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Effective treatment of sinusitis without puncture

In the early stages of developing inflammation of the sinuses is acceptable treatment of sinusitis without puncture or other types of surgery. As a puncture or a puncture of the nasal cavity with sinusitis causes in patients with legitimate concerns about the success of the operation and its possible consequences. In this regard, in acute lingering runny nose or a severe cold need as quickly as possible to apply to a relevant specialist and begin treatment to prevent the disease passing into the chronic form.

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Causes and symptoms of sinusitis

Sinusitis is the disease that develops when inflammation of mucous membranes cavity or the maxillary sinuses located in the body of the maxillary bone of the skull. Painful stagnation of mucus in the cavity may start an inflammatory process caused by active multiplication of hazardous microorganisms. Under the influence of pathogenic organisms in one or both nasal cavities, suppuration begins, the accumulation of serous fluid and mucus. This leads to unpleasant painful sensations, disturbances of respiration, of General intoxication of the patient.

Inflammation in sinusitis can be triggered by factors such as:

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  • infection is bacterial or viral in nature;
  • allergic reaction;
  • traumatic inflammation of the nasal cavities;
  • the penetration of foreign bodies into the respiratory tract.

The above reasons cause the development of acute sinusitis, which inflames the mucous membrane, blood vessels and the top layer of loose tissue of the jawbone. If the disease is not promptly treated, it becomes chronic. In this case inflamed the deeper layers of the submucosal tissue until the bony walls of the maxillary cavity.

The main symptoms of acute sinusitis are:

  • runny nose with thick copious secretions of mucus and pus;
  • feeling of fullness and pressure inside the nasal cavity;
  • the severity of the nose and headache, worse when bending;
  • nasal congestion, breathing disorders and swallowing;
  • General weakness, sometimes accompanied by hyperthermia.

In the early stages of the good sinusitis is treatable at home with the help of tablets, injections and some treatments. But running antritis without puncture or other surgical intervention to cure it is impossible. Therefore, a timely appeal to the audiologist is the key to successful get rid of the disease.

Treatment of sinusitis

vidy gajmoritaTo treat sinusitis withoutpuncture is required to implement all recommendations of the attending physician. Because only a comprehensive solution will help to clear sinuses, eliminate inflammation and its consequences, to prevent the spread of infection to nearby organs.

Typically, the patient with sinusitis are assigned:

  • antibiotics;
  • painkillers;
  • mucolytics;
  • decongestants;
  • corticosteroids;
  • antihistamines;
  • antiallergic drugs;
  • expectorants.

For topical treatment used drops of different composition, aerosols, sprays. Drops should be instilled three times a day 5 drops in 1 nostril in unilateral maxillary sinusitis and the two - in two-way.

The use of sprays or aerosols are shown in difficulty in breathing, sore throat, severe headaches, extensive inflammation affecting the Eustachian tube or tear duct.

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Assign the appropriate form of drug therapy and the use of drugs should produce professionals.

Physiotherapy treatment of sinusitis can be carried out with regular sessions using:

  • laser therapy;
  • UHF currents;
  • Microwave exposure;
  • warming infrared lamp.

Treatment at home: inhalation

Folk medicine recommends to treat sinusitis variety of ways. Choose their best together with doctor. This will take into account all the peculiarities of sinusitis and General condition of the individual patient.

ingalyacii dlya lecheniya gajmoritaAt home recommended inhalation over hot water, covering your head with a towel. To improve the efficiency of inhalation in hot water, you can add by choice a few drops of eucalyptus oil, balm "Asterisk", a few leaves of Bay leaf, peppermint or blackcurrant. Inhale the steam through your mouth, exhale through the nose. The duration of each session - no more than 5 minutes.

It must be remembered that this procedure can only be carried out at normal body temperature and in consultation with the attending physician. Usually when sinusitis inhalation spend 1-2 times a day. 30 minutes before the procedure, if necessary, the nose buried drops vasoconstrictor action. The treatment course is 1 week.

Thermotherapy in the treatment of sinusitis

For symptoms of nasal congestion and heaviness in the head in the home in the absence of contraindications, you can use heat therapy. It is performed by applying to the upper jaw in the area of the nose wings two hot cookedeggs or hot boiled potatoes in their skins.

Used for local heating of small bags with hot sea salt or clean river sand.

Note that these procedures are effective at a very early stage of the disease, and they can be used only in consultation with your relevant specialist and in the professional complex medical treatment.

Nasal lavage

promyvanie nosa dlya lecheniya gajmoritaIn order to avoid pathological accumulation of serous fluid, pus and mucus in the sinus, in the home, you can use a nasal wash saline purchased at the pharmacy. For gargling, you can use the solutions of baking soda with the addition of salt: 1 Cup of warm boiled water and added 1/2 teaspoon salt and 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda. In a solution for gargling or rinsing the nose, you can also add 1 tablet furatsilina 1 Cup of water.

Rinsing should be done with caution, without stress, to provide a natural release of the sinuses of mucus and pus.

A little about nutrition and regime

Folk medicine recommends to include in the daily diet of garlic and onions. These vegetables help the body to fight infection. They need not only to eat, but to breathe while eating their smell.

In addition to the patient with sinusitis will be helpful a mixture of juices of such vegetables as:

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  • beet (100 ml);
  • cucumber (100 ml);
  • carrot (300 ml);
  • spinach (200 ml).

A mixture is prepared from juices of fresh vegetables and stored in the fridge. Before use it need to be warmed up to room temperature. Named juices can be taken individually.

In addition to the therapeutic procedures the patient with sinusitis should implement such security measures as:

  • relaxed lifestyle;
  • being in a warm room with moist air;
  • balanced diet;
  • drink plenty of warm drinks;
  • avoidance of fatigue, emotions and stress.

Complications of sinusitis

The main danger of undertreated acute sinusitis - the transition of the disease into a chronic form. The main complications of sinusitis are inflammatory diseases of respiratory organs and hearing or the brain.

Another group of complications associated with the penetration of infection in organs such as the kidneys, joints and heart. Thereby developing various diseases. The penetration of infection in the blood can even lead to deathoutcome.

Prevention of sinusitis

Hardening and periodic physical exercise helps to strengthen the body and make it more resistant to various kinds of infections. Immunity also contribute:

  • nutrition;
  • the correct way of life;
  • the rejection of bad habits.

In the cold season it is necessary to carefully monitor the condition of the respiratory tract, mouth and teeth. Any inflammation of these organs make them available to various infections. Therefore it is necessary not only to carefully observe the General hygienic rules, but also to lubricate the nasal cavity antimicrobial agents before going outdoors.