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Do you need the flu shot

From flu prevention is a very important point. To prevent is always more important than to treat afterwards. To date, no cures for the flu, there is no one miracle drug which guarantees fast and complete cure, so vaccination against influenza act as the prevention of disease. It is very important to prevent the disease by vaccination on time. Every year more people are vaccinated against this dangerous disease.

privivki ot grippa dlya profilaktiki

However, there are opponents and proponents of this procedure. A clear, concrete answer about the benefits or harm of flu shots no. Vaccination should be carried out after the research and on an individual basis.

This vaccination is not included in the vaccination calendar and is a paid for adults, but for children it still is free.

Vaccination against influenza in Russia is voluntary, everyone has the right to make a choice - for or against, and for kids makes a parent.

The word “influenza” comes from the French “to seize”, “catch”. The definition speaks of the suddenness and speed of penetration of the virus into the body. Influenza is a dangerous infectious disease that is acute and usually affects the respiratory system and is expressed by the following symptoms:

  • high temperature;
  • severe weakness;
  • General deterioration;
  • pain in the head;
  • pain in the muscles;
  • nausea, vomiting.

Dangerous flu viruses, the danger, the indications

zabolevaniya grippom sezonnogo harakteraThe flu can get sick at any time of the year. But usually people get sick all the same in the fall and winter because at this time, the body lacks vitamins, the room is not ventilated and there are temperature extremes. In the autumn-winter period usually happens the epidemic of the disease. Small children, whose age is more than six months, can get sick because the antibodies transmitted by the mother, cease to exert a protective function. Excite the disease the influenza virus a, B, and C the flu Virus easily mutates, so the flu shot to children and adults must be done annually. Once the virus enters the upper respiratory tract, he immediately captures the mucosa and destroys its cells.

Cells rejected during coughing, sneezing, breathing, fall into the environment, infecting others. Such infection is called in medicine “airborne route”. You can become infected through personal hygiene items, underwear. Once the virus entered the body, symptoms of illness, sudden weakness, up to 40degree the body temperature rises, you feel dizzy, may even develop convulsions, nasal mucus, throat tickle. When a person is ill with flu, he acquires a kind of immunity to the disease, but the problem is that the virus mutates and the antibodies formed will not have any protection in the fight against the mutated virus.

The flu is very dangerous, as it completely suppresses the human immune system. In addition, the flu provokes aggravation of other diseases.

Complications of infection can include the following:

  • acute inflammation of the lungs;
  • otitis;
  • changes in the Central nervous system;
  • changed processes in the heart and blood vessels.

preduprezhdeniya minzdrava o privivkahThe Ministry of health recommends vaccination as the only way to avoid infection and to develop immunity to this terrible disease. The who (world health organization) has defined risk groups who have shown flu vaccine, it's people:

  • including children who often suffer from various infections.
  • with the diagnosis “bronchial asthma”;
  • suffering from diseases of the Central nervous system;
  • with heart disease or problems blood vessels;
  • with kidney disease;
  • with blood diseases;
  • diagnosed with diabetes mellitus;
  • deficiency the body's defense system;
  • who go to kindergartens and schools.

Effective flu vaccine every year because the virus constantly mutates. Experience allows scientists to create an effective and safe vaccine. Vaccine preparation that was done this year, and next year already will be ineffective, therefore vaccination against influenza improved the drug is held annually. As shown by statistics, the vaccine is valid, but cannot guarantee 100% that the person is not sick, however, even in the case of infection the disease will occur in a mild form, and severe consequences will not occur.

Better vaccines against influenza, vaccination, when to get vaccinated against influenza

vakcinaciya preparatom vaksigrippFor grafting today used live and inactivated vaccines. Live vaccines are now used rarely, as is the development of live vaccines of the newest generation. But the inactivated vaccine does not give serious consequences. This vaccine can be:

  • whole cell;
  • split vaccine;
  • subunit.

The difference between the drugs is that they break down the virus on components of the particle. Whole cell vaccine causes complications, contra-indications, but it creates a stable immunity toinfluenza. The most benign today are second and third kind of vaccine. They practically do not give complications. These drugs do not harm even a child, to actively stimulate the immune system and do not cause adverse reactions. Today in Russia is applied and allowed 11 influenza vaccine. Most do the vaccination preparations:

  • The Fleur-Salamander”;
  • “Vaksigripp”;
  • “Begrivac”;
  • “Influvak”;
  • “Grippol”.

How does the vaccine

nebolshaya temperatura posle grippoznoj vakcinyAfter the drug is administered to human, the process of antibody production. This creates a layered defense. 14 days after vaccination the body builds up enough antibodies, and the body does not perceive the disease. Protective protein instantly recognize the virus and eliminate it.

The immunity lasts up to six months or throughout the year. The effectiveness of immunization up to 90%. This means that the probability of catching the flu is, but it is negligible in comparison with that, if vaccination was not timely made. Today there is no standard vaccination scheme. Vaccination begins in September or October, making the winter the body produces immunity to the flu. It is very important to be vaccinated prior to the epidemic. Kids can be vaccinated when six months old. Children who have not been vaccinated against influenza, it is recommended to make vaccination two times at half the dose for the adult with an interval of 30 days. The vaccine is intramuscular or very deep under the skin.

Modern flu vaccines have little or no adverse reaction after administration, occasionally in vaccinated people may have a fever or experience swelling around the site of injection. Not vaccinated people diagnosed with an Allergy to a particular component of the drug, for example a protein or a preservative. You cannot enter the vaccine during the period of illness. You can only get vaccinated a month later, after the disease. You can't get a flu shot if the previous vaccination was complications.

Vaccination must be done in a licensed medical facility. The vaccination must be carried out by an experienced doctor. After the drug was introduced, the doctor must issue a certificate, which will be made all the data about the drug. To buy vaccine on their own not. Science today has proved the high effectiveness of anti-influenza drugs, especially for kids, at risk. Should or should not get vaccinated - this should be discussed with the pediatrician and individually.

The effects after vaccinationthe rules of vaccination

otit posle vakcinaciiAfter the grafting is not often can encounter the following complications:

  1. Pneumonia bacterial type. If the temperature does not fall more than five days is a sign of pneumonia.
  2. Immunity is reduced.
  3. Sinusitis.
  4. Otitis of acute.
  5. False croup.
  6. Myositis.
  7. Meningitis.
  8. Exacerbation of chronic respiratory diseases.

Vaccination may be free, paid, and passive immunization. Schools, kindergartens and clinics purchase vaccines at the expense of the money allocated by the municipality. The vaccine of Russian production. Free vaccination is carried out and some employers. Charge are immunized in private clinics, and the price depends on the product and on the cost of the services.

Attention! Purchased at the pharmacy flu vaccines should be stored according to the rules spelled out in the instructions, otherwise the drug will lose its valuable properties. Vaccination alone is strictly prohibited.