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The symptoms and treatment of sinusitis without runny nose

Sinusitis without rhinitis, and sinusitis usual, leads to the fact that inflamed mucosa of the sinuses. Quite often happens that the inflammation is transferred to the bony walls, so the disease occurs without rhinitis. This phenomenon is quite frequent. To identify this violation is harder, but still possible. For this you should know the main symptoms of the disease, and only after setting the correct diagnosis to start the right treatment.

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How does sinusitis without runny nose?

It should be noted that sinusitis, particularly one that occurs without rhinitis, can occur regardless of age, but symptoms in any case will be the same.

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So, the disease without cold is rather unusual and even specific signs that occur in all patients without exception. However, only a doctor is able to draw the right conclusions and to put the correct diagnosis. The main symptom during sinusitis occurring without the common cold, is low-grade fever that lasts for several days. It can go up to 380C.

In addition, the patient, as a rule, stuffy nose, and this symptom persists over 14 days. The patient an unpleasant feeling in the jaw, the head. When he starts to chew or talk, these symptoms and did increase.

Pain depend on position, which remains the patient's head. So, sometimes the pain increases and sometimes decreases. Most often, if the patient is in a horizontal position, an unpleasant feeling of discomfort becomes stronger.

Sinusitis in children

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In children with sinusitis without rhinitis symptoms have a slightly different character. It is important to know that when the first complaints of the child, even the most minor, should immediately seek help from a doctor and under no circumstances do not need to engage in self-elimination of the disease.

So, sinusitis without runny nose in a child is manifested in the following way. He feels discomfort in the nose (the feeling, as a rule, the evening becomes much stronger). He has a stuffy nose, and fatigue comes very quickly. Fatigue child pursues constantly. Besides, he suffers from pain that occurs in the gums or ears. In some situations, you may be hearing impairment. At the same time the mouth of the sick child feels a bad smell.

These symptoms are considered to be the most basic, however, may be a lotother symptoms depending on the individual patient, as well as the complexity of the disease itself. But in any case, even with the slightest observation of the above signs you should contact your doctor.

By what means can cure disease?

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Specificity of treatment is most often does not depend on the liquid is released from the nose during illness or not. Besides, you should understand, to avoid any serious consequences, sinusitis without rhinitis should be removed completely. If this is not followed, it may be infection, which, after spreading to the brain and causes such a serious illness, such as meningitis. Moreover, the infection is able to pass to arteries in the skull. As a result, the patient develops sepsis.

Treatment of sinusitis without escaping mucus from the nose must be informed and be under the supervision of a qualified doctor because, starting from the characteristics of the patient and the specific disease, the doctor selects individual treatment, which is suitable in a particular case. To eliminate the disease in two ways: surgical and conservative.

The first method is resorted to very rarely and only in the event that a patient experienced a sharp violation of the sine gaymorovu, located in the upper part of the jaw. If such breach occurs the operation, during which punctures the wall of the sinus (such the surgery is performed through the passage of the nose), from where the pumping of the accumulated pus. Upon completion of this procedure where was made the puncture, injected with a solution of antibiotics and antiseptics, and those medicines, which possess antimicrobial action.

More specifically on the conservative method of removing the malady, at elevated temperature the patient is given a substance that has antipyretic and analgesic effect. When such symptoms the patient should stay in bed.

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In the case where intoxication is manifested, the important reception of the respective antimicrobial drugs. But this symptom occurs only when an abundant discharge of mucus from the nose.

As for the local treatment of sinusitis occurring without the common cold, we should all the efforts to send to the outflow of mucus accumulated in the sinuses. You must also remove the swelling, to try to maximize the passages of the nose using properly selected tools. For that nasal sprays. However, at the same time, it should be understood thatthis drug is effective only during the first five days, and then is atrophy in the mucosa.

If the patient has sinusitis is accompanied by allergies, then be sure to take the antihistamine medication. It is necessary to physiotherapy which in this disease has a good effect. By the way, the most effective physical therapy procedure is considered to be UHF. A notable result has a blue light and Solux and the dynamic current.

It is important to remember that sinusitis can be caused by other diseases. For example, a cavity or a deviated nasal septum.

To get rid of inflammation of the mucous membrane, first, to direct all forces to eliminate the root causes.

In addition, often this disease leads to swelling and inflammation. To remove them, you must apply a special ointment or drops with vasoconstrictor effect.

Folk remedies for the treatment

By the way, these useful tools can be prepared at home. For example, one of them will need rosemary. It helps to eliminate not only sinusitis, but also diseases that damage the mucosa of the human body. To prepare the solution you will need rosemary (10 g) and sunflower oil (1/5 Cup). These two ingredients should be carefully mix and wait until the vehicle is infused for 10 days. This time, the tool must be in a dark place, a container of infusion needs to be shaken daily. After the mixture rises, it should be every day, place a few drops of the healing mass in the nostrils.

Can you do special packs based on clay. This remedy is quite simple, but very effective. To make it, should be poured into any vessel of a small amount of hot water and put a bit of clay, after which it should be stirred. This mass should be the consistency to resemble a dough. Thereafter, the mixture is spread on a bandage and placed in the sinuses. To avoid discomfort, a bandage can be lubricated with any oil. This compress it is necessary to keep at least 40 minutes, and soreness, if any, need to be endured.

Recommended and the use of medications that can improve the outflow originating from the maxillary sinuses. However, these funds may be prescribed only by a specialist, because if it is wrong to choose one or another drug may develop serious complications, or will begin to show side effects. In this therapy, which was carried out previously and is still not finished, will not bring any result.