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What causes sinusitis in children and how to treat it

Sinusitis in children is a significant problem for the child and for his parents. It is necessary to immediately undertake his treatment, until he began to awaken adenoids. The reasons for this are many and varied.

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Causes of disease

Reasons that cause the development of sinusitis in children can be a complication of a variety of respiratory diseases - acute respiratory infections or influenza. In this case, the normal flow of mucus is impeded, causing the body through the nose gets infection and turns into a pathogen. This disease often provokes the child has a runny nose allergic nature. It occurs due to the presence of irritants, accompanied by swelling of the sinuses and can lead to the development of sinusitis.

shema gajmoritaThe cause of sinusitis can be any infectious disease. The virus enters the body and a weakened immune system to cause the development of sinusitis. Its appearance can lead and diseases of the oral cavity: caries, stomatitis. Often the cause of sinusitis become congenital disorders of the structure of the sinuses or injury to the nose. For example, due to the curvature of the walls of the nose have difficulty the withdrawal of mucus due to the accumulation which occurs sinusitis. Fracture nasal cartilage, a bruise or other damage can cause the disease to accelerate its occurrence or worsen chronic sinusitis. Among other causes of sinusitis include:

  • improper work of blood vessels in which the Airways are poorly supplied with oxygen, which may form the infection causing the sinusitis;
  • inflammation of the adenoids, which are transformed into the source of the infection;
  • the weakening of the immune system: the body's defense weakens, and any virus can cause the disease;
  • a hereditary disease.

The symptoms of acute sinusitis

To uniquely name the symptoms of sinusitis are not possible today. The main danger of this disease lies in the fact that the vast majority of symptoms indicate the common cold, or acute respiratory disease. The child's marked increase in body temperature, General weakness, malaise, nasal discharge which may be of different nature. Normal bismarckiana does not bring relief. In addition, there is nasal congestion. It is caused by accumulation of pus, which is the usual way practically does not appear. Often the child complains that laid one nostril. As soon as she begins to breathe, the second immediately laid down. Itentails a reduction of smell, the appearance of the nasal in his voice.

But the main symptom of sinusitis is headache.

Most often it is localized in the forehead and temples. Most often hurts the one half of the head, where is the affected sinus. In a lying condition, the pain is almost not felt, but when sneezing, coughing or sudden head tilt she greatly enhanced. The pain is growing and pressing on the cheeks or inner corner of the eye. Ill not only the head but also the teeth, especially when chewing.

How does chronic sinusitis

golovnaya bol pri gajmoriteIn the chronic form General symptoms are not particularly pronounced, and the picture of the disease erased. In fact, this is the main intrigue of chronic illness. Such a situation often does not allow to diagnose the disease and start appropriate treatment. However, there is one symptom that has been constant. It's cold, which during the treatment and does not disappear. Patients with chronic sinusitis and then complain of headaches, sometimes they even hurt to blink.

If a person lies, the pain usually disappears. Another important indicator that indicates chronic sinusitis is a little swollen in the morning, or developing the child's conjunctivitis. It is the result of infection on the walls of the sockets. In addition, a child who suffers from sinusitis, complaining of the dullness of smell.

Diagnosis and treatment of disease

Diagnosed this disease is very simple. The doctor examines the baby and asks him certain questions. Still need to provide a radiographic image of the facial sinuses. And only in this case, the doctor will put the correct diagnosis.

But it regards purulent sinusitis. If the disease has already managed to acquire a chronic form, without a computer test can not do. In this situation, drug therapy is not always effective. Sometimes this requires surgical intervention as a puncture.

Treating those and other types of sinusitis is possible today such as drugs and folk remedies and treatments, like washes or inhalation. In any case, the necessity of surgical intervention as a treatment option, prescribed only by a doctor.

Matter what degree have acquired the disease, sinus infection in a child can be cured at home, however, most often, the audiologist will recommend inpatient treatment, where the patient will be under strict surveillance.

In any case, to treat sinusitis does notso very often the disease occurs again becomes chronic, leading to various complications. In this situation, it is important to prevention of sinusitis in children. Any disease is easier to prevent and sinusitis in this case is no exception. For this it is necessary to treat all catarrhal diseases, repair of anatomic pathology in the structure of the nose, strengthen the immune system.