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What you need to prevent colds and flu?

The prevention of influenza and must comply with each.

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A virus usually catches up with us in the winter, however, a person can catch the virus at any other time of the year. To catch ORVI and a flu can everyone, regardless of age, gender and physical condition. Doubly frustrating when a person picks up the virus in addition to another disease, which worries him. Prevention of colds and flu is easy enough to observe that it's important not to forget about it. To avoid infection you need to follow simple preventive measures.

Much harder to resist the mutant virus, which has the name "Swine flu": in the case of infection of this disease, the situation becomes much more dangerous.

The spread of influenza viruses

stroenie virusa grippaSo, what includes the prevention of SARS and how to protect yourself from the harmful effects of viruses? The causative agents of respiratory viral diseases are tricky: they are able to quickly penetrate the human body and lead to unpleasant conditions.

Viral particles can get through unwashed hands, contaminated personal belongings. Microbes are well adapted in the air space closed, some drugs in the fight against them be effective. Very often people get on public transport where space is closed. The flu virus can be caught anywhere: in the store, the office, at home, if someone from the family hurt.

Jenny need to make every effort not to infect others. When an infected person coughs and sneezes, spread of the virus occurs at a sufficiently large distance: about 10 meters.

To counter the ingress of infection in the air, you should wear a special protective mask: it won't protect from germs in full, but will significantly reduce their number. Prevention and treatment should be carried out regardless of the severity of the disease. If two people are in the same room and one of them is infected, the mask should be worn not only sick but also healthy, so you can protect yourself from the flu.

Failure to comply with this rule into the environment, a large number of germs, they enter the atmosphere not only through sneezing and coughing, but breathing. To the protective mask does not accumulate germs, should be steamed it with iron every three hours. There are disposable bandage, they are usually not subjected to heat treatment, in this case they should be changed periodically.

Preventive measures in the fight against SARS

title="an Algorithm of actions for the flu" alt="the Algorithm of actions for the flu">flu and colds in children, such as frequent hand washing. As you know, viruses enter through the respiratory tract, germs can settle on hands, and if the child is to indulge, stick your hand in the mouth and nose, and possible contamination. Frequent hand washing ensures the prevention of the different enteric viruses that can enter the body with food.

It is important to remember that flu viruses don't go through the hands and through the respiratory system. For the prevention of influenza and colds to gargle with warm boiled water or a weak soda solution. Prevention of acute respiratory infections includes the use of special ointments, nose drops.

Some of the funds needed for instillation into the nose, are used quite often. The nose can be instilled special fat emulsions that create a special film that can provide protection from viruses. The inefficiency of this method lies in the fact that malicious viruses penetrate not only through the nose and through the trachea, the mucous membrane of the throat and through the bronchi. To ensure prevention of infection through the nose, you can use oxolinic ointment.

simptomy grippaPrevention of SARS involves frequent airing of premises, damp cleaning. But these methods may not work if the room is often present the patient. Ventilation is effective, however, it is impossible to ventilate the room whenever the patient sneezes or coughs. The most effective method of prevention is isolation of the infected. To avoid that, it is advisable to contact bainimarana.

To ensure complete isolation from the common is almost impossible, because people walk daily to work, sometimes in public places, and the probability of infection can be very large. As you know, in schools, kindergartens often declare a quarantine. This is necessary in order to interrupt the chain of infection children.

In order to protect yourself from viruses and to reduce the possibility of infection, it is recommended to lead an active, healthy lifestyle, more fresh air and eat rationally (your diet should be balanced and full). To increase the body's resistance to viral infection, it is recommended to give up Smoking.

Traditional medicines and vaccinations

There are many folk remedies that help protect against viral diseases. This method in the fight against disease is the use of garlic. In certain the product contains a reliable amount of phytoncides that provide protection from viruses, penetrating through the respiratory tract. Garlic is a very effective PR CTprotodramatic viruses, the honey smell is a deterrent to others: hardly anyone will dare to go to work, having smeared with garlic, so this prevention method can only be used at home.

polza chesnoka pri lechenii grippaAs an alternative, you can use a bow that has the same properties as garlic. Its healing effect is due to the also volatile.

Among the folk medicine that should be marked as serious, helping to improve blood circulation in the nose and throat, its use improves the self-protection fabrics. In winter time our body is experiencing a shortage of vitamins for the prevention of viral disease, you must take various multivitamin complexes, they will help to protect yourself from the flu for a long time!

To prevent viruses, you can resort to the method of vaccination. In this case, the body will have antibodies that will help protect from harmful viruses. The main feature of the method is that it should be applied several months before the possible outbreak of influenza, it is necessary to ensure that protective barriers could be formed. In our country vaccination against influenza is rarely used.

Today, there are quite a lot of drugs enabling prevention of viral diseases. The task of these drugs affect influenza virus and strengthen the protective properties of the organism. Before using the medication are advised to consult with your doctor.

It is important to remember that prevention is a viral disease that should be observed throughout the year, not only during the outburst of epidemics. To increase the body's resistance will help you a regular exercise, playing sports, proper nutrition and hardening. With these measures you will be able to confront not only the flu but many other diseases!