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A cough after the flu: how to treat

There is a high probability that there might be a cough after the flu than to treat a cough, must be decided by the doctor. On the basis of the examination, he will prescribe appropriate treatment.

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Characteristics of the flu

Viral respiratory infection in conjunction with the flu in the first place damage the respiratory tract. It is therefore important at the first sign of the flu not to allow the infection to enter the body (this will help avoid complications of the flu). At the time of the disease the body resembles a battlefield, all forces are left to combat the virus, and various microorganisms, which under normal conditions do not represent a particular danger, penetrate emerging weaknesses, and begin their "work" to weaken the health.

osmotr vracha posle grippaEpidemics of influenza occur almost every year, and humanity nothing can be done about it. Thus, it is assumed that the disease can prevent the vaccination, but it is not true. The flu virus changes each year (mutates), and virologists have not learned to accurately predict what will be a new epidemic, what features will have the new strain of the virus. Vaccination against influenza viruses is also not all groups of patients are shown (allergic to chicken eggs, children under 6 months, people who previously had various negative reactions to the influenza vaccine). Good help to fight the disease in the early stages of the Disease drugs and Interferon. But the flu is changing, and what was good yesterday is not working today, or is much worse.

The flu usually comes in the cold season, he especially loves slush.

The first days of the disease the patient needed rest, and medication preferably only antiviral and antipyretic. It is advisable to the patient to take vitamin C. Sauerkraut, kiwi, tangerines, cranberries, grapefruits and lemons. It should be noted that grapefruits with a large number of vitamin C are detoxifier.

In addition to the high temperature and General malaise, a person may begin as a dry cough with flu. But after recovery, there might be a problem - the cough persists.

pite bolshogo kolichestva zhidkostiThe flu can be a lot of complications. And complications occur precisely at the moment when it seems that the disease has passed.

The person relaxes, stops taking meds, he's healthy, and a bouquet of complications that can be earned in influenza, is very impressive. This and various sinusitis, pyelonephritis, sinusitis, meningitisand of course dry cough.

The occurrence of cough after influenza - a protective reaction of the organism to the virus, the point of application which becomes the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract.

Every person has had flu, should listen carefully to your body. So, if after the disease passes, the cough is the first sign that you need to see a doctor. Additional testing never hurt anybody, and chest x-ray will give you the confidence that you flu not got pneumonia, because this is a very common complication, or bronchitis.

Seeing that light is normal, and the cough is just residual effects after disease, you can start treatment.

The treatment of cough after flu

sinekod ot kashlyaThe treatment of cough, after examination, shall recommend to the attending physician. Perhaps he will appoint efferalgan or bad! But, if the cough is dry and strong, can add libexin. You can also use bronholitin, because the drug has anti-inflammatory action.

These drugs are sufficiently effective in the treatment of cough. Most importantly, they are virtually harmless to the body. You may have to liquefy phlegm will have to take expectorants (mucolytic substances action). But there is one subtlety when taking medication. Expectorants can be taken simultaneously with drugs, depressing the cough. That is why the problem of cough after flu than to treat - so acute on the agenda. You need to see a doctor, it is undesirable to treat yourself.

But it is possible to use non-traditional methods of treatment. Such methods can be breathing exercises. On the inhalation, the arms are pushed apart, on the exhale breath is delayed by approximately half a minute, and hands when you exhale grasping the shoulders.

Self-treatment involves drinking large amounts of fluid. This will restore the water balance of the body. Drink plenty of fluids also leads to liquefaction of sputum resulting from the coughing. If possible, it is useful to take mineral water, preferably drinking natural juices.

otvar plodov shipovnika ot kashlyaNo need to neglect the most simple method of treatment of cough, namely: hands and feet should be kept warm; for the night's sleep must wear warm clothes; recommended capsicum plaster (is placed between the shoulder blades), and mustard (put on the chest and interscapular region). As a treatment option, the possibility of setting cans (recommends attendingdoctor).

Very useful inhalation. Usually when cough should include chamomile, sage, thyme, possible supplements eucalyptus oil. But inhalation is necessary to take only on prescription. Inhalation there may be irritation of the mucous membrane, which will lead to the result opposite to the expected.

If the cough there is pain in the pectoral muscles, it makes sense to take a combination of drugs that help the body to overcome both the cough and the accompanying pain. These include bronholitin trayfed, selmodel, pseudoephedrine.

In the room where the patient, it is necessary to maintain the humidity. Dry air triggers a cough, and it may become more prolonged and painful.

The cough treatment of folk medicine

otvar lipovogo cveta ot kashlyaOften no less effective in the treatment of cough become folk remedies. So the fight with a cough is with the help of herbal blend including: marshmallow root, Icelandic moss, mother and stepmother (leaves), nettle, yarrow, rose hips, chamomile color. The collection is heated in a water bath for 5 minutes, then infused. Used 4-5 times a day a quarter Cup (to drink only in the form of heat).

Such teas that are effective treatment for coughs, a lot. You can ask at any pharmacy. But certainly even in the treatment of such a harmless drug be sure to consult a doctor, because medicine can cure one, and another to hurt. Alternatively, make a Decoction of lime blossom or root deviative. A great expectorant may serve as a decoction of leaves of plantain (6 gr.), boiled 200 gr. water, then add 30 gr. honey. Admission is 1 tbsp. spoon three times a day.

Cough after the man had the flu, pretty common, so there is no universal medication for its treatment.

If after the carried-out studies (chest x-ray, tests) identified that there are no complications, you might need physical therapy. The attending physician may submit to the Department of physiotherapy, where it is necessary to take the full course.Recovery procedures - this is a complex, aimed at bringing the body back to normal.

Treatment should only occur in tandem patient - doctor. This treatment will avoid plenty of troubles upon self, and to identify the early stages of the complications introduced into the body with the flu.