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The main symptoms of bird flu in humans

Features of avian influenza symptoms in humans and methods of its elimination is all that interested in most of the world's population. The fact that not once was recorded outbreaks of this disease, unfortunately, not only birds. This issue requires more publicity and information.

problema ptichego grippa u ludej

The main reasons for the development of bird flu

In order that the virus could affect humans, he needs to "learn" to move from sick birds to humans. At first glance it seems impossible. However, it is sufficient to eat the meat of sick birds, which was poorly handled. In this case, the risk of infection persists. However, to date, accurate information tangent of bird flu in humans there. The virus has mutated properly so the epidemic of this disease people are in principle nothing to worry about.

The child suffers from a strong fever, he had a headache and almost instantly there is a dry cough. The danger of avian flu is a lightning-fast progression. Along with the full intoxication appear severe vomiting and diarrhea. The body difficult to cope with infiltrated it with a virus.

konsultaciya vrachaThere are a few recorded data, according to which avian influenza was struck by the population. This occurred through:

  • contact with diseased birds;
  • eating poorly processed meat;
  • infection of humans from the carrier of the disease, received the virus during contact with a sick bird.

Disease was first recorded in 1997 in Hong Kong. The man observed the symptoms of a strange disease. As it turned out, he had direct contact with infected birds, causing hurt himself. Since that time, it was recorded several similar cases. This suggests that the risk of avian influenza remains of people working on poultry farms.

In the study of family members and medical staff who had contact with the victims, it was revealed that the virus is transmitted. However, it takes in a familiar human form.

Symptoms in adults

After penetration of the virus in the body it can not show itself during the week. Then there is an acute onset of the disease. A man pesters signs of severe intoxication. Body temperature can reach 38 °C (and it is only in the first hours after the start of disease progression). Sometimes her figure is gipertermiceski values.

puti zarazheniya ptichim grippomThe fever lasts for 12 days after the acutethe onset of the disease. If it is characterized by severe, there is a risk of death. The victim suffers severe chills and pain in muscles and joints. On the second day the bird flu may manifest with symptoms of other diseases. So, a man pesters bronchitis, laryngitis and rhinitis. Throat starting to hurt. Does not exclude the risk of viral pneumonia. In addition, worsening breathing, shortness of breath appear, the nasty wet cough with blood. When listening to the lungs can hear the wheezing and crepitation.

Radiograph of the flu indicates the presence of nonspecific changes. However, the process evolves rapidly, and over time, there is a tendency to merge and distribution of the infiltrates.

In addition to a strong intoxication, manifested symptoms of disorder of the digestive tract. Human torture vomiting, diarrhea and severe pain in the abdomen. Observed enlargement of the liver and excessive efficiency transferases serum. The majority of victims recorded signs of damage to the Central nervous system. Does not exclude the risk of biliary colic and fever. Bird flu is a dangerous disease to humans. Special schemes fight against them is not due to the lack of mass epidemics in humans. Treatment is similar to standard therapy of disease States.

Symptoms in children

Signs of avian influenza in children differ from symptoms in adults. The disease is characterized by acute onset, but once the temperature rises to critical levels. Her leap is fixed within a few hours, in the absence of timely assistance saved the risk of death. In addition to high temperature, showing signs of complete intoxication.

Appear and breathing problems, they often point to the rapid development of pneumonia an inflammatory nature.

All this together can lead to death or coma. Generalized data concerning the main symptoms no. This is due to the small percentage of affected people. However, there were 60% of deaths from avian influenza.

The penetration of illness into the body leads to the development of "cytokine storm". The immune system is responsible caught the virus excessive production of cytokines. This process entails the start of acute symptoms. Cytokines are very dangerous in times of avian flu. In large numbers they can cause irreparable harm to their own body and lead to death.

When the first signs of bird flu affected child or adult should be sent immediately to the hospital. In this case, every minute counts.