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The first symptoms and methods of treatment of pharyngitis

Symptoms and treatment of pharyngitis should be treated carefully. You need to distinguish between the form and stage of disease, choose the correct treatment for each type. This can help in specialist, so you need to seek help and not try to resolve disease on their own.

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The acute form of the disease

From strep throat symptoms are characterized by pain when swallowing food or saliva. The pain can radiate into the ear. Observed sore throat, the patient increased body temperature. In the back of the throat show signs of lesions in the form of pus.

Treatment submitted forms involves the elimination of factors that led to the development of the disease. Therefore, the presence of bacteria, which caused inflammation, the patient will take antibiotic drugs. Should give up bad habits, particularly among smokers. The patient needs to eliminate from the diet irritating foods. It is too cold or hot dishes, spices, spicy and sour sauces.

strepsils plus dlya lecheniya faringitaFollow the inhalation with help of the Throat and the eye drops. You can use rinsing with infusions of calendula, chamomile and sage. Allowed to use tableted form preparations that should be sucked. An example is Strepsils Plus. The drug has anesthetic, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, resulting in a high degree the effectiveness of treatment. In addition to these medication used Laripront, Falimint and Faringosept.

In most cases it is sufficient to apply the antibacterial agents to eliminate the symptoms of pharyngitis in adults. An exception is considered an inflammatory process, during which the causative agent is Streptococcus. In these cases, the symptoms of pharyngitis occur in the neck enlarged lymph nodes, inflamed tonsils, fever and absence of cough. Apply antibiotic drugs General influence and example is Amoxicillin.

How to deal with chronic illness?

Manifestations of this form of pharyngitis in adults are less pronounced than for the acute stage of the disease. The patient may not have discomfort or health complaints, but the mucosa is constantly inflamed state. In the result, the patient often wants to cough, a throat tickle.

vrachebnaya diagnostika tipa zabolevaniyaThe chronic form may be caused by problems with breathing, and the difficulties associated withcurvature of the nasal septum. As a result, the patient remains nothing how to breathe more often through the mouth. Leads to disease the action of fungi, degenerative disc disease, thyroid disease, peptic ulcer disease and chronic gastritis. Inflammatory processes in the nasal cavity of this type also contribute to chronic pharyngitis.

Therefore, the task of the patient is to eliminate these factors, allowing to quickly recover. Using only a local method does not lead to a positive result, because the symptoms will disappear, but not disappear the cause of the disease.

Fungal infections of the disease are manifested depending on the degree of inflammation. The appearance of fungus, due to existing tonsillitis or intestinal dysbiosis patient's cough, it hurts to swallow, sore throat has a tickle and tingle. On the affected surface has a grayish-white coating and redness.

The treatment starts after diagnosis, which will identify the type of chronic disease. Use binding agents, local antiseptics, and moisturizing and softening the throat. All of it is used depending on the type of disease.

The catarrhal form and its characteristics

vidy farigitaCatarrhal pharyngitis is a type of disease chronic. When the disease, the patient in the throat there is the presence of a foreign object, tickle, swallowing also occurs pain. The accumulation of mucus that causes the patient to hawk frequently. This is especially observed in the morning after sleep. Complicated course of the disease can even be accompanied by nausea and vomiting.

Method for detecting disease is a pharyngoscope. The patient revealed thickening of the mucous membrane, is present at the examination, hyperemia in the area of the mucosa there is a festering secret. In the end the patient's throat is constantly swollen state, which indicates a chronic process.

Hypertrophic granulosa and form

When granulosa pharyngitis symptoms, feeling of scratching or tickling in the throat. Often develop dry, moderate pain when swallowing. Typical appearance viscous mucous secretions, which fit snugly to the walls of the pharynx. This complicates the process of expectoration of mucus, as there is a separation of its content.

Greatly irritated the throat, which is caused by previously processes. This leads to a strengthening of the urge to vomit. At night, increases the production and accumulation of mucoid component. Can happen to her the omission of the larynx, which causes cramping and severe bouts of coughing.

pharyngitis">pharyngitis granulosa symptoms are characterized by lesions of lymphoid tissue, resulting in the back of the throat there are red nodules. They look like granules, hence the name represented the type of pharyngitis. The resulting granules cause a lot of inconvenience to the patient, as they irritate the trigeminal nerve. Is not uncommon the transition of granulosa type of disease in the atrophic form. In the end, the mucous membrane has a pronounced dryness and anemia.

While hypertrophic form from the patient has increased volume of epithelium, there are different kinds of seals. Mucous takes bright red shade, but not the whole shell becomes similar color. For example, in the upper part there are some irregularities in color.

Possible and the fact that there is an expansion of some vessels at inflamed sites. Such leads to a kind of pattern on the surface of the throat. There is thickening of the uvula and soft palate. There is hyperplasia of the lymph nodes. There are large seals that are red in color.

bioparoks protiv faringitaThe signs of the disease are similar to the catarrhal form. However, there is increased symptoms and the depth of the inflammatory process. Perhaps the development of the degeneration that occurs in the adenoid tissue. Movement vomiting and the urge to lead her to their pushing forward, making it easy to see. If hypertrophy has evolved, then irritated trigeminal nerve. This contributes to cough reflex character.

Lymphoid tissue can form in some cases, the strands of which you can see over the infiltration frame. The disease is defined as a lateral pharyngitis in which the throat is narrowed. The disease can develop in the presence of granulosa type.

The danger atrophic form

This form is the last stage in the development of chronic pharyngitis. Progressive multiple sclerosis develops in the mucous membranes of the body, glandular and lymphoid system. This also applies to the submucosal layer. Begins to produce more viscous mucus, her office is more difficult. The crust formed due to drying of detachable content. Such patient from experiencing discomfort.

sprej geksoral protiv faringitaDue to the development of crusts in the nasopharynx, is the formation of paresthesia, the patient experiences a foreign body that causes him additional discomfort. In some cases, crust may separate, sometimes reaching considerable size.

The mucous membrane becomes pale and dry, you can see the bloodvessels. Atrophy affects the nerve endings. This creates a dangerous situation, the forecasts in this case are disappointing. The disease can develop further, if you do not take the necessary measures.

How to cure the disease?

The treatment of the disease is characterized by the symptoms and causes of the disease. The patient needs to follow a special diet, required to attach to the front of the neck compresses. It is important not to forget about mouthwashes, inhalations and a warm drink.

If there are no complications, you can apply an antibiotic drugs. Use and local antimicrobial therapy, but not systemic. The purpose of these funds is carried out with the use of inhalations, rinse and insufflate. This allows to provide high efficiency of treatment, the activation of the interaction between components.

Apply antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and pain relievers that can be in the form of tablets, lozenges or other forms. The main criterion of conformity of the drug is associated with the need to provide broad-spectrum effects and the absence of toxic properties, low degree of allergenicity and irritation. It is important to pay attention to the absorption of funds from the mucous membrane, the degree of which should be low.

On the basis of the previously mentioned, there are the following forms of preparations:
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  1. Lozenges: Allergy, Grameen, Strepsils and Hexetidine.
  2. Sprays: and eye drops Recovering.
  3. Antibacterials: Bioparox.

As regards the latter group of drugs, about the appropriateness of their use need to think of the doctor, not the patient. The patient should strictly adhere to the prescribed rules: not to accept funds that have not been assigned to a technician, and do not cancel their appointment voluntarily.

Folk remedies for the treatment

Pharyngitis necessarily need to be treated after a doctor's visit and prescription drugs. Traditional recipes can be part of primary therapy, but they will not be the only method of elimination of the disease. In addition, you need to consider those cases where the patient has allergies, the saliva is present in the blood or develop complications. In this case, it requires urgent intervention, and folk remedies only relieve the patient a chance to recover because it was lost time.

Local effects of honey and propolis. On the positive properties of these components and their influence on the General condition of the patient, strengthening the body as a whole. A method of receiving the products is different. It is possible to rinse and lubricate the throat with a solution of propolis, a drink based on honey andof warm milk. There is a possibility of inhalation, this should be added to a liter of boiling water spoon of honey and stir thoroughly.

In hypertrophic type are allowed to gargle with a tincture of willow bark, oak and viburnum, birch leaves. The inflammatory process can be removed by using a broth, which is made from lemon balm. Process softens the potatoes, which should squeeze the juice.

In acute type of pharyngitis need to take chamomile, calendula, eucalyptus and sage leaves. Components are mixed and added to a mixture of 2 tsp in a Cup of boiling water. To breathe on it several times a day for 5 min.

A useful solution of propolis. For production it is necessary to take 100 g of butter or peach and 40 g of propolis. The components are thoroughly mixed, the mixture is placed for 1 week in a warm place. The Bank with the means you need to periodically shake. After 7 days, strain the mixture and use for inhalation by adding a few drops of solution in a glass of boiling water.

Thus, pharyngitis symptoms requires urgent measures to address the signs and causes of disease.

The use of the procedures will depend on the form of the disease, so it is important to determine the type of disease and start eliminating.