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How many days usually sick with the flu?

Never hurts to know how many days sick with the flu, in which period the disease is especially contagious and after how many days is not dangerous for your loved ones at all. How to determine that the disease is already in your body, and how to be treated with folk remedies? All these information will help you not to infect family and friends and the time away on sick leave, earning a couple of serious complications.

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Besides, if you know what factors affect the duration of the disease, you can by all means try to avoid them. So you quickly get back on my feet, and a mild form of flu does not flow into the severe form.

How to calculate the virus?

Doctors attribute the flu to acute viral infections. Many of its symptoms are very similar to the common cold, so very often people think that to cope with the flu as well just. Because of these fundamentally inaccurate and some do not seek medical attention, thereby signing his own death warrant. Unlike the many infections and viruses, the flu can mutate into different strains and cause complications, while delay can even be fatal.

Most often, this virus comes in flashes. So, if any of the above symptoms present in your body during the peak of disease in your town, going to the doctor or call his home should not be delayed even for a few hours. From SARS, the disease is characterized by its sharpness and speed. Simply put: an hour ago you were working or making dinner for the whole family, and now barely get out of bed, and the thermometer shows a high temperature.

vysokaya temperatura kak simptom grippaSymptoms of flu vary depending on its type and form, but you can make a few General points:

  1. High temperature. The mild form of the flu it stops at around 38 degrees, average brings 39 and a half, and maybe hard to detect and 40. The temperature has no intermediate stages, and rises instantly, stays on his mark and not break. Can fever.
  2. Pain all over my body. Usually determine its source impossible, just each muscle or joint seemed to be completely engulfed in aches, sometimes may appear unpleasant nagging feeling, like after an intense workout.
  3. Weakness. Elementary actions seem to be something impossible and even a simple upgrade to the mug of tea can be compared with the boulder of Sisyphus, and to get out of bed - impossible heroism.
  4. Redness of the skin and eyes. Very often the flu people have a very red face and eyes. So sometimes the signs of the disease are mistaken for normal allergies.
  5. Headache. Again, it is nonlocal, andto determine the source is not possible, or he often moves from place to place. Could still be the buzz.
  6. Dry cough. Often not accompanied by pain in the throat.
  7. Runny nose. Usually very strong. From him no help even sprays and drops, found in the first aid kit. Breathing is blocked almost completely.
  8. Intoxication. Vomiting, strong or weak nasal bleeding, hallucinations, convulsions, covering the whole body. All this is present in a mild form of flu, the full "bouquet" is revealed in the severe form of the disease.

Upon detection of these symptoms is best to immediately take some anti-inflammatory agent and consult a doctor. Remember: the most effective treatment is provided within 48 hours of onset.

The duration of the flu

nasmork kak simptom grippaTo name absolutely exact number of days, during which continues the disease, or at least its active phase, is almost impossible. This number depends on many factors: the type of the disease and the virus, from its complexity and from even your immune system and the presence in the body any chronic disease.

Complications the duration of illness increases. However, you can guess how many will last flu without complications in adult humans.

Most often disease takes you out of everyday life from 5 to 10 days. At the same time from 2 to 4 days you will suffer high temperature and General malaise, after this, of course, if treatment is received on time, the symptoms gradually subside, if not disappear.

If after the temperature decreased to the normal level, the symptoms returned again, know that in your body flows another infection or the common cold, invited a weakened immune system.

But at the end of this period you are unlikely to feel good. After recovery may occur post-infectious asthenia. It is usually manifested in rapid fatigability, irritability, headaches. This period can last about 2 weeks. Therefore, to be discharged and to go to work only when you will feel completely healthy and energetic person.

konsultaciya vrachaThe disease is very strongly affected by compliance with all recommendations of the doctor. This includes complete bed rest, taking all the prescribed meds, especially the anti-inflammatory effect, paracetamol, for example.

In any case, do not carry the disease on their feet and supercharge your body. If you exercise, forget about the exercise until, until completely healed.

In terms of infectiousness the influenza veryinsidious. You can infect others even before the first signs of the disease.

The virus sitting in your body, dangerous to your loved ones in the active phase of the disease the first 5-7 days. But in severe or baby form, the duration may increase significantly.

Treatment of folk remedies

To ensure that the disease lived in your body is not too long, traditional treatment can be maintained and folk remedies. But remember: before accepting just in case consult your doctor as some products and methods can disrupt the treatment regimen.

korica dlya lecheniya grippaThe first method of influenza treatment widely known. This infusion is based on vodka. But it is better to cook in advance disease, for example, if you learned that the city was epidemic. It is necessary to take:

  • 50 g of cinnamon;
  • 0.5 liters of vodka.

All components must be mixed and left in inaccessible to sunlight (e.g. in a closet) for 3 weeks, sometimes taking out to shake. After this infusion of strain through cheesecloth. They need to be treated in the amount of 20-30 drops 30 minutes before Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

If you feel that the disease is on the way, there is one method which could even stop her. Is to cut a large onion lengthwise, into two parts, lean over her and within a couple of minutes to inhale its vapor. To do that 3-4 times a day. And before such a treatment is possible each time to insert in the nose cotton wool soaked in garlic juice. Also the flu can help homemade drops. To make them, you need to cut 2 peeled garlic, preferably small, and pour them a glass of vodka, shake. You need to take medicine, his dripping tongue.

Prevention of flu

vodka dlya lecheniya grippaThe flu is a disease that is tolerated by the body is not so simple. And therefore the best time to attend to prevention and not get sick at all. In order not to get sick seasonal influenza during outbreaks, follow a few simple rules.

  1. Coming from the street, wash your hands with soap and water as thoroughly as possible. You can even wash them up to the elbows.
  2. Rinse the nose with warm saline solution or special spray.
  3. Wash all fruits and vegetables.
  4. Rarely happens in public places, especially in transport. To work if possible, go on foot.
  5. Go for a walk outside and breathe the fresh air, but only in relatively uninhabited areas.
  6. Often disinfect and clean hands.
  7. Each day ventilate the room and do wet cleaning in the apartment.
  8. If the family got sick, don't come in contact with him. Give the patient a bandage. Scroll to hima separate set of dishes and after every meal objavite plates, cups and spoons with boiling water.

Easy the flu is not so dangerous, if his time to diagnose and treat.

But remember: no need to drag it if you don't want the consequences. And if you have problems with heart, lungs, or you are a woman, are in an interesting position, ill with flu is better with careful supervision of doctors, because any complications may cause a miscarriage.