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Allergic cough in adults: apply treatment

If there is an allergic cough in adults, the treatment of the disease requires the possession of a certain amount of information. The fact is that the cough of this nature is not an independent disease, and is one of the main indications of allergic diseases. Most often, these manifestations are considered the result of an active inflammatory process in the throat, the bronchi and trachea, and its occurrence is, in turn, is due to the effect on the respiratory tract of allergens. This type of cough is different from a cold, it is usually sudden. This cough in adults often has difficulty breathing, you may feel itching in the throat and nose.

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Causes of allergic cough

Cough, like any Allergy, it is caused by individual characteristics of the structure of the human body and is often due to a hypersensitivity to certain allergens. Bad environment, genetic predisposition, improper nutrition, maintaining a chaotic lifestyle, alcohol and Smoking all play in this matter is far not last role. In the end the person is affected by a large number of allergens that are attacking him. It and dander, and household chemicals, as well as plant pollen, dust, smoke, certain drugs, mites.

Very often it is the latter symptom often leads patients to think that they have a cold, although the appearance of the common cold in this situation represents not that other, as a response to an irritant element. Symptomatic manifestations are most often in spring and autumn - in the period of exacerbations of many chronic diseases and the highest concentration of allergens in the environment.

medikometoznaya terapiya pri ostrom gajmoriteHarmful substances, when applied to the walls of the bronchial tubes, through the Airways, causing spasm, accompanied by swelling of the bronchial walls. As a result, allergic cough. In view of the fact that such acts may cause different stimuli in each case, its detection is not a simple task. The cough allergic character, especially one that is accompanied by swelling, quite dangerous and in just two weeks, is able in some cases to lead to irreversible atrophic processes in the bronchi. The treatment of this disease is not delayed for weeks and even months. It becomes a matter of a few years.

Symptoms of allergic cough

Allergic cough is almost always characterized by the suddennessoccurrence and duration of the flow. The main mistake of many people is that they take such acts for the common cold and often resort to self-medication instead of taking time to seek medical assistance. Thus people have time to drive the disease deeper, and much worse. In that case, when the cough does not stop for about a week and is not accompanied by additional symptoms, such as fever, runny nose, headache and different kinds of manifestations of influenza, paragrippe or acute respiratory infection, should immediately go to the doctor.

konsultaciya vrachaCough is always paroxysmal, without Mikrotik selections or available in small quantities with the lack of purulent and bloody impurities, which suggests that he may have an allergic origin. Amplified attacks a cough usually at night, although they may appear at any time of the day. But symptoms such as sneezing, itch in nose and throat, and tearing, and in some cases the common cold can be attributed to the possible symptoms that accompany an allergic cough.

Scheme of development of allergic cough is the following: the allergen enters the human body through the respiratory tract, in response to which the immune system begins to fight the foreign particles, trying to get rid of them. To irritation of the respiratory tract and cough that may be accompanied by a runny nose. Over time, in some cases, to allergic manifestations with inflammation of throat, bronchi and trachea.

Prevention of allergic cough

As with any other disease, an allergic cough is easier to prevent than later to deal with the need to seek treatment. Following a few simple rules it is really to prevent the symptoms of allergies, without any special effort.

First and foremost, the appearance of a reaction to a specific component should try to eliminate or minimize contact with the allergen. Often, the allergen acts as perfumes, certain foods, cosmetics, cleaning products, detergents, home of accumulated dust and fur from Pets. In such cases, often do wet cleaning and airing the room.

In addition, at the first sign of allergies, according to the advice of doctors, it is useful to rinse a throat and to wash the nose with water and salt. The procedure is recommended after every direct contact with allergens. In this question it is important to remember the state of the immune system. In order to maintain it at the properlevel you need to secure the organization of a balanced diet with the content of essential vitamins, micro and macroelements, amino acids, fats, carbohydrates, minerals, fiber, and dietary fiber.

How to treat allergic cough in adults?

Treatment of allergic cough is some complexity, but measures can not be tightened, as this may cause serious consequences, such as bronchitis or asthma. The appearance of the first symptoms after diagnosis and identify the allergen through the delivery of detailed analysis of the blood, you must immediately begin to deal with underlying illness. In the first place eliminates the irritant and assigned antihistamines, which stop the coughing.

Further treatment involves ventilation and regular cleaning. Since the disease, the body becomes more sensitive not only to the identified component, and begins to react to other stimuli, it is possible to reduce contact with them, to remove flowering plants, isolate Pets to get rid of the old, dilapidated items, which can be microscopic mites.

The nasopharynx doctors recommend periodically rinse with water or solutions.

In addition, it is useful to take a therapeutic herbal bath. A measure like maintaining cleanliness in the home has become a necessity.

And we must not forget that any treatment will be effective only if the underlying problem remains. After the cure of a disease should still take some time to adhere to the above restrictions. This includes compliance with hypoallergenic diet, providing for the exclusion from the diet of spicy foods, chocolate, alcohol, spices, irritating drinks, foods containing concentrates, various pickles, red fruit and fish. Not be amiss to eliminate allergies and washing of the body with an enema or occasional use of laxatives. In some cases, patients are prescribed cleaners and sorbents.

Such a manifestation as allergic cough, curing it is essential and desirable at the initial stage when the first symptoms. This allows to quickly arrest the Allergy and prevent the activation and development of the inflammatory process in the respiratory tract.