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Signs and treatment of sinusitis in adults

Signs of sinusitis in adults are manifested after the emergence and development of inflammatory process in the sinuses.

problema gajmoritaSinusitis is a type of sinusitis. This disease is caused by development of inflammatory process in the mucosa covering the walls of the maxillary sinuses. Most often, the manifestation of the disease occurs when development in the body infections and colds affecting the upper respiratory tract. The occurrence of sinusitis can be due to infectious process associated with a disease of the teeth and allergies.

Delays in treatment of sinusitis can provoke in the organism the appearance of significant complications such as meningitis and deterioration of sight and hearing up to complete loss.

Symptoms of developing disease

shema gajmoritaSymptoms of sinusitis in adults first manifest themselves by the appearance of abundant secretions from the nasal cavities. If these symptoms do not disappear in 3-4 weeks, you need to seek help from a doctor. Prolonged rhinitis is the main symptom of sinusitis. In the case of a long development of the disease nasal discharge may become purulent. The appearance of pus they acquire a yellowish-green color.

Microorganisms, reproduction of which occurs in the maxillary sinuses, produce toxic substances, penetrating into the blood stream and cause General deterioration in health. Penetration of toxins into the blood causes the following symptoms in the body:

  • increase overall body temperature up to 40°C;
  • weakness;
  • lethargy;
  • impotence.

The first signs of sinusitis can be very different and depend on the source and nature of the disease. Symptoms of development of inflammatory process in the cavity of the maxillary sinus very often overlap with symptoms and signs of respiratory infection. Suspected development of inflammation on the surface of the mucosa of the maxillary sinus occurs in the presence of the organism developing for a long time rhinitis or allergic conjunctivitis.

temperatura - simptom gajmoritaThe characteristic symptoms of acute inflammation of the maxillary sinuses are:

  • the appearance of a dull pain in the face, radiating to the frontal region, the roots of the teeth and the base of the nose;
  • the emergence of unpleasant sensations in the region of the infraorbital fossa, which is able to increase by changing the position of the body in space;
  • the occurrence of difficulties in the implementation of nasal breathing, accompanied by the appearance of turbid discharge fromof the nasal cavity.

With the development in the body some forms of the disease discharge from the nose may not appear. Very often the inflammation can not be diagnosed and can be treated as the common cold.

Sinusitis is a dangerous disease that can trigger the development of atrophy of the nasal mucosa, which can lead to loss of smell.

The danger of complications requires the undertaking of remedial measures in the shortest possible time.

Types of sinusitis and their symptoms

vidy gajmoritaIn the adult this disease is classified by experts according to certain factors depending on:

  • the path of infection in the body;
  • the causes and severity;
  • the type of the inflammatory process.

Depending on the ways of penetration of infection in the body the disease is divided into the following types:

  • hematogenous sinusitis, in which penetration of the infection occurs through the blood;
  • rhinogenous sinusitis, when the penetration of infectious factors is done through the nasal cavity;
  • the traumatic form of the disease in which the disease develops as a result of injury;
  • odontogenic sinusitis when the disease arises from the progression of the inflammatory process associated with the patient's teeth.

Odontogenic sinusitis has atypical causes of the disease. Causes the usual type of the disease are hypothermia, influenza or SARS, and odontogenic form of the disease, the infection initially develops in the oral cavity.

Depending on the causes distinguish allergic, infectious, secretory, vasomotor, atrophic and necrotic forms of the disease.

Depending on the type of flow inflammation can specialists distinguish acute, Peninsula, chronic and recurrent forms of the disease.

The factors contributing to the development of the disease

obrashenie k vrachu pri gajmoriteThe predisposition to the development of sinusitis appears in people with the appropriate predisposing factors.

If you experience the condition of the body when there is a violation of nasal breathing, the conditions that ensure the constant presence of the infectious factors in the air passages of the nose. In the adult, disorders of nasal breathing occur as a result of the curvature of the nasal septum and making turbinates.

Factor predisposing to sinusitis, can be weakening the immune system, leading to the development of long-term chronicailments.

Another factor contributing to the development of the inflammatory process in the sinuses is an untimely or inadequate treatment of colds, rhinitis and acute respiratory infections. Additional factors of disease development can be different anatomical features and abnormalities in the nasal cavity.

The recognition of sinusitis is not a big problem for the medical specialist. The main goal is the attentive tracking condition and in case of revealing of deviations in organism conditions - operational access to a doctor for assistance. Timely treatment in a medical institution allows to avoid the use of the process of conducting medical procedures and surgical methods.

Treatment of sinusitis

promyvanie nosa morskoj soluIn order to establish the most accurate diagnosis requires a comprehensive examination of the body and to pass some specific tests.

Modern medicine uses during the treatment of sinusitis two methods: conservative and surgical. When using conservative methods of treatment, the patient is advised to take drugs with antibacterial action, local and General purpose. The use of surgical methods is to conduct the puncture of the nose. Most patients are diagnosed with sinusitis, I prefer to use in the process of conducting medical procedures conservative technique. The attending physician selects the drugs after the examination, in accordance with the individual characteristics of the patient. Specialist prescribes antivirals, antibacterial, antiallergic and vasoconstrictor.

At the initial stage of the condition you can use simple nasal opportunity to relieve swelling of the nasal mucosa and reduce the intensity of the inflammatory process. One of the most effective techniques is flushing the nasal cavity with the help of tools such as Dolphin and Sinuforte. In some cases, can be used to wash the sea salt solution.

With the development of acute forms of the disease the use of drugs in tablets is inevitable. In some cases, doctors prescribe medication possessing immunostimulating action, and vitamin complexes.

Treatment of sinusitis with antibiotics and prevention of disease

lechenie gajmorita medikamentamiIf the patient is diagnosed the progression of the disease as a result of action of pathogenic organisms in the treatment processit is obligatory to accept preparations of antibacterial action. The most common antibiotics are Macropen, Amoxicillin flemoksin soljutab.

Macropen is an antibacterial drug that has a strong bactericidal effect. Its use allows you to actively struggle with different representatives of the pathogenic flora of the intracellular type. If you use this drug, the patient may be some allergic reaction that is manifested by a disorder of the bowel. This kind of antibiotic is forbidden to take in the process of carrying a child.

Amoxicillin is an antibiotic, which belongs to the group of penicillin. This drug is not used in diseases of the blood, during pregnancy and during breast-feeding.

Flemoksin soljutab also relates to antibiotics of the penicillin group. It is used for the suppression of aerobic bacteria.

The use of different methods of prevention avoids the development of such serious diseases as sinusitis. In case of illness should promptly seek qualified help. Timely treatment can avoid the development of such serious ailments as osteomyelitis and meningitis.

When the first symptoms of the developing disease excellent preventive effect has a solution of sea salt, which is held lavage of the nasal cavity. Sea salt is a natural antiseptic.

Treatment can only highly skilled. In the absence of treatment with the development of the most difficult forms of the disease may become fatal.