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How to cure bilateral sinusitis

Bilateral sinusitis is a type of inflammatory process in the paranasal sinuses, which are collectively called sinusitis. Bilateral sinusitis refers to the most severe types of such diseases and is divided into acute and chronic forms. This disease can develop in both adults and children. Correct diagnosis and to completely cure the disease only by a qualified doctor. If time does not seek medical help, the disease enters the chronic phase.

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Causes of sinusitis

The acute form of sinusitis can occur as a complication during a typical respiratory lesions on the bacterial basis. It is important to properly treat the runny nose with SARS. The only use of vasoconstrictive drops inflamed maxillary sinus, which accumulates pus. Sinusitis may be primary disease. This occurs most often in patients with weakened immune systems. In such cases, it is important to heal not only symptoms, but also eliminate the root cause. With incomplete freedom from infection sinusitis can become chronic.

Acute or chronic catarrhal form of the disease can provoke inflammation in the oral cavity, caries or other lesions of teeth. In this case, the inflammatory process goes from the upper jaw through the respiratory channels in the sinuses. While the main source of infection is found and eliminated, to get rid of the sinusitis will be very difficult.

Symptoms characteristic of the disease

slabyj immunitet - prichina gajmoritaBilateral sinusitis most often diagnosed in the form of catarrhal or purulent chronic forms. For chronic type of disease is characterized by a strong inflammatory process in the maxillary sinuses, that accumulate pus. Pus comes out in small quantities, so the sputum is yellow-brown color and a sharp odor.

At untimely or incorrect treatment of chronic purulent (catarrhal) bilateral sinusitis may develop severe complications, so it's important to consult a doctor. It is particularly difficult to identify sinusitis in a child who isn't able to vysmarkivatsya. so you should pay attention to other symptoms of the disease.

Sinusitis is accompanied by severe pain in the head that occur along with a runny nose. However, the main pain is localized not in the head, on the forehead or in the area under the eyes. In cases of severe pain, doctors recommend taking painkillers, butonly in the first period of development of the disease.

Another sure sign of this disease is the increase in body temperature to 40-41 ° C. In these cases, take antipyretic drugs, but they only partially solve the problem. High temperature longer than five days may indicate a bacterial infection. It is urgent to turn to a specialist.

Possible complications of sinusitis

vidy gajmoritaUntreated properly chronic sinusitis would have serious consequences. One of the most serious complications of the disease - purulent meningitis, in which the accumulated pus from the sinuses enters the cortex of the brain, causing inflammation of its membranes. Such a serious disease treated only in a hospital. In some cases after elimination of purulent meningitis in patients remains a constant headache which is impossible to stop the painkillers.

Acute suppurative otitis media can also be a complication of sinusitis. This disease often develops with the appearance of inflammatory processes in the sinuses. To avoid suppurative otitis media and meningitis it is time to treat the sinusitis.

Diagnosis of the disease

Determine the chronic form of sinusitis radiographically, sometimes designated computer or magnetic resonance imaging for accurate diagnosis. Experienced doctor - the otolaryngologist can make a diagnosis based on external examination of the patient and medical history. An additional examination in this case will help the doctor to identify signs of destruction of one or two sinuses.

To establish the type of bacteria that triggered the sinusitis and conduct laboratory studies: prescribe analysis of secretion of the sinuses.

Treatment of purulent sinusitis

promyvanie nosa pri gajmoriteThe treatment aims to eliminate symptoms of disease and causes of infection.

First, the doctor pinpoints the cause of the disease. Catarrhal sinusitis can be provoked by bacteria and viruses. Analysis of secretion of the sinuses helps to determine the type of agent, and to appoint the appropriate antibiotic. Usually after a course of antibiotic, the disease goes.

Sinusitis in women during pregnancy is treated surgically.

The treatment can be carried out using methods of physical therapy. While doctors have to wash out the nasal passages of the patient.

Physical therapy treatments are performed only DLV stationary conditions with the help of special equipment.

As a necessary procedure in the sinus appoint “the cuckoo.” In one nostril of the patient is injected under pressure, the treatment solution containing anti-inflammatorydrugs, and from the other nostril pump pumped the pus and the remains of the mortar. During the procedure, monitor the position of the head of the patient. This method cannot be applied in the home, as the accuracy of your work can provide only an experienced doctor. Treatment of sinusitis in this way the child demands certain psychological training. Popular in the treatment of sinusitis sinus catheters that deliver the drug directly to the site of inflammation.

Improving the patient's condition does not mean a complete cure. To treat sinusitis it is necessary to comprehensively, eliminating both the symptoms and the causes of its appearance.

Often, common cold, curable in the home, is confused with sinusitis. When not treated may develop dangerous complications, so it is important at the first symptoms to immediately consult a doctor.