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How to wash the nose and the

If you have symptoms of nasal congestion are all trying to get get medical drops, but it's better to wonder than to wash the nose, to get rid of the inflammation and make breathing easier. It is the nasal wash helps to wash away all the germs and reduce inflammation of the mucosa. Dripping drops per second again help to breathe through the nose, you just choke the disease, not treat it.
problema nasmorka

The effectiveness of the procedure nasal lavage

A nasal wash takes a little more time than applying drops, but is an effective procedure in the treatment of rhinitis. This process is the most gentle on the nasal mucosa, and does not assume the risk of high blood pressure, as in the case of vasoconstrictor drugs. However, flushing has its own quirks. To wash the nose need to correct: before the procedure it is necessary to clear the sinuses, you can apply vasoconstrictor drops for the nose began to breathe. Rinse using the syringe or Turkey Baster, or to draw the solution through the nose and spit out through the mouth. It must be remembered that the device for washing, involving a lot of pressure not to use children, as they have not fully developed channel system respiratory messages. For children it is better to use a device like a kettle or to wash hands.

promyvanie nosa pri gajmoriteRecommended to be placed near the sink. The head should be kept straight or tilt it slightly forward. In any case, you cannot tilt it back to liquid and slime did not get into the middle ear. Starting to pour the warm solution into each nostril at a time, you can check the correctness of the tilt of the head, as some fluid will flow through the mouth, and part of it will seep back through the nose. Best before the procedure, nose lavage to drink hot herbal tea, then the mucus will move faster.

The severity of the cold and discomfort, e.g., headache is especially felt in the flu and sinusitis. Therefore, one should know how to wash the nose with such diseases.

Washing out the nose for the flu

In influenza it is good to wash the nose with infusion from herbs that have antiviral and anti-inflammatory effect. It could be Melissa, eucalyptus, chamomile. Washing of this solution should be done twice a day, and between the procedures you should put other medicines that help in combating cold.

In the epidemic for prevention or during an illness can wash the nose with infusion of onion and honey. Products should be taken in equal proportions. Rinse nose and throatto 5 times a day, and in between you have to use other drugs from the pharmacy or traditional medicine. For example, it is possible to drip in a nose of fresh aloe Vera juice, 3 to 4 drops in each nostril. Or mix fir and sea buckthorn oil and place drops in each nasal passage. The mixture required to prepare in the ratio of 1:1.5. Another effective remedy are garlic drops (100 grams of minced garlic, pour a glass of water and stir). The nose only, they are not buried, but takes a drop on the tongue, smeared across the mouth and then are swallowed. A good method of treatment of the common cold with influenza are pulmonary. Excellent for couples Luke and pulp of garlic.

konsultaciya vracha pri nasmorkeA method of treatment of the common cold with flu - rinsing the nose with salt water. In this type of washing with mucous removes germs, dust and even allergens. Treatment saline can reduce swelling and inflammation. It is worth remembering about the little children who by age are not entitled pharmaceutical for the treatment of rhinitis. Especially important rinsing with salt water, if the child is allergic to herbs or essential oils. That was then, and help out the saline solution.

Salt, the essence can be purchased at the pharmacy or make your own. 1 Cup of boiled water you need to put 1 teaspoon of salt. If someone is too sensitive mucosa, the amount of salt should be reduced to 1/2 teaspoon. The solution should be warm. You can use it as regular iodized salt and sea. In salt water you can drop a drop of iodine.

After the first lavage, the saline solution may feel a burning sensation, and that's fine. As long as the water was not too salty.

Washing out the nose with sinusitis

It should be noted that sinusitis occurs as a result goes untreated or lingering cold, that is inflamed maxillary sinus. In this case, it is a nasal wash helps to get rid of mucus and pus. If you regularly and faithfully to carry out this procedure, the microbes gradually washed out with mucus.

To me a good method of treatment is washing the nose with saline solution.

The details of this procedure have been described above.

Proven that a great effect is washing out the nose with a solution of propolis. For its preparation is diluted 15 drops of propolis in 1 Cup warm water, plus a teaspoon of salt and two drops of iodine. Necessary to carry out the wash procedure three times a day.

In the treatment of sinusitis prepare solutions furatsilina: grind 1 tablet in 2 cups of hot water. He gives a strong antimicrobial effect, is quite economical andhas virtually no side effects. Very often doctors prescribe washing with dioxidine. This medication thins the mucus, but only kills germs and bacteria. There are side effects as headache, upset stomach, it may increase in body temperature, convulsions. Medical practice allows the use of other drugs for the treatment of sinusitis - an aqueous solution of decamethoxin, a weak solution of potassium permanganate, the mummy (1 gram: 1 liter of water), Miramistin, protargol. Before use, these fluids have to warm up to body temperature.

You can also add infusions of herbs, which is antiseptic. For example, you can apply St. John's wort, chamomile (has anti-allergic effect, soothes and relieves pain), series, oak bark, calendula, sage, eucalyptus, celandine (toxic in excess doses).
vidy gajmorita You can use them separately, they thin the mucus. Modern drugs for nasal with sinusitis include other types of pain, including minerals and sea water. You are allowed to apply to children 2 years of age. Constant stress and moisturizes the mucous membranes and reduces inflammation. Like the Phrase used Akvamaris - the same sea water, contains many useful compounds that can alleviate the disease. Akvamaris is permitted for children from one year. There are such complex nasal rinsing as a Dolphin, it includes a set of salts. But this drug is contraindicated in children under the age of four years and is able to cause such side effects as bleeding from the nose and Eustachian.

Since ancient times for the treatment of sinusitis through the instillation of nose people cook vegetable and berry juice. As such products are onions, beets, carrots, cranberries, black currants. Juice diluted with water in the ratio 1:3. You should wash the nose, and after 1/4 hours to wash and clean already simple boiled water at room temperature. When sinusitis should choose a more suitable solution for washing and alternate it with saline all day.

For the treatment of sinusitis it is better to seek the advice of professionals, as self-treatment may aggravate the disease, and will have to be treated more serious drugs, antibiotics.

Refers to his health carefully and do not be lazy to hold harmless procedure, that is, to gargle and rinse the nose to alleviate the disease or for prevention. Just a nasal wash is an excellent preventive procedure. After the disease should be several times in a week to rinse as prophylaxis, and it is best to do it every day. It is especially recommended to carry out this procedure during epidemics andto increase the number of washes to two a day.