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How many days a person with the flu can be contagious?

How many days a person with the flu contagious? The relevance of this issue grows every year, given the fact that the virus is of infectious disease mutates every year, getting more complex forms. Based on the virus strain, experts develop a new vaccine. However, the majority of conscious citizens openly ignores vaccination prevention of disease, thus infecting the organism with pathogenic virus. To eliminate the widespread infection of this disease is possible with strict compliance with the quarantine of the patient. You need to know how long the virus can be dangerous through its carrier.

problema grippa u chelovekaAmong practitioners there are several opinions about what period the patient is most dangerous to people. Following the research of French experts, it was found that people infected with the flu virus, should be isolated from the public at least four days.

Employees of the research center on the basis of the Paris University Pierre and Marie Curie conducted a unique experiment involving several volunteer groups, deliberately infected with a viral infection. Within 10 days of the ad hoc group of experts conducted daily monitoring of the intensity of development of disease in individual patients. The basis for calculating the number of potential victims of infection formed mathematical algorithm.

Analytical conclusions on the results of the experiment showed that the isolated position of the participants experience with the primary symptoms of illness during the day narrowed it down infected half. After four days, when the disease started to progress, the patient did not pose a significant danger for the surrounding environment.

The incubation period of the virus

virus grippaThe first day after infection are no visible signs. Timely detection of the initial signs of the disease, proper therapy require knowledge of the duration of the incubation period and measures needed to reduce the likelihood of infecting others.

  1. The duration of incubation of acute respiratory viral infections is on average no more than a week. Not yet appeared the initial signs of disease, the infected does not imply that has become a vector. In this regard, the clarification of the moment of infection is difficult.
  2. The concept of the incubation period of influenza is somewhat arbitrary. The latent phase of the disease, its duration is determined on the basis of the typology of the infection penetrated into the human body. The incubation period of flupasses without signs of the presence of the virus.
  3. The duration of this phase of development also depends on developed human immunity, and other viral elements found in the body. At the time when the immune system fails due to the high number of viruses, the infection of influenza develops an intense manifestation.
  4. The reproduction rate of the viral bodies are quite high. After two or three days after infection, the patient can infect the people around him. Only after nearly a week, the patient ceases to pose a risk of infection.
  5. Symptoms of a pathology characteristic suddenness. After finishing the incubation phase of the disease the patient begins to experience an unnatural heaviness, aching.

Primary symptoms of the disease

povyshenie temperatury pri grippeAs noted above, to determine the moment of infection is difficult, because the penetration of infection into the body is seamless. Potentially dangerous for infection are the places with large concentrations of people, public transportation, windy places. In the early stages of manifestation of the disease is accompanied by cough, runny nose. May have a fever, there is pain in the throat, stuffy ears.

How long will a person with the flu contagious? Virus disease is spread through the air and through the use of the sick among household appliances. In the presence of weak immunity duration of this phase can be increased. When patients in the same room as other people live, they constitute a potential risk group for Contracting the virus. People with strong health and being in great physical shape, you can get sick from 4 to 14 days, however the intensity of disease symptoms will be different. When a painful condition and muscle aches continued for more than a specified period, should see a doctor, maybe re-infected by infection of virus or the development of complications.

Home isolation patient

profilaktika grippaIn the case if the production company or school infected with a certain number of people, prescribed quarantine. The process of determining this number can be called quite subjective, and it is determined by the managers of the company or educational institution. Often workers of major firms are trying to work at the limit of their possibilities, especially if the contract of civil nature. In this situation the flu for such employees will fall especially heavily on the family budget, after a period of absence of the employee due to illness to pay, no one will.

For a successfultreatment requires appropriate comfort. If the conditions of the patient do not meet the standards, there is a probability of assignment of patient treatment. Observance of bed rest should be followed to normalize appetite of the patient and restore normal body temperature. If sick with the flu one does not observe the principle of home isolation while engaged in active employment, the period of infection of the people around him is greatly increased. During the day a man can infect a large number of potential "victims". To protect themselves from flu infection is quite difficult. The best solution is to prevent the possibility of disease through preventive measures.

Before the patient learns of his disease, he has to be a vector of pathogenic microorganisms. From other viral pathologies of the flu differs in that it is able to start its spread to others before symptoms of the initial symptoms of the disease.

When symptoms become pronounced, the patient is of middle age can be a distributor of infection from 5 to 10 days.

However, four days after the onset of the disease, the intensity of infection decreases significantly. The pediatric patients can be carriers of a harmful virus more than 8-10 days.

To determine when the patient ceases to be contagious, is not easy. Patients with severe dysfunction of the immune system is able to spread the flu virus for several weeks, sometimes even months from the moment when it became infected.

Necessary precautions

bessonnica pri grippeHarmful to catch an infection very easily. The first two days, people infected with the influenza virus, able to infect the maximum number of people. Due to various circumstances, the patient is forced to leave home to use transportation or public utility, be located in supermarkets, pharmacies. Thus, there is a rapid spread of infection and infecting others with the flu.

When talking, sneezing, coughing carrier of infectious disease creates a field full of microscopic mucus saliva and phlegm, floating in the air. Not yet infected person, being in such air space gets infected, because the mucous membranes of the nasal and oral cavity for disease are the gateway of the human body. You must be knowledgeable about the manifestations of the disease, to be able to identify external symptoms of the disease in humans.

formy grippaThere are three forms of the disease:

  1. Easy. Maximum body temperature in this caseis 38°C. the Manifestation of other symptoms remains invisible.
  2. Average. Increasing the temperature can reach 39°C or more. There is a clear manifestation of symptoms of influenza: the presence of muscle aches, impulsive, headaches, high perspiration, total body weakness, bad cough, runny nose. In some cases, it may be a dull pain in the abdomen.
  3. Heavy. The patient's temperature reaches above 40°C. the aforementioned signs are supplemented by bleeding from the nose, retching. Can cause convulsions, hallucinations.

After the flu when missing key symptoms of the disease, weak condition of the body and the body will follow the patient for another two to three weeks. Is a headache accompanied by insomnia and irritability. Each person is characterized by the features of transfer of this disease: someone has no complications and is recovering quickly, someone health suffers serious damage. If the patient has cardiac and lung diseases of a chronic nature, it is likely that there will be their aggravation.

Preventive measures against influenza implies early diagnosis, quarantine the contents of the patient for one week. If the quarantine is performed at home, the patient will require a separate room. It must systematically ventilate, to do wet cleaning, disinfecting household items, dishes. Contacts and communication with the patient needs to be drastically reduced. A good preventive measure is vaccination.