrain from food and drink for 30 minutes. After use, the sprayer should be washed with water and dried.

Before using the drug should consult with your doctor.

It is not necessary to apply spraysfor the treatment of pharyngitis in young children. Little patients can inhale the medicine, and it can cause reflex respiratory arrest.

Prevention of pharyngitis

If the person is prone to frequent manifestations of pharyngitis, it is best to prevent illness through preventative measures. This should include the following:

  1. Strengthening the immune system (vitamins, hardening).
  2. An exception harmful factors acting on an organism (e.g., Smoking or alcohol consumption).
  3. Humidification of the air in the room. If the air is not humidified and becomes dry, it can irritate the throat and cause it to tickle.
  4. Change tooth brush at least 1 time per month. Bacteria that accumulate on your toothbrush, when brushing your teeth can get into the body.
  5. You should sleep in an elevated head, as during sleep on a low pillow of acidic gastric juice can enter the throat and irritate it.

It is important to remember that you assign the drug should only LOR will select individual and maximally effective treatment.