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Treatment of cough in bronchitis

Coughing with bronchitis - a painful symptom of one of the most common diseases of our time. He had to face in their lives, which initially was ill with cold-related diseases. Due to the fact that the patient had appropriate treatment, the common cold gradually turned into bronchitis. The patient will have to experience all the "charms" of the permanent cough, in which phlegm moves, before he finally manages to get rid of this disease.

problema kashlya

If bronchitis does not begin to treat as soon as the attending physician diagnosed it in a human patient, the disease can deliver a lot of trouble.

What is bronchitis?

The disease bronchitis is an inflammatory process that affects the mucous membrane of the walls of the bronchi. The stronger the mucous membrane is inflamed, the more it narrows. In some cases, completely clog the air passages in the lungs, which in humans can cause serious breathing problems. In addition, because of violations of circulation of air in the bronchi, the patient noted a cough, accompanied by shortness of breath. This may stand profuse sputum.

The cause of bronchitis is an infectious disease: a respiratory catarrh or colds.

Modern treatment of the disease includes not only the appointment of a doctor of drugs, but the use of folk medicine.

You should pay attention to the duration of bronchitis, if the patient suffers from them more than a year.

Treatment of cough and bronchitis folk remedies: oregano and raspberries

narodnye sredstva ot kashlyaThe most common and most effective means of combating bronchitis hot milk with honey. To achieve greater effect it is recommended to add a pinch of baking soda. This medicine will appeal to all: it is suitable for child and adult.

In folk medicine to combat various infectious diseases affecting the respiratory tract, is often used not only raspberry jam, but the stems and leaves of raspberry in its purest form. Of them make decoctions and infusions, which operate on the patient as an expectorant, they are used instead of alternative medicines.

In order to prepare this infusion, you will need 2 tablespoons powdered raspberry leaves and a Cup of boiling water. Leaves pour hot water and boil for 10 minutes. Then the broth should drain and you can take the next few hours as an active diaphoretic.

Ifthe patient has the acute form of bronchitis, as an expectorant your doctor may be appointed oregano in combination with other drugs. As a rule, in chronic bronchitis oregano is never assigned independently. Most often it is recommended to take in combination with other herbs.

How to do inhalation with propolis?

lechenie zabolevaniya malinojIn order to make a therapeutic inhalation, do not have to go to the hospital. To conduct such an effective procedure in the home.

First of all, you will need to find an aluminum Cup in which to mix and heat ingredients for inhalation. The Cup is placed approximately 60 g of propolis and 40 grams of wax and the Cup, in turn, is placed in a bowl filled with hot water. Dissolving the wax and propolis have a positive effect on the respiratory system of a person, which sits over the Cup. Such inhalation must be done before the full recovery of the patient.

Mustard on guard against bronchitis

Treatment of bronchitis mustard includes a few basic recipes that are used as a means to combat inflammation. One of the most popular means mustard scones.

lechenie kashlya gorchicejFor their preparation you will need radish, 2 tablespoons flour, 2 tablespoons of powdered mustard seeds, the same amount of vegetable oil and honey.

In mashed, grated radish, you need to add all other listed ingredients, and thoroughly mix the resulting mass to form a pellet out of it. Before you put the cake on the body, breast should be spread with sunflower oil. After this kind of shot is placed on the chest (it is important to avoid getting it on the heart area and on the area lying close to the heart). The top should be covered with film or paper, and then wrap the patient in woolen shawl or blanket.

This compress is best done at night. If possible the story procedure before going to bed no, the doctors recommend to put "mustard" then, when the patient is soon nowhere to go. Especially avoid exits into the street immediately after the procedure in the winter time.

Also in chronic bronchitis or in the normal bronchitis can make another alternate compress on the chest based on mustard. For this powder of mustard seeds mixed with water, honey and radish juice. The resulting mass Makeda towel or small shawl, which is necessary to put the patient on the chest, previously wrung out. As with the first compress the place where it wasimposed a towel or handkerchief, should cover the first film, and then a shawl made of wool, scarf or blanket.

lechenie kislym vinomThe duration of wrap - up to half an hour. After this period, the towel must be removed and the skin wiped dry, and lie down under a blanket for at least another hour.

In order to get rid of the bronchitis with sputum or, conversely, cause it to faster was the process of recovery, mustard powder is used for oral administration. You will need to mix mustard seeds, water, honey, butter, horseradish root (prerequisite - before use, the root must be crushed) and garlic. Garlic and horseradish root, requires preliminary grinding. Thoroughly mix all the components, gruel should be taken one hour before meal on a teaspoon.

The course of treatment - a month. In some cases it may be prolonged to several months. However, you should consult your doctor, as only he can accurately tell whether the patient to get rid of the bronchitis, or the treatment should extend.

The treatment of bronchitis of sour wine

Cough in acute bronchitis, and cough in the usual form of bronchitis can be treated with the help of wine. In folk medicine, it is increasingly used as one of the main ingredients of the medicine. In order to significantly speed up the process of sputum, the patient is offered several recipes on the basis of sour wine.

For the first recipe you will need half a liter of wine. It is permissible to use wine only if in its preparation it does not have added sugar. If the patient is not sure, used was sugar or not, of treatment this drink should be abandoned.

Before use, the wine should be warmed up a little. The drink should be consumed in ¼ Cup several times a day before meals and after meals. Treatment of bronchitis in such a way should not exceed more than two weeks. We should pay attention to the fact that for children, this treatment is not suitable.

In conjunction with wine for the implementation of the process of treatment of the disease can be used infusion of leaves of plantain. This plant is actively liquefies phlegm and has expectorant action, without which recovery is unlikely to occur.

In order to prepare this infusion need to pour to pour a large plantain wine and boil them on the fire for ten minutes. When drinking wine with plantain for the past two weeks, the cough will cease to disturb the patient.

Remember, before applying all remedies consult your doctor!