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Causes and treatment of sneezing and runny nose without fever

Sneezing and runny nose without fever - these may be symptoms of Allergy and colds. It is believed that the phenomenon of SARS is evidence of strong immunity. The body itself is able to fight infection. But the truth is, it's really?

problema chihaniya i nasmorka

What could cause these symptoms?

Not always the above symptoms you can talk about SARS. After all, such a disease may not be accompanied by a high fever, and the cough does not appear at all, so the rush to put a diagnosis and to run to the pharmacy is not worth it. So, sneezing and a runny nose can appear for several reasons: infections of the respiratory system, exposure to dust, allergies, colds, flu, rhinovirus infection. In order to eliminate these effects, it is necessary to know the nature of the symptoms.

The first two cases can happen in poor cleaning, airing the room. Dust and foreign particles get into the nose, thereby irritating it and causing sneezing.

furacilin dlya promyvaniya nosaVery often, these symptoms can talk about allergic reactions. In contact with irritating particles on the mucous the body tries to get rid of them by sneezing. In addition, produce the protective mucus such as runny nose, watery eyes observed eyes. Now we have to eliminate the irritant and avoid contact with him in the future.

Colds and flu have a number, unlike an Allergy, symptoms. The onset of influenza is characterized by chills, high body temperature. The person feels unwell, it feels hot then cold. There is a sore, cough, sore throat, body aches, headache. In addition, this disease appears weak, lost appetite. About the beginning of a cold shows cold. The fact that the inflammatory process begins with the nose. The cough comes on later stages. There are cases when first seen fever, then a runny nose. If time does not provide medical aid to the patient - there is a risk of escalating the cold into bronchitis.

In the case when the fever is not observed, but the sneezing and runny nose appear every morning, causes can be: dryness of the mucosa, polyps, rhinovirus infection.

Dryness of the nasal mucosa can be triggered by uncontrolled application of drops against the cold, too dry air, breaking the capillaries. Self-treatment of this phenomenon may not yield any results here need professional help.

nasal lavage">a Polyp is a small tumor that discomfort when breathing. Often people do not attach importance to small periodic runny nose, postponing the visit to the doctor. They use drops, which bring temporary relief, but thereby lead to more serious problems. At constant nasal congestion in no event it is impossible to independently take medication. It is better to come on reception to LAURA. He will explain that today there are many methods for treating a polyp.

Another cause of sneezing and runny nose without fever can be rhinovirus infection. This is an acute disease of the nasal mucosa which is triggered by viruses. Usually, this virus enters the body through airborne droplets. This disease has distinct symptoms: swelling, redness of the nose, frequent sneezing, watery eyes, eye irritation, sometimes rhinovirus infection may be accompanied by fever up to 38 degrees. This phenomenon occurs when a weakened immunity.

The treatment should take place under medical supervision. Used can medications antimicrobial action, as well as folk medicine in the complex. Useful to drink a decoction of medicinal herbs: Linden, chamomile, mother and stepmother. They help to speed up the action of the pills.

What you can do to help yourself?

It is recommended to wash nasal passages in order to get rid of harmful viruses, thus preventing their reproduction.

otrivin pri chihanii i nasmorkeWhat will help?

Tinctures on the basis of sea water.

Use for washing decoctions of herbs, iodine solution, furatsilina, salt water. For solution preparation it is recommended to use sea salt because it contains all the elements that are needed in the fight against viruses.

Substances that cause allergies, can be washed the usual boiled water.

With sneezing and runny nose you can use the following pharmaceutical products: Otrivin, Dolphin, Phrase, Salmin.

With the cold effectively compete: Nazol, Expra, Tizin, Sanorin.

It is worth remembering that the optimum composition for nasal lavage, as well as the drops or spray can only recommend a specialist, depending on the nature of the illness. Because it can be caused by not only SARS but also other reasons (allergies, dry nasal mucosa, rhinitis).

Conclusion on the subject

So, the lack of temperature when the sneezing and runny nose can be caused by a number of different reasons. Do not use sprays, trying to cure a runny nose or take Allergy pills. It is better to consult a specialist whowill prescribe the correct treatment, advise washing. So, you can protect yourself from the consequences of poor self-medication pharmacy means.