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How to treat the flu without fever

There is a flu without fever? This question is asked by many patients. The flu is considered a very insidious disease, and as soon as you have it shown, you must immediately proceed to its treatment: if you do not, then you this will result in large financial costs.

problema grippaIn our time everyone so often faced with the flu that almost from the first days of the disease it can determine the state of his body. Most people diagnosed with a cold. But even such a simple at first glance, the disease can treat viral infections that affect the upper respiratory tract and nasopharynx.

Causes of flu without fever

virus grippaIf not much to delve into medical terminology, the most active are the rhinoviruses. When they get into the human body, the process of reproduction in the mucous membrane of the nasopharynx, which further leads to the development of inflammation in the upper respiratory tract, which results in colds and flu. This condition usually occurs in the cold season, and many people suffer 1 the same question: why in this period? And the answer is simple: because some viruses are considered to be seasonal, they lurk in the cold.

Medical professionals confidently distinguish 2 reasons. First of all, the probability of the purely physiological origin of the flu without the temperature. That is, a period of cooling under the action of cold air the blood supply of the mucous membrane is so modified that it results in reduced production of mucus. At this moment the viruses start to get into the respiratory tract and begin to multiply rapidly.

Another reason is that due to the cold weather reduced the body's defenses. The immune system is so reduced, which creates a favorable environment for viruses and infections. And if a person has the flu, which develops without fever, it is safe to assert that the strength of immunity of the sick, which is actively cope with the pests without the participation of the hypothalamus, responsible for the generation of protective antibodies in the body.

But many medical experts say that the increased protective function of the body against the infections in the process of hypothermia - no more than a myth.
The flu is caused by virus that is spread by airborne droplets or through direct contact when a person is near the source of the infection.

Flu symptoms without temperature

bol v gorle pri grippeWhat are the signs of suchdisease? The incubation period of the flu without fever is 2 to 3 days on average. In humans begin to appear unpleasant sensations in the nose and throat, there sneezing and rhinitis. If to trust the medical statistics, it States that 60% of people begin to complain of cough and 40% for pain in the throat. All patients develop rhinitis, but the fever is not for everyone.

The main symptom manifestations of influenza are considered to be watery discharge from the nose. After a few days they become much thicker and acquires a greenish tint. To join cold cough: initially dry and then becomes wet.

If the disease is not caused complications, then literally a week later, the flu is retreating. However, cough may persist for 2 weeks and develop into bronchitis, tracheitis or laryngitis.

During pregnancy, influenza can also occur without temperature. Do not forget that the flu without fever can occur in a young child, but it they have increased, and this phenomenon is rarely seen in medical practice, as the little body is still being formed, and the reaction of the immune system in this case aggravated. That's why children any cough requires investigation of the reasons for its formation, so you do not miss pharyngitis, laryngitis or bronchitis.

In the most common cases of flu without fever diagnosed without much difficulty.

How to treat this disease

polza chaya pri grippeTreatment of a cold or flu has been studied and described in the XVI century BC, but the cure of these diseases is still there. We, typically, do not treat, but only to ease their symptoms.

Antibiotics for the flu and cold to take is not recommended, as they do not act on viruses that caused this problem.

Treatment of the flu without the temperature recommended when using long-proven methods. If you have the first symptoms of the disease, it is recommended foot hover with dry mustard in the bowl or to RUB the feet turpentine ointment or vodka, and then immediately put on warm socks. Pregnant women during influenza without fever it is impossible to conduct such procedures. They are encouraged to wear a warm scarf around the neck and wool socks on my feet.

Drink tea with lemon and honey and ginger, is all. If there is redness of the throat and a cough, then a good assistant is inhalation based on pine buds, sage, eucalyptus, baking soda, alkaline mineral water. Try to do them 2 times a day, morning and evening: morning - an hour before going outside, and in the evening - 1.5 hours before bedtime.

of broth hips the flu" alt="Benefits of rosehip tea for the flu">To effectively get rid of a cough, you should drink a warm decoction of rose hips, thyme, lemon balm, mother and stepmother, nard, but do not forget about milk with alkaline mineral water, and at night - with butter. It should be borne in mind that hot milk slows down mucus production, so try to drink it in small SIPS.

If there is no temperature, but influenza is pain in the throat, it is best to carry out the treatment on the basis of rinsing. The truth is, a large number of recipes, but the most common is the solution with the addition of baking soda, salt and iodine. You can gargle with chamomile. Good effect solution furatsilina: the rinse need to carry out as often as possible, at least 5-6 times a day.

Due to cough, throat irritation, and so it attacks it occur quite often. To get rid of this problem, it is possible to gargling with a solution of salt water.

Still have 1 recipe that needs to be taken orally for the treatment of pain in the throat. For its preparation take 100 g of honey and juice of 1 lemon. This means take 2 times a day for 2 tsp For the treatment of rhinitis at home you can prepare nasal drops: it is necessary to take fresh juice of carrots and beets with honey. Drips in nose remedy humiliated during the day 5-6 drops. Do not forget about the well-known balm "Asterisk". Use it to do acupressure nose and rubbed the bridge of his nose between the eyebrows.

If you overcame the flu during pregnancy, the treatment should be carried out with the help of folk remedies or through medicines that are safe for the health of the unborn child.

If you prefer a medical treatment option, you can use cough expectorant medicine, for example, syrup based marshmallow and pertussin. 1 of treatment option is taking tablets, such as the and Mukaltin Tusupreks. For treatment of rhinitis can be used are well known Naphazoline, Sanorin, Galazolin.