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What to choose to drop the nose in the sinus?

What drops in the nose in the sinus drip is the best? To answer this question it is necessary to know the positive and negative aspects of each medication.

problema gajmoritaDrops from sinusitis, which is usually used to combat this disease, represent vasoconstrictors. They in a short time reach the affected areas of the sinuses, and the patient begins to feel the effectiveness of their use almost immediately after use.

Drops against sinusitis

shema gajmoritaSince the emergence and development of this disease is due to an inflammatory process in the mucous structures of the maxillary sinuses, can cause edema, which do not allow secreted secretion out normally through the nostrils. The secret begins to accumulate in areas around the nose.

Drops from sinusitis is designed to stop this pathology and to restore the mucous membranes. They should eliminate the swelling due to the presence in the composition of the cure of sinusitis of the components and narrowing the vessels and the killing of infiltrators into the nasal cavity microbes and viruses.

Along with this drop in the sinus should contain moisturizing elements to restore the normal processes in the mucous membranes of the nose. In their composition there must be mitigating substance type. Drops are usually applied, but you can use aerosols and sprays. In both forms of the release of the cure for sinusitis is quite effective and quickly cope with the tasks.

What drops can be used to cure diseases?

The patient and his relatives should know, drugs of any type can be purchased in the pharmacy network. Only in this case can be made appropriate to patient's condition the choice for the treatment of sinusitis. Below will be considered such types of medicines which are most popular among doctors and patients, and the effectiveness of their impact on a disease no one doubts:

rinostop pri gajmorite

  1. The polideksa effect on the disease at several levels. These drops relieve inflammation, eliminate the invading microbes and viruses, produce a narrowing of blood vessels. 72 hours after you start using polideksa the patient has headaches associated with sinusitis, and dramatically decreases the amount released from the sinuses of mucus. The drug polideksa recommended for the treatment of children. Its effectiveness in acute sinusitis great, as it consists of antibiotics destroying the good bacteria and viruses. Along with this medicine strengthens the walls of blood vessels and in the most gentle terms allows to eliminate the swelling.Politices can cure sinusitis in the initial stage for the week.
  2. Ringstop is drops that are forced to shrink the small blood vessels that carry blood to the nose. It favors the elimination of edematous phenomena. The patency of the nasal passages increases dramatically and the slime can leave the sinuses around the nose. The patient gets much easier to breathe through the nostrils. The effect of the medication lasts for about 10 hours, which further enhances the effectiveness of the components that make up this tool.
  3. The nearest drugstore is drops that have a good vasoconstrictor effects and relieve swelling. The drug is fighting the disease locally and not into the General bloodstream of the patient. This medication is available in several versions, designed for patients of different age groups. Nazivin can be used at the onset of sinusitis in infants.
  4. Glycine starts to affect the disease in 50-60 seconds after making patients, and the effect of its use can last up to 6 hours. The drug effectively narrows the small blood vessels in the nose and quickly removes various swelling. After a patient will take advantage of the tizin, it becomes much easier to breathe through the nose.
  5. Xylitol - drops local use. They have a good decongesant opportunities. This allows us to dramatically reduce the swelling of the patient. For this medication there is a limit - it cannot be used for more than 5 days as it lost the therapeutic effect because of the ability of microbes to adapt to the effects of medication. This can cause complications, which are then difficult to heal.

The most used and popular drugs

naftizin pri naftizineThese include the following medications:

  1. Sinuforte enjoys great popularity among doctors and patients. As part of this medication is plant cyclamen tubers which contain such a large number of useful components that make it possible to deal successfully even with chronic sinusitis. On the basis of cyclamen are the recipes of traditional medicine, which allow to eliminate the disease. Almost all of them included in sinuforte droplets that effectively suppress the inflammatory process in the sinuses around the nose. Along with this drug sinuforte can quickly eliminate swelling and allows the accumulated mucus out of the sinus through free channels. But this means there is a constraint - it can only be applied for people older than 11 years. This is due to the fact that at the moment, the manufacturer has not tested the impact on small sinufortechildren.
  2. Naphazoline - these drops narrows blood vessels in the nasal cavity and anti-inflammatory. It is recommended not only for sinusitis but also during rhinitis or conjunctivitis with allergic in nature. In each nostril of the patient instilled two drops of the drug. If you want to stop bleeding, it is recommended to apply 0.05% solution of this medicine. To eliminate conjunctivitis also in each nasal canal, instill two drops. This medication has a side effect in the form of severe pain in the head and tachycardia. Contraindications: it is forbidden to use patients with arterial hypertension of character and pronounced atherosclerosis.
  3. Rinofluimutsil has excellent vasoconstrictor effects. It is well thins the mucus, allowing it to freely enter through the nostrils to the outside. Along with this rinofluimutsil reduces swelling and eliminates inflammatory process. Since it is usually released in the form of an aerosol spray, the drug is very easy to use. This means doctors recommend to use in the first days of the disease. Apply more than five days this medicine is not advisable, because bacteria and viruses you get used to its effects and the medication dries the mucous membranes. Solution spray administered in each nostril. Adult patients it is necessary to inject 2 doses 3 times a day, and children are recommended to have one injection three times per 24 hours. Dosing is easily accomplished by pressing on the valve.

Some rules use drops when the disease is sinusitis

Self-treatment in this disease is better not to do, as complications can occur, which then will be much harder to handle.

konsultaciya vracha pri gajmoriteTherefore, when the first symptoms of the disease, it is better to seek help from a doctor. He will examine the patient, prescribe the right drops and will continue to monitor the course of the disease.

To quickly recover from illness, it is necessary to correctly apply the drops during illness. There are some limitations that everyone should know the patient:

  1. Any medications from the sinus infection or sinusitis is not desirable to apply more than six days in a row. It is addictive viruses and bacteria to this drug, and it ceases to effectively influence the microorganisms.
  2. The patient should not prescribe yourself medications from sinusitis - he doesn't know all contraindications and restrictions for the selected self-medication. Even such a powerful tool, as protargol, is not always able to overcome the disease. So it's best to contact an experienced doctor who will relieve the patient from illness anddon't let it go into a chronic phase.
  3. If the sinusitis took a protracted form, it is not necessary to abandon the use of such powerful tools as antibiotics. Despite some drawbacks, this group of medications are well kills various types of viruses and microbes and can quickly put the patient back on his feet.

Cure sinusitis if timely treatment of the medical institution and the implementation of all above recommendations will allow you to quickly cope with the disease - for this you need no more than seven days.