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What is asthmatic cough?

An asthmatic cough is the result of inflammation and reducing of the bronchi due to muscle spasms. It still bears the name of allergic, as it may be provoked by various irritants and allergens in the form of mold, fungi, pollen, dust and animal hair. It is manifested in chronic paroxysmal cough, the intensity of which increases at night. The cough is not accompanied by fever and are not treatable with antibiotics.

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Causes of asthmatic cough

This files most often occurs asthma cough bronchial asthma, accompanied by dissemination of inflammatory lesions in the upper respiratory tract. The body's natural reaction to different stimuli, penetrating into the organs of the respiratory system accompanied by cough. It was provoked by the intensification of the process of eliminating undesirable elements. The chronic form of inflammation indicates a significant duration of the disease, accompanied by exacerbations and remissions.

An asthmatic cough is characterized by the specific flow. So, it is characterized by rapid and intermittent breaths, followed by a severe and prolonged exhalations. While this may be a critical expansion of the lungs, increasing their lightness, accompanied by a weakening respiratory noise. It is noted a certain hardening of the chest of the patient breaths. In some cases, breathing may be accompanied by wheezing.

The causes of asthma, causing an asthma cough can be the following:

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  • genetic predisposition, more precisely, the violation of the formation of immunoglobulin that is responsible for the allergen-specific antibodies in the body;
  • obesity;
  • sexual predisposition (males under 15 years are more likely to suffer from this disease);
  • allergens in the form of dust, pollen, mold;
  • viral infection;
  • harmful substances and fiber;
  • tobacco smoke;
  • food and supplements;
  • taking certain medicines.

An asthmatic cough may indicate the development of other diseases, for example, lung cancer, tuberculosis, asthmatic bronchitis.

The symptoms of asthmatic cough

10% of patients with asthma do not show signs of suffocation. Therefore, in these cases, the disease manifests itself only in asthmatic cough.

The distinctive features of asthmatic cough presents:


  • appearance mainly at night and toward morning;
  • the appearance of shortness of breath and difficulty breathing;
  • appearance as a result of exposure of allergens in the form of pollen, feathers, wool, house dust, and food;
  • sudden onset when the patient begins to cry, laugh or breathe in air of low temperature;
  • reaction to medications belonging to the group of bronchodilators.

Exacerbation accompanied by a narrowing of the bronchial lumen that impedes airflow and causes cough and whistling noises.

The symptoms of asthmatic cough include:

  • sudden occurrence of nasal congestion;
  • the appearance of discomfort in the throat;
  • pale skin.

During attacks of asthmatic cough patients may panic, accompanied by profuse sweating and rapid heart rate.

medikamentoznoe lechenieIn children the cause of asthmatic cough in most cases is also bronchial asthma. It is noted a greater number of sick children among those who had started to attend kindergarten. It is also a cough, peculiar to children with allergies. Symptoms of its manifestation is not different from asthmatic cough in adult patients.

To distinguish cough associated with bronchial asthma from the symptoms of chronic bronchitis by the differential diagnosis. Chronic bronchitis is characterized by the alternation of exacerbations and remissions, which last for about 3 weeks. Relief of disease when it is accompanied by a prolonged cough.

Diagnosis of asthmatic cough

The complexity of the diagnosis of the disease due to the similarity of symptoms of asthmatic cough with symptoms of other diseases, especially bronchitis. In some cases, even the most experienced pulmonologist is quite difficult to make a correct diagnosis.

For of asthma characterized by a paroxysmal cough that can last several minutes and several hours. After the relief of the attack showed a complete improvement of state of health of the patient. Chronic bronchitis develops on the background of colds, hypothermia, bacterial and viral infections. To provoke a cough with this illness can physical activity of varying intensity.

It is often triggered by exposure to allergens, causing bouts of bronchospasm. The chronic form of bronchitis is not accompanied by shortness of breath, while asthma is one of the main signs. The cough in bronchitis is present continuously even during periods of remission. Thus the dry cough combined with wet, which canbe accompanied by Muco-purulent secretions.

An asthmatic cough is always dry and, when edema occurs the expectoration of a small quantity and scarce transparent mucus. In addition to differential diagnosis, to determine the disease may require additional research in the form of a blood test for assessment of the number of eosinophils, radiography of the respiratory system, by means of which a technician can assess the changes that occur in the bronchi and lungs.

To determine the allergic nature of asthma cough is to test the response of the organism to various infectious agents.

Treatment of asthmatic cough

The asthmatic cough is aimed at improving the overall health of the patient, and above all, to eliminate swelling, which can be achieved by the use of drugs and narrowing the vessels. Prior to appointment, the treatment specialist explores allocated sputum. If a lot of selections, the prescribed medications should be directed to its dilution and removal. If the sputum is secreted in small quantities, the patient may be recommended the use of more liquids and reception-thinning medications, helps to eliminate mucus from the body.

Any form of asthma require the application of drugs of a preventive nature, by which it is possible to minimize coughing or to prevent its occurrence. These methods can significantly ease the life of the patient.

Bronchial asthma can vary in severity, depending on what and are prescribed drugs that have a direct impact on the lungs. To fight against disease may be prescribed a course of treatment bronchiodialator and antispasmodic medications.

To get rid of an asthma cough without professional help is almost impossible. Acute bronchial asthma in the absence of timely treatment can buy signs of chronic form which is more difficult to treat and can result in serious complications.

To reduce the number of attacks an asthmatic cough, the patient can use some traditional methods of treatment. With their help, to get rid of the disease is impossible, but there is a chance to significantly facilitate the flow of a cough. The most popular is the infusion, for cooking where you will need pine buds, leaves and flowers mother and stepmother and plantain. All the ingredients must be mixed in equal amounts and pour cold water in a ratio of 4 tablespoons of the herbal tea for 250 ml of liquid. After boiling on low heat for 5 minutes leave to infuse for about half an hour.

Ready broth should be consumed in one day, breaking thisvolume several stages. The use of this tool will significantly reduce the number and intensity of asthma cough. Remember: treatment should be comprehensive and individualized! Help a restorative, tempering procedures, therapeutic exercises. Be sure to observe the pulmonologist and the allergist.