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Information: symptoms of SARS and treatment of the disease

SARS symptoms are similar to signs of other diseases. In the fall these infections often overtake us. To differentiate the symptoms of SARS is very simple in some respects. More often than other people SARS symptoms were observed among representatives of the elderly and people with weakened immune systems.

problema orvi

Acute respiratory viral infection (ARVI) is a common name for all colds, adopted in medicine. More susceptible to diseases such children, as they are often supercooled, and have not yet fully formed protective functions of the body.

Treatment of SARS can be made for medicaments, and with the help of folk remedies. The latter are increasingly chosen by parents trying to protect their children from adverse effects arising from the application of medicines.

SARS - common symptoms

otlichie simptomov orvi ot grippaSARS disease can be caused by various viral infections. Acute respiratory disease (ARD) caused by viruses also included in the SARS group. These diseases are very contagious, as transmitted through the air by coughing and sneezing patients.

SARS hit and develop inflammation of the larynx, nasopharynx, bronchi and trachea. Depending on the infection of the pathogen there are five major diseases: influenza viruses and parainfluenza, Rhino-and adenoviral infection, coronavirus.

SARS symptoms are common to all the signs, they can be called and the symptoms of ARI:

  • nasal congestion;
  • irritation of the throat, causing cough;
  • dry cough with the development of the disease becoming wet;
  • fever and fever, fever generally occurs with a sharp increase in body temperature;
  • severe headache is complemented by the feeling that aching bones, in fact the pain cause muscles and joints;
  • weakness, malaise, fatigue.

The intensive development of the disease nausea and vomiting the typical symptom may be the manifestation of diarrhea. In some cases inflamed lymph nodes.

osmotr vracha pri prostudeIf the symptoms are not strong enough, the patient usually feels healthy and carries ARI on his feet. However, it is dangerous to others, after all, a sick man himself is the distribution of viral infections. Treatment of SARS is not very difficult, but relatively long lasting.

Any form of SARS developed since infection from 2 to 5 days. The incubation period of the disease depends on the infection that has settled in the body.

SARS are divided into several groups. Infectionthe rhinovirus (cold) is the easiest form of infection that generally is transferred to the legs, as it is not accompanied by severe indisposition. This disease goes on for weeks and is not dependent on the use of any drugs.

When infitsirovanii coronavirus disease has the same symptoms as when the aforementioned colds caused by the rhinovirus. But it continues, usually, less than 6 days.

With the defeat of adenovirus infection, the patient characteristically complains of pain or pain in the eyes. These signs make it easy to identify the adenovirus even the initial examination by a doctor. This infection can cause redness of the eyeballs and watery eyes.

Infection of influenza and parainfluenza cause the patient a sharp dry cough appearing attacks. This is often called a barking cough. This is trilobitoidea lose virus from all common diseases.

Sources, causes and diagnosis of SARS

Diagnosis is often an ambiguous task, since to distinguish the symptoms of one virus from the other manifestations is quite difficult, because all forms of SARS have almost the same symptoms.

periody smeny sezonov kak faktor dlya proyavleniya prostudyThe seasons change, when the human body adapts to new climatic conditions, the cold season, weak immunity are the main causes of viruses in our body. In adults, these diseases are less pronounced than in children. This is due to the fact that the child physiologically is still not strong enough the body more susceptible to viral diseases. As children, the elderly run the risk of getting the disease for the same reason: the weakening of the body and an insufficient level of immunity.

ARI is a more common name of SARS and includes, in addition to viral infections, and even bacterial infections as pathogens, so the disease caused by SARS are often called ARI. Carriers of SARS, in rare cases, can be not only people, but animals and birds. Infection is usually by inhalation of contaminated air, but may occur through objects such as a handkerchief of the patient. This method of transmission of infections in medicine referred to as contact-household way.

For this reason, often resort to diagnostics in laboratory to on the basis of tests to accurately determine the virus that caused the disease. For such studies take a blood sample and detect the presence of antibodies produced by the body as a reaction to a particular virus.

On the other hand, for the experienced specialist will not be easy to distinguishdiseases caused by different viruses. Give some symptoms and signs of pathogens included in the main group.

bolevye oshusheniya nad brovyami pri viruse grippaThe flu virus causes pain above the eyebrows. The patient may complain of pain in his eyes. Parainfluenza distinguishes patients by the presence of sharp barking cough. Rotavirus, in most cases, leads to loose stools, while a person may be vomiting and nausea. Companion of adenovirus infection becomes conjunctivitis.

Since correct diagnosis is the basis of treatment of any disease, we will focus on the distinguishing features of flow of diseases caused by different pathogens or viruses.

The difference of ARI caused by influenza viruses

Despite the fact that there are plenty of viruses called SARS (about 300), we will consider the typical symptoms of diseases caused by some of the most common viral infections. This, as mentioned above, adenoviruses, rhinoviruses, influenza, parainfluenza, rotaviruses and coronaviruses.

Have flu there are three varieties: viruses with an index of either A or V, or C. they differ in the characteristics. Virus indexed from the stable. It is non-volatile and most of the adults to it has formed the immune system. This virus is typical mainly for children.

raznovidnosti virusa grippaThe flu virus with the index more volatile compared to the virus C. This means that it could mutate. That is, if you have developed immunity to one type of virus, then changed his mind you may not be immune.

The flu index And changes or mutates continuously, so it is impossible to develop a durable immunity. All the familiar flu epidemic was caused by his modification index A.

It was characteristic behaviors of viruses. But illnesses caused by different viruses occur different, i.e. have different symptoms.

For example, the flu begins to show up suddenly, seemingly for no apparent reason the temperature rises sharply, body stiffening, showing signs of acute intoxication, severe pain in the head and in the muscles. Body aches and dry at the beginning of the cough, which has been aptly described as heckling. Coughing can be felt pain in his chest. Meanwhile, other symptoms such as stuffy nose and sore throat, are expressed very implicitly. They can occur with flu, but later.

These characteristics distinguish the course of influenza from other respiratory viralinfections such as rhinoviruses, adeno-and rotavirus, the parainfluenza. The distinctive features of which are discussed later. Respiratory viruses are called so because they cause respiratory, i.e. causing lesions of the upper respiratory tract (nasopharynx, throat, trachea and bronchi).

What are the symptoms help you recognize other cells

It remains to consider the characteristics of the flow of respiratory diseases caused by other viral infections: adenoviruses, coronaviruses, rhinoviruses and parainfluenza.

When the disease rhinovirus patient continuously sneezes, spreading the infection throughout the room. Dryness in the throat causes sore also brings discomfort. Typical symptoms are pain when swallowing, the mouth may feel unpleasant taste. After some time there are profuse discharge from the nose. The disease occurs at a relatively low temperature not exceeding 37.1 degrees.

Adenovirus manifests itself in the form of enlarged tonsils in the sky. The patient is swallowing. After some time worried about the pain in her eyes. Abdominal pain and irregular bowel movement, swollen lymph nodes, - all signs of adenovirus infection.

poloskanie gorla dlya profilaktiki orviCoronavirus infection is an acute infectious disease characterized by symptoms of intoxication and defeat of the upper respiratory. Cough, headache and wheezing in the chest, occurring when breathing.

Symptoms of parainfluenza is most often appear in people attending public institutions, e.g. institutions. Parainfluenza has symptoms of intoxication, but they are less pronounced than the flu. The disease is caused by parainfluenza milder than the flu, but the treatment is usually more long lasting. Runny nose, dry cough, rough voice, " here are the symptoms of parainfluenza outstanding from the first minute of its appearance.

The choice of method and means for the treatment of SARS based on the analysis of certain symptoms that characterize the disease. Professional approach to treatment and the correct diagnosis can only qualified doctor. Indeed, in addition to the experience at the disposal of physicians have laboratory facilities to conduct the necessary research.

Symptomatic treatment and prevention

The mainstay of treatment for symptoms of SARS is a symptomatic treatment. This treatment is a procedure to relieve the symptoms and involves the use of antipyretic and pain medications, the application of drops of the cleansing of nasal congestion, for this purpose you can apply and sprays. Syrups and medicinal herbs in the form of decoctions and infusions help to get rid of orrelieve cough.

With SARS you need to follow some simple rules. To eliminate the possibility of cooling the body: wear socks made of wool, wrap the throat warm with a scarf, to drink more hot, warming drinks that contain a lot of vitamin C.

When the symptom of sore throat rinse it with decoctions of herbs: chamomile and sage, or a simple solution of salt and baking soda in warm boiled water.

To treat cough using inhaled for this suit pairs from just boiled potatoes. You can use teas mint or calendula.

Symptoms of runny nose can be removed through heating of the nose. For example, heated salt to put in the bag and attach to the nose for a while. This will ensure the liberation of nose from snot. And you can use a nasal wash, for example, a solution of a small amount of salt in warm water.

For General strengthening of the body, weakened by disease, it is useful to drink vitamin drinks enriched with microelements. For this approach mineral water, natural fresh juices diluted with warm water, fruit drinks from wild berries.

For relieving symptoms of SARS in children and adults often use regular paracetamol. It is harmless, gives good results and can be used to treat kids even the age of three.

To avoid recurrence of the disease and possible complications, apply preventive measures. Avoid direct contact with sick people and crowded places. Use protective bandage. To observe personal hygiene. To strengthen the immune system.