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What does the color of sputum when you cough?

Sputum is the secret which is produced by the bronchi and trachea.

lechenie kashlya s mokrotoj

The color of sputum by coughing is a major factor that will help to make a correct diagnosis.

In normal condition no secretions from the respiratory tract should not be. The secret serves as a barrier against the penetration into the lungs particles of dirt and dust.

Types of cough

At the beginning of the inflammatory process occurs irritation of nerve endings abundant secret of the bronchi and trachea. Through coughing the lungs freed from germs. When a person coughs, there is a sharp exhale through the mouth due to irritation of the respiratory tract.

shema mokrogo kashlyaCough is not a disease but only a symptom of many diseases. It can be classified according to the rhythm: paroxysmal, some coughing, and a series of aftershocks cough. The first type occurs most often in patients with asthma, whooping cough, or when hitting a foreign body in the lungs. Coughing associated with allergies and for smokers. Consistent cough and often occurs with bronchitis. As you can see, cough is different in different disease States. That is why the doctor at the reception asks the patient about the nature and form of cough.

The types of cough is divided into two groups:

  1. Dry.
  2. Wet.

Dry cough is most often diagnosed inflammation of the pleura, larynx, dry bronchitis. In addition, if a dry cough persists for a long time, perhaps the development of tuberculosis. In any long incessant coughing it is best to consult a doctor. The cases when a person starts his illness occurring with increasing frequency. Some people think that a cough that lasts long, is not dangerous. And when there is shortness of breath, hemoptysis, loss of weight and appetite, one begins to sound the alarm. It is therefore very important to pay attention to the character of the cough and consistency of sputum (if any).

The types of sputum in cough

konsultaciya vracha pri mokrom kashleOf course, to accurately diagnose the disease only by the color of the sputum is impossible. However, coupled with other symptoms, this figure will help to make the right diagnosis and then the doctor will prescribe quality treatment. If a person suffers from a strong cough, it is important to pay attention to its color.

Mucous sputum has the form of a viscous substance colorless or whitish. Most of these selection may be bronchitis, pneumonia. In such cases, the doctor usually appoints mucus-thinning drugs: medicines, syrups and tablets. For more seriousthe currents of the disease is assigned to the antibiotic. In any case it is impossible to appoint a drug!

The fact that the human body can be immune to some types of antibiotic. A good doctor will prescribe a test for response to all types of drugs. Based on this, determines the right antibiotic. With proper treatment a strong cough will not long torment the patient.

Swelling the lung can be allocated serous sputum. It has a watery foamy substance. Treatment is possible only under the supervision of a physician.

Purulent sputum can be released when inflammation of the lungs and bronchi. It is preferable to immediately prescribe an antibiotic. Thinning phlegm drugs only withdraw it from the lungs and bronchi, but the inflammatory process will remain in place. And if you run it, it threatens to turn into chronic pneumonia or bronchial asthma.

ostryj bronhit pri zheltovatyh vydeleniyahIn lobar pneumonia the color of the sputum by the third day could be brownish. Initially there is a dry and painful cough.

If released sputum greenish with unpleasant putrid odor, this may be gangrene of the lung, or abscess. A visit to the doctor in this case is mandatory, and to implement it it is necessary as soon as possible.

Fungal infections of the respiratory system will certainly be felt in the form of a whitish cheesy discharge. Obligatorily antifungal therapy (and sometimes antibiotics), means that restores the healthy flora of the body, preparations for the lifting of immunity and vitamins. Have a beneficial effect on treatment trip to the sea or a visit to a special salt rooms.

Infarction of the lungs will manifest as bright red blood. It is better to call an ambulance.

Yellowish discharge from the lungs can occur in acute infectious diseases, such as acute bronchitis, acute sinusitis. In addition, yellowish sputum may be in a smoker with great experience, and in allergic cough.

With regard to any blood - red or brown, the character of the sputum may indicate tuberculosis advanced form of lung cancer or pneumococcal infection. Absolutely unacceptable self.

Diagnosis and treatment

polza obilnogo pitya pri kashleTo determine the cause, usually the analysis of the morning's selections. This is done necessarily on an empty stomach, after a preliminary rinsing of the mouth with a disinfectant solution. Then the patient coughs in a jar, and the contents carefully investigated in the laboratory. The results of the analyses assignedtreatment.

In infectious diseases will prescribe accordingly, antibiotic, Allergy - antihistamines. The smoker remains two options: either quit Smoking or continue to suffer cough.

If diagnosed and prescribed treatment, you should follow several rules. First: plenty of warm drinks. It can be herbal teas, fruit drinks, or fruit drinks, just water. Will help in treating herbal. But remember that herbs should be used as a standalone treatment, and in tandem with drugs. In severe cases, some fees will not help.

Still it is possible to spend inhalations with saline or drugs for these purposes. They will help to relieve the painful cough and accelerate the removal of phlegm. Keep in mind that inhalation is strictly contraindicated in children under one year and children up to six years in which they are carried out only with the permission and under the supervision of a physician. Now sell special devices for the procedures of the nebulizers. It's very easy and convenient. You can add to the inhaler and decoction of chamomile or other herbs. More detailed structure will tell the doctor.

otkaz ot kureniya pri kashleWhat if the doctor prescribed medication, and the cough never went away? This is a definite reason to sound the alarm. It is best to re-apply to the doctor who sends you for x-rays. The most important thing is to exclude lung cancer, advanced TB. If these terrible diagnoses were not confirmed, possible chronic bronchitis or so-called smoker's bronchitis.

The fact is that when Smoking the cilia lining the bronchi, not cope with its task, namely, to hold the pollution of the external environment. Resins and products of combustion cause increased secretion of, and after - inflammation. Phlegm when you cough, usually disturbs all smokers who experience more than 5 years.

May be such that the cough is troubling only in the mornings, and at other times does not manifest itself. This phenomenon should not cause panic. It is possible that easy just have to remove accumulated during the night the mucus. However, remember that sputum when coughing should not be much! In a healthy person it can be released in very small quantities.

Prevention of lung diseases

To restore the respiratory system after the illness is perfect for a trip to the sea. If there is no opportunity each year to relax in the resorts, it is recommended take a walk in the woods or Park. Definitely a hardening, nutrition (with the right amount of fat), vitamins courses.

The diet must be oily fish, nuts, lean meats, vegetables and fruits. Fangled diet low amount of fat contraindicated forpeople with weak lungs. Try to exercise regularly (swimming, running or just walking briskly). Moderate physical activity strengthens the body in General and lungs in particular.

Timely access to a doctor, proper treatment and preventive measures - all this will help to avoid respiratory diseases.