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Allergic cough: treatment and symptoms symptoms of

If you have any allergies, symptoms of reflex action are manifested in the same way as in infectious disease. To recognize the allergic nature of the cough ignorant person difficult. So many people take it as a sign of infectious disease. If they don't go to the doctor and to self-medicate, the disease may worsen. Since allergies may worsen due to intake of cough drugs, citrus, honey and vitamin C. Allergen that caused the disease has not disappeared, and the effect of folk remedies and other medications can increase its negative impact.

kashel kak proyavlenie allergii

What is an allergic cough

Allergic cough is a manifestation of allergic reactions. It develops because of contact with allergen in the upper respiratory tract. An allergen can be pollen, house dust or animal dander. Once in the blood, allergic substances provoke swelling and inflammation of the nasal mucosa, larynx, trachea and bronchi. Due to swelling and inflammation in humans, difficulty breathing, lung develops a pathological process that impaired balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the blood. This condition can cause respiratory failure and asthma.

Edema may cause laryngeal stenosis. Is a partial or complete closure of the lumen. Narrowing of the larynx are very dangerous not only for health, but for the life of the patient.

Cough Allergy it is impossible to cure an ordinary cough remedies. If you do not eliminate the allergen, the cough will go on for months, exhausting the patient.

Causes of allergic cough

zagryaznennyj vozduh kak prichina allergicheskogo kashlyaCauses of allergic cough are the same as for allergies. It can occur unexpectedly at any healthy person. But more often this disease develops in people prone to allergic reactions. At risk are those who have in childhood had diathesis or dermatitis, as well as children with a weakened immune system. Allergic reactions can occur when infected by parasites, or when taking hormones.

In adults the condition may occur due to prolonged inhalation of polluted air. It can be occupational disease workers of paint or chemical industry. Employees of libraries and archives also often suffer from allergic cough.

Plays an important role hereditary factor. Studies have proven that the probability of Contracting atopicbronchial asthma in humans is 50%, if his parents suffered from this disease.

Symptoms of allergic cough

The signs of allergic cough differ little from signs of infection.

The reflex act of this type occurs in allergic conditions. But still there are some features.

sezonnyj harakter allergicheskogo kashlya

  1. The cough is exhausting nature. People can't cough up. Attacks of dry cough torturing the patient, not bringing relief. Swelling of the larynx does not give the patient to breathe normally. A dry cough, sputum is not allocated.
  2. During a seizure a person can not stop the cough becomes rampant. Because of this condition, the person may not be getting enough air, he had a feeling of fear and panic.
  3. A characteristic feature of allergic cough is the lack of other signs of an infectious disease: no fever, chills, headache or weakness.
  4. Allergic cough may be accompanied by runny nose, watery eyes and skin rashes.
  5. Evident dependence on external conditions. For example, the cough increases in the operating room, during contact with the animal or during the spraying of fragrances. In other circumstances the patient is relieved.
  6. Seasonality. Cough appears annually at the same time. For example, only in the spring or summer. It could be a reaction to the poplar fluff, pollen of some grasses or trees.
  7. Allergic cough not subsiding after taking cough medicines. However, the patient experiences instant relief after taking antihistamines.

Forms of development of the disease

The development of the disease can occur gradually or rapidly.

laboratornaya diagnostika prichin allergiiThe cumulative form of allergic cough appears after some time a result of regular contact with the allergen, or by eating it in food for a long period. This form occurs most often in young children or in people over 30 years. The kids have a cough occurs, usually after eating allergenic foods. In adults - as a result of daily contact with an irritant or due to prolonged consumption of foods with flavorings, colorings and preservatives.

The rapid form is seen when contact with the plant pollen, animal dander, house mites. People can sniff a dandelion, and after a few minutes he will have a coughing fit. Signs of an allergic reaction will occursome time, even if the allergen has already been removed. Sometimes the cough of a person for 12 hours after contact with the irritant.

A cough may develop because of untreated allergic rhinitis or other diseases on the background of allergies, which can go in infectious - allergic form. In this case, the allergic reaction is added an infectious component.

Diagnosis of the disease

bytovye allergenyTo diagnose seasonal form of the disease is relatively simple. Harder to identify the allergen, because the variety of seasonal phenomena is enormous. Sometimes the reaction occurs in several stimuli at the same time. Not just Cottonwood fluff and pollen cause a mass reaction in people, as many believe. A negative reaction can be caused by pollen of birch, alder, sage, tulips, corn, lilies and many other plants.

Harder to diagnose the cumulative form of the disease. The reaction may occur unexpectedly. In very young children can be allergic cough. Yesterday the baby was perfectly healthy, and the next day there was a barking dry cough. This condition is usually primarily associated with the infection, not allergies. Especially if there are no other reactions - rashes or Allergy.

In the diagnosis of infectious-allergic form, it is necessary to conduct a number of specific tests to identify the substance - the allergen and infectious component.

The treatment of the disease

promyvanie nosoglotki dlya snyatiya pristupaTo postpone treatment of the disease impossible. The disease can become chronic form that is resistant to treatment. Untreated allergies may trigger the development of asthma, chronic bronchitis or other respiratory diseases.

As with the treatment of any allergic reactions, in this case it is also necessary to identify the allergen. To do this, the doctor may refer the patient to Allergy tests. This analysis will help to identify the body's reaction to known substances - allergens. An allergen can be any substance, even the most harmless. Allergy tests will help to narrow it down.

The patient should be isolated from all precipitating factors - dusty premises, contact with animals, with feather pillows. From his room it is necessary to remove the plants and stuffed toys, as a source of dust. In the room you need to regularly carry out wet cleaning and airing. From the diet is recommended to eliminate all products. containing allergens. If the patient got better, so the allergen is eliminated. After that, you need to gradually return to normal foods and itemswatching the reaction of the patient.

To facilitate the patient's condition the doctor will prescribe antihistamines and bronchodilators. This treatment will help normalize respiratory function, reduce swelling, stop watery eyes and runny nose. The patient will not torment debilitating bouts of coughing.

Help relieve attacks and saline lavage of the nasopharynx. If you do them immediately after contact with the allergen, it is possible to prevent another attack. This procedure allows you to flush the allergen from the surface of the nasopharynx. If, for example, causes allergic poplar fluff, then irrigation should be done immediately after return from the street.

Prevention of allergic diseases

To minimize the risks of allergic reactions, you should avoid consumption of food - allergens. If a person is healthy, food - allergens can be consumed in limited quantities.

It is better to abandon chemical household agents as possible. It is recommended to replace scented Soaps for baby or business. Hygiene products for children make, as a rule, with a minimum amount of fragrances and preservatives. It is better to use the powder for baby clothes or liquid soap. To clean the tile and tub will help the old proven remedy is soda ash. Means for washing dishes is also better not to use it. The choice of cosmetics should be treated responsibly. It is better to buy cosmetics in specialized stores where you can find quality certificate.

In the season of flowering it is better not to go to the nature.