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How to treat cough with phlegm?

Often during a cold, the question arises: how to treat cough with phlegm? This is not surprising because the reflex act of discomfort, so it is desirable to eliminate as quickly as possible. What drugs can I do that?

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Quick treatment of cough

Cough is considered a strong exhale, producing through the mouth. The so-called involuntary physiological reaction is not a separate disease but merely a symptom. To address it, treatment should be directed at a specific disease, which caused the cough.

In addition, the recovery started as soon as possible and to be effective, must follow certain tactics. So, to begin with established the cause of the disease then determines the nature of the cough, because it can be both wet and dry. Moreover, it is important that medicines and dosage the doctor prescribes individually based on age, main diagnosis, comorbidities, severity of the clinical picture itself and the properties of various drugs (with their side effects, are they compatible with other tools). It should be noted that such features can be defined only by the doctor, so you should not purchase the funds without prior consultation with a specialist.

obilnoe pite pri zabolevaniiWith a wet cough, the person should drink plenty of fluids, and take herbal remedies. In this case, it is perfect various herbal preparations that possess expectorant and anti-inflammatory, a bronchodilator, and enveloping action. They are able to reduce the irritation, which affects the lining of the bronchi.

Starting from the individual characteristics of the patient, during the consultation, the attending physician appoints inhalation, which includes benzoate, or sodium chloride (with the addition of baking soda, plant extracts, ammonium chloride). After you have carried out this procedure, the Airways moistened, and the cough is weakened. This procedure liquefies the sputum and the bronchial muscles in the meantime relax. In addition, the drugs that are used in inhalation, are able to produce the same effect as an analgesic or anesthetic.

However, it should be noted that this procedure should be used for adults, but children who have not reached years, the treatment of cough and is strictly prohibited.

In addition, children are not allowed to take some drugs, such as thermopsis, ipecac. While receiving these funds, a strong cough, and gag reflex is alsoincreases.

In wet cough, there are medications that have expectorant action.

preparat These drugs are able to decrease sputum viscosity, but at the same time increasing its quantity, and leaves the substance easier. Expectorant drugs influence the reflex stimulation of the glands located in the mucosa of the bronchi.

To treat wet cough should mukoreguliruyuschim due to medication (it may be or Bromhexine carbocisteine). Thanks to them, the mucus becomes viscous, and it already contributes to the fact that it is much faster displayed. A product such as carbocisteine, creates a favorable environment for antibiotics which after taking it penetrate the secret of the tree of the bronchial tubes. However, if the patient suffers from asthma, which also is in the acute stage, the acceptance of the above mukoreguliruyuschim means prohibited, since they in this case can only complicate an already difficult situation.

We should not forget about mucolytic drugs. They lead to the stabilization of the secretions of the bronchial, and, thanks to them, the mucus comes out better. These means are intended for treatment of pathology of the bronchi or lungs, especially if we are talking about kids from 1 to 3 years. But if the cough is a result of allergies, in this case attributed to drugs with antihistamine action.

You need to pay attention to the fact that remedies with expectorant effect can be quite different. There are those who have resorbtive effect. So, these drugs can be absorbed into the blood, after which they reach the bronchial mucosa, which stimulates its secretory function. This action liquefies the phlegm, and the expectoration becomes more lightweight.

There are drugs with reflex action. They irritate the stomach, namely, the receptor zone, and glands belonging to the bronchial mucosa, are significantly stronger.

What to do if the wet cough persists?

ingalyacii pri kashleIn some cases, it may happen that even after taking the above means, the cough persists and mucus continues to bother the patient. Then be sure to consult with a specialist, who will prescribe additional procedures.

In this case, most likely, will have to conduct some additional tests. This applies to blood test both General and detailed, that is, biochemical. Besides, you will need to donate blood on a chlamydia and Mycoplasma. Tested and flora of the sputum.

Radiographicdiagnosis, which examined chest. In some cases, the Mantoux test is done.

At the same time doctor task is to figure out the cough is the root cause of the disease or it arose during the course of the disease. Based on this, the doctor prescribes the right treatment.

If the cough began from the woman who bears a child, it must immediately be eliminated. This unfavorable symptom can cause miscarriage, especially if pregnant increased tone of the uterus. In this case, it is strictly forbidden to self-medicate. The right methods can only assign a therapist who specializiruetsya in the industry.

Practical recommendations

What to do if cough overcame child? Children, unfortunately, this disease affects more often. Of course, the doctor will prescribe injections, pills and potions. If the treatment takes place at home, a speedy recovery can help very simple, but efficient actions.

Thus, the expectoration will be easier if you do the massage. For this baby should turn on his stomach and put on his knees so that he was able to lean on the floor with your legs he needs to raise. The back should be rubbed, to do tapping movement, and soon it will be obvious that the baby is much easier to cough, and to breathe it will become easier.

One of the most effective and yet very simple folk remedies when this symptom is boiled mashed potatoes, which need to breathe. While couples that have healing properties, penetrates into the bronchi, it kills bacteria, eliminates inflammation, struck the mucous membranes.

And at night the child should wear tights, made of natural material, top, socks, which you first need to pour the mustard powder. Such heating is very effective, gentle and safe, especially if the baby diagnosed with tracheitis.

Thus, in order for treatment to be effective, you must carefully analyze the reasons for any cough, do a full survey to establish an accurate diagnosis and stage the disease, to correctly pick up drugs that promote rapid recovery, be sure to include therapy massage promoting expectoration, and special exercise therapy.

It is also important to consult with a physical therapist, and after recovery to find alternative preventive procedure, by which the disease will not recur.