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The symptoms and treatment of pharyngitis in children

In children, pharyngitis, disease of the mucosa of the throat, is diagnosed more often than in adults. Inflammation of the tissues of the throat, affecting the posterior wall, with insufficient treatment may go into acute bronchitis. Unlike sore throat, the disease affects the lower tissue of the nasopharynx without touching the tonsils. What is the etiology of the disease? What treatment should be taken in different forms currents and for different age categories?

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The etiology of the disease

The most common cause of the disease is hypothermia. And with the decline in the barrier function of the body of viruses and bacteria easily enter the body. Doctors divided pharyngitis viral and bacterial.

In viral pharyngitis upper respiratory tract affected by the virus of SARS or influenza. For teenagers characteristic lesions of Epstein-Barr, which causes strep throat. Viral infection once in the body, can affect only the tonsils, causing tonsillitis. Further progress of the viral infection manifests in the throat. With the simultaneous defeat of the nasopharynx with a viral infection doctors diagnosed nasopharyngitis.

When a bacterial pharyngitis in a patient's records to intoxication streptococcal group. It is acute pharyngitis in infants caused by this infection.

Symptoms of strep throat in a child

vidy faringitaBased on the etiology of the disease (viral or bacterial) in a child there are different symptoms. If pharyngitis in a child's viral, it usually:

  • coughs;
  • he goes down the tone of voice and hoarseness appears;
  • the baby appears cold;
  • the child is restless;
  • appears watering of eyes
  • in some cases a violation of the chair in the form of diarrhea and allergic reactions on the skin.

When a bacterial pharyngitis child:

  • feels a sharp pain in the throat, especially the pain is worse during meals;
  • the child is observed increasing the temperature to 38-39 degrees, which is accompanied by a headache;
  • hyperemia of the throat and bad breath;
  • the child has pustules of yellow and white on the back of the throat;
  • vomit gagging and vomiting;
  • pain in the abdomen;
  • skin rash dark cherry color.

osmotr u lor-vrachaIn both cases, pharyngitis may be complicated by tracheitis, laryngitis and bronchitis. Therefore, the symptoms of pharyngitis may be "blurry" symptoms concomitant disease. If treatment tactics was chosen correctly, then strep throat in children goes inthe chronic stage is characterized by the following symptoms:

  • swollen lymph nodes;
  • irritation of the larynx factors of the natural environment: for example, high humidity or, conversely, dry air in a residential area;
  • the appearance of the adenoids;
  • a chronic form of rhinitis in which the mucus from the nose is constantly dripping down the throat and irritates it.

As a rule, the chronic form occurs due to self-treatment.

Diagnosis of pharyngitis from the child

To determine the exact diagnosis, conduct a visual inspection of the throat. Tonsils with pharyngitis is not affected, so they do not blush and do not increase in volume. In the case of bacterial infection on the back wall of the larynx observed pustules. For analysis take a swab of throat. This will help to determine the cause of the disease. It is important to select an antibiotic in case of bacterial intoxication and to exclude possible disease - diphtheria. Upon confirmation of the disease treatment is carried out in a hospital.

How to treat pharyngitis in a child?

kashel pri faringiteDuring viral infection child's body has to cope on their own, without antibiotics. As the treatment of used rinsing, warm drink, constant humidification and the use of light anti-inflammatory lozenges that are shown to children and in sufficient stock available in the pharmacy. All treatment of viral pharyngitis is aimed at reducing temperature, pain and nausea. In General, the child's body needs to get stronger and recover from viral toxicity. In bacterial intoxication the child is prescribed antibiotics and anti-inflammatories.

As for drugs to reduce fever, the child needs to give ibuprofen or acetaminophen. In addition to lowering the temperature, they clean headaches. All medications should be used only on prescription. He will determine the dosage and mode of application of drugs.

Especially parents often decide to reduce the baby's fever using aspirin. This drug doctors do not recommend giving children under 18 years. In infants the use of this drug can cause swelling of the brain and disorders of the kidney or liver. Also this fact to consider the use of other antipyretics, the composition of which can be aspirin.

In the case of chronic forms of treatment is the protection of the child from adverse factors of environment. However, do not smoke in the presence of the child, the need to monitor the humidity in the room (normal 60-65%), more skip the baby in the fresh air (with the exception of the days increasetemperature).

The treatment of pharyngitis folk remedies

med dlya lecheniya faringitaIn the treatment of pharyngitis widely used traditional medicines. In the Arsenal of herbalists have recipes of decoctions for oral administration, inhalations and gargles. The most popular recipe is beet juice. To prepare the solution for rinsing the grated beetroot and squeeze through cheesecloth. A certain amount of juice mixed with the same amount of water. The solution used for rinsing an empty stomach.

Useful antiseptic properties of Kalanchoe. It perfectly heals wounds after spontaneous removal of pustules the back of the throat. Means to take the stems of Kalanchoe and ground. After secrete juice and dissolve in 1:1 ratio in water. The solution used for rinsing an empty stomach. Application of funds can be alternated with rinsing beet juice.

A great tool for children in the treatment of pharyngitis is honey and lemon. It is a universal tool for both infants and adults. The infusion of the juice administered orally at 0.5 h. L. 3-4 times a day for infants to increase the dose for adults - a tablespoon means. For making funds take 50 g fresh lemon juice and 100 g of honey. For "adult" recipe part add a little hot pepper. Baby a pepper can irritate the walls of the mucous membrane of the throat. Tool clog and infused for three days. Honey and lemon are considered in herbal medicine and medicine an antioxidants. Therefore, in addition to destruction of the infection products increase the body's defenses.

At home you can successfully use inhalation. Of course, for infants this medical procedure is difficult to do. But for older children it is possible. For inhalation it is possible to prepare the agent based on cumin. For this 1.5-2 liters of water put 1-2 tsp of herb or cumin seeds and inhalation. As inhalation suitable chamomile flowers, calendula, potato broth and soda.

When the temperature rises, the child loses moisture, and water-salt balance is disturbed. To replenish the moisture as drink apply fruit drinks, extracts of rosehip, chamomile, lime, raspberry and rosehip. Means you can cook both separately and in composition. Prepare a solution in a water bath. If you use one medicinal herb, then take one tablespoon of dry grass and 250 g of boiled water. The solution is prepared in a water bath for 15 minutes and filtered. For children the dose throughout the day. In the preparation of the tools based on the composition of all plants take one tablespoon of all components in a glass of water.

The treatment of pharyngitis in children is not difficult, the main thing -be guided by the physician, and within weeks, the disease retreats.

Be healthy!