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What to do to combat weakness after the flu

You had, like already recovered, but still some weakness after influenza, what to do? The flu, lack of appetite and weakness are quite common. Even when the temperature was normalized, over the runny nose and cough, the person is still some time suffers a breakdown and malaise. The reason for this state one had spent too much energy on fighting the disease.

problema slabosti posle grippa

Symptoms of weakened immunity

Weakness after flu lasts a long time, and full rehabilitation will need approximately 2 weeks.

silnaya golovnaya bol - simptom oslableniya immunitetaIf after this time the improvement status did not happen, it is necessary to go to the doctor - could be complications that need urgent treatment. Often the flu is a weakening of the immune system, having the following characteristics: short temper, nervousness, no appetite, sleepiness, weakness. After the disease is possible lowering the temperature to 36°C.

To prevent the development of chronic fatigue syndrome, need time to cure all the effects of the disease. In addition, there are some symptoms that you just need to visit the doctor:

  • headache and nausea - it might be a manifestation of encephalitis or meningitis;
  • the presence of chest pains - possible heart problems;
  • never-ending cough, the presence of sticky sputum, moss green, fever - possible indolent pneumonia.

The lifestyle change

Refresher, do not just plunge into ordinary life because the flu is still a weakness for some time will accompany you. To improve the condition, you must pay attention to the following factors:

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  1. Psychological tranquility. Need to stay positive and avoid stress. This, of course, difficult for the modern citizen. To calm the nervous system should not overwork, try to stay close to positive people, being with loved ones. Not to contact those who are unpleasant to you. Do at least small breaks at work. A stressful situation, try to accept quietly.
  2. A full night's sleep. This is a very important factor for recovery after illness. Try before bedtime ventilate the room and go to sleep no later than 10 PM.
  3. Mussirovanie stop. This procedure relaxes, improves the mood and health, strengthens the immune system. It is known that the feet are the biological point of all internal organs, andalso many nerve endings. For conducting massage suitable applicator Kuznetsova or special foot massagers, and even better to walk into a massage parlour. After a few days you will feel the result, your condition will improve.
  4. Water treatment. They are relaxing and calm. Receive baths with sea salt. Improves mood and sensation showers. The pool will also benefit, but only if you have fully recovered. If there are no contraindications then visit bath.
  5. Necessary and physical activity. Immediately after the disease, start with walking and exercise really outdoors. When condition improves, you can go to yoga or dance.

Nutrition and vitamins

rastitelnoe maslo posle grippaCan food help to overcome the weakness after the flu and what to do with the daily diet? During rehabilitation after flu food should be impeccable. Recommended to enter into the diet foods with high protein:

  • mushrooms;
  • vegetable oil;
  • low-fat fish;
  • seeds, nuts (except peanuts);
  • bean;
  • caviar.

Will be very useful after flu:

  • green peas;
  • cocoa;
  • the liver of animals or birds;
  • quail eggs;
  • freshly squeezed juices;
  • dairy products;
  • ginger, cranberry, cranberries.

The flu, the body needs vitamins.

The best source is the sprouts of germinated seeds of various plants - peas, wheat, beans, pumpkins, sunflowers, radishes, carrots, lentils. Prepare them as follows: take a handful of any seeds and soaked for a day in warm water. Then spread them on a well-moistened cloth and left to germinate. When the shoots reached 2-3 cm, they can be used.

For example, it is possible to make different salads. To provide the body with the daily norm of vitamins, enough to take 2 tablespoons of sprouts of peas and wheat. You can add lemon.Vitamin rich porridge made from whole grain buckwheat, rice, oats, millet. But pasta, white bread, various confectionery products at this time have to withdraw from the diet.

Detoxification of the body

polza meda posle grippaRecovering from illness, it is helpful to drink a separate vitamin teas, for example, tea made from dried strawberry leaves, adding for effect med.

In addition to the special power to improve the condition after the disease is necessary to conduct detoxification, as during combat viruses killed a lot of cells, and now the body will have to fight with their decay products. Get rid of toxins using alkalinemineral water, cranberry juice, herbal teas, cranberries with honey.

To detox go faster, it is necessary to increase fluid intake. Recommended half an hour before eating to drink a glass of water. It concerns primarily children, as they have dehydration during illness is faster.

You can take various tinctures and decoctions. Extremely useful decoction of the sprigs of berries, broth hips that contains vitamin C.

Well strengthen the immune system the mixture of lemon, honey and ginger. It can pour in green tea or taken separately.

Health will improve greatly if you take a tincture of ginseng, schisandra, or Eleutherococcus. Just not all at once, but one of them.

Pale skin, weakness and dizziness indicate lack of vitamins and minerals. You can drink vitamin-mineral complexes, consulting with your doctor. To take preformed vitamin should be taking into account lifestyle, nutrition, individual characteristics.

The requirement of iodine and enzymes

polza kefira posle grippaDuring rehabilitation, special attention is paid to iodine, as it greatly affects the physical condition of the person. He takes part in the regulation of all metabolic processes, affects the nervous system. Therefore, the use of seaweed and various seafood will be very useful.

A weakened body with the necessary enzymes. They are contained mainly in dairy products - yogurt, yogurt, kefir, and green vegetables, fruits and seeds. There are also pickled vegetables, fruits - apples, watermelons, cabbage, beets, cucumbers, tomatoes.

To the body is provided with enzymes every day to drink 2 cups of yogurt, kefir or curdled milk. As for the yogurt, it is better to cook at home, because store-bought product is almost of no use.

The flu would be useful twice a day to drink freshly squeezed juices.

There are a number of plants, regulating the immune system, activating the formation of antibodies and lymphocytes. These include garlic, onion, chamomile flowers and calendula, ginseng root, herb St. John's wort. Their use will also contribute to the improvement of health after an illness.

Proper nutrition, water treatments, sound sleep, fresh air - all in the complex will help you to quickly recover from the flu and improve immune system.