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How to cure cough and runny nose

Knowing how to cure cough and cold, is necessary, especially in the spring and autumn period. Extremes of temperature, sudden thaw and a cold snap can cause an unpleasant illness even in people with very stable immune system. Particularly prone to frequent cold and cough children, elderly or people already suffering from chronic diseases.

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The treatment of cough and cold medicines alone

Finding unwell, the first signs indicating the onset of cough or sputum associated with fever, should immediately begin treatment. Even with immediate response, the disease terminated only on day 5. Remembering that it is time to take some action, too late, to stretch the "pleasure" of treatment would have a few weeks.

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If a person has no serious illness, and the cough and runny nose is clearly respiratory in nature, you can try to do without "chemistry", using exclusively national means. But if the process is delayed, and the patient was not felt improvements in health, the evening temperature began to rise, reaching 38 degrees, going to the doctor and potent prescribed medication is just necessary.

Additional caution: self treatment is possible only with those components for which the sick adult or child has no allergies. The first steps to recovery must become a daily wet cleaning of the room, where it is isolated from the rest of the household sick. If possible, remove all items that act as dust collectors: soft toys, carpets, cushions, figurines, books. So, humidification and cleaning will take a matter of minutes, which is important not only for the patient but for the family member caring for them.

Cough and runny nose is effectively treated if you use all techniques of traditional medicine:

  • drink plenty of liquids;
  • decoctions, tinctures;
  • inhalation, rinse;
  • packs, banks.

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After isolation of the patient is necessary to prepare him a drink, consisting of ripe raspberries and viburnum(1:1). It is actually a compote, which can be further sweetened with honey instead of sugar. The drink can be sickly sweet, to eliminate it will help a few drops of lemon juice.

Not less effective drink of milk, spoon of oil and a few drops of juice of onion. The tool is not very pleasant to the taste, but perfectly removes headaches and helps to combat coughand copious runny nose.

Ease breathing will help, and the infusion of raspberry stems. Used exclusively the top of the plant, which for a quick drink crushed. A small amount of the mixture poured the already hot water, and then further boiled for no more than 20 minutes. The mixture is filtered, carefully poured into a thermos and insist approximately 1.5 hours. The day should drink no more than 1 glass of tincture.

Available cough and runny nose

When treating children make a little trick resorted to by many parents. It is known that kids can spend hours on a whim, just to not eat raw onion, garlic. But their use is very desirable: antibacterial properties of these plants known for centuries. The trick is that the chopped the onion and also processed a few cloves of garlic on a plate placed on the Cabinet so that the child is not seen. The smell in the room is a bit specific, but, together with frequent airing and damp cleaning, this method will help to recover faster even without medication.

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ri rhinitis or even the slightest hint of the possible diagnosis necessary to do inhalation. And potatoes in this case is recognized as the people most effective. Small potatoes or cleaning cook until fully cooked, pan with them is transferred to the patient, and he, covered with a towel or a thick cloth head needs to inhale the vapor. Modern, complemented by the interpretation of this procedure is added to the potatoes during cooking of eucalyptus leaves and thyme, and immediately before inhalation of a little pine oil. If rhinitis at the initial stage, it will start oozing, and he'll back off.

For daily gargle can be prepared is known to all the club soda: a teaspoon of baking soda 150-200 g of warm water. For greater efficiency it alternated with a decoction made from chamomile and sage anti-inflammatory properties which will help to not only get rid of the cough, but in parallel, and the common cold. Herbs are mixed, one portion is enough to use 1 teaspoon, and pour boiling water. After 20 minutes rinse ready, you need to wait only to have his temperature dropped to acceptable levels, and start rinsing.

Too strong coughs will soften the honey, mixed 1:1 with oil. Make the mixture should be a teaspoon, holding the mouth to complete resorption.

Colds definitely warming, for which the alcohol is mixed with castor oil. The mixture is rubbed in the back and the chest of the patient massage soft movements. After the skin turns pink, you need to carefully cover the area of massage. Ifrubbing was performed on the chest, the evaporation of alcohol and oil will ease even the common cold, although the recommended for cough.

Fight off colds helps the most common cabbage, if you lubricate it with liquid honey, apply on the chest and isolate with plastic wrap.

Compress will not cause discomfort, and therefore, it is desirable that he was on the breast for about 12 hours.

The use of medications against colds

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In dry and very intense coughing children, it is desirable to buy in a drugstore special lollipops, lozenges "Doctor mom". Adults can help pharmaceutical products:

  • Tusupreks;
  • Glaucine;
  • Libeksin;
  • Sinekod.

A great cleansing of the lungs and alleviating coughs will provide a "Helical", "Bromhexine" and has long been known to all mukaltin.

In the fight with sputum during cough effective "Ambroxol", "Mucosolvan", "Acetylcysteine". Drugs have on the body excellent anti-inflammatory effect, so along with coughing passes the cold.

Counteracting the cough, we should not forget about the cold, which it is also urgent to cure it. As conventional sprays only temporarily ease symptoms, as a vasoconstrictor, and some of them subsequently cause chronic runny nose, the doctors increasingly suggest to resort to them only in extreme cases: it is Galazolin, Xylitol, Sanorin, ksimelin, Naphazoline.

Runny nose easy to defeat washes, solutions for which are sold in pharmacies. This medication saline, Otrivin, and other means, and Throat, the Dolphin, the use of which is effective only with regular use. Manufacturers have developed a special series of the same drugs for kids, to know that just a special PostScript "Baby" to the title. If the disease is not running, you can use regular sea salt without additives in the form of a flavoring, purchased there, and to make their own solution, making sure it was not too salty.

Pregnant it is advisable to resort only to remedies, created from plants. A well-proven medication Drops containing oil of plants such as eucalyptus, mountain pine and peppermint as well as vitamin E.

However, self-treatment is dangerous, if the process lasts more than 5 days and no relief comes. In the cases of infants, pregnant women and the elderly, even it is the time to wait is not worth it. Treatment should be carried out only with the use of drugs prescribed by a doctor.