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What is dangerous and how to treat dry cough in children?

All children cough, but the reasons for this phenomenon may be different. The worst is the dry cough in a child. It can occur for several reasons, from which depends the further treatment. During the dry cough the sputum is not allocated, for this reason it is often painful for the child. To determine the treatment, especially a newborn baby, you need to visit the doctor to determine the cause due to which the cough occurs.

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How to treat cough?

Cough is a defensive reaction that occurs due to irritation of the respiratory tract, and removes from the throat foreign particles or mucus. Including the child may cough because the virus or bacterial infectious diseases.

The main causes of cough are:
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  • particles of a foreign nature;
  • irritation of the respiratory organs, that is, their walls are too dry air, vapors of chemicals or cigarette smoke;
  • the presence of Allergy;
  • diseases associated with respiratory system;
  • infections of bacterial nature;
  • diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • parasitic penetration;
  • the beginning of teething.

Dry cough as a manifestation of various diseases

The intensity of the cough are divided into easy, medium or simply cough. In babies it can be a short-term or permanent. Time can occur:
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  • in the acute form - up to 3 weeks;
  • subacute to 8 weeks;
  • in the chronic form is more than 8 weeks.

This cough can signal the diseases related to respiratory system, circulatory, and digestive. For different diseases the cough has a particular character. It is pristupacnim, suffocating, whistling and heckling. May occur in the morning or in the evening. Can manifest other symptoms: mucus, General weakness. Often the cough is accompanied by high temperature, but can be without it.

Diseases accompanied by dry cough

Often a dry cough the child is under the age of 1 year, it helps to release the respiratory tract from sputum and occurs most often in the morning.

Dry cough after acute respiratory viral infection is due to the discharge of the accumulated mucus means that the disease will end soon.

bronhialnaya astmaDuring flu child cough hysterically, much, feeling pain in his chest.Body temperature rises.

The steady narrowing of the lumen of the larynx, dry cough happens to be the baby to sleep or be coughing at night. Cough during the pertussis prestuplenii, dry, strong, accompanied by a specific buzz. The attack ends with expectoration of mucus. Often, the whooping cough in children goes into vomiting. The disease has a protracted nature.

Cough may be present at some of the problems with the gastrointestinal tract. It occurs in response to irritation of the stomach juice. In this case, the attacks occur when you change the position of the body during or after a meal. The appearance of dry cough only at night you can suspect the presence of heart failure. Moreover, this cough occurs by fits and dream.

Cough in combination with a whistling breath occurs in bronchial asthma. Not accompanied by fever. If the cough is strong, Intrusive and cannot be combined with other manifestations, it may be, in respiratory ways of the child was a foreign body, it happens in bouts and is a regular. Occurs with chest pain and dyspnea. If the child stop coughing, dry cough, and other symptoms are not observed, the necessary help of a doctor.

Dry cough with fever can be a symptom of measles, pleurisy, bronchitis and other diseases. Usually it does not last long and then passes into the wet. Prolonged, continuous, long dry cough often talks about tumours of the respiratory tract or tuberculous disease. In parasitic penetration of a child is rare and a long dry cough.

The danger of dry cough

rvota pri kashleA dry cough may have complications:

  • the deterioration in the quality of sleep;
  • vomiting;
  • loss of consciousness;
  • tears of the mucosa;
  • sudden bladder release of urine;
  • hemoptysis.

In newborn children the attack may cause brief respiratory arrest. The appearance of dry cough in children it is necessary to show the doctor.

Methods of diagnosis:

  • a chest x-ray;
  • magnetic resonance imaging of the respiratory system;
  • blood test;
  • other functional methods.

If violations of the respiratory tract not determined, appoint additional methods of examination.

Medications, hot compresses, rubbing and fees

askoril pri suhom kashleMedications that can give the baby dry cough:

  1. Mucolytic agent (NAC, Bromhexine, Lasolvan, Ambrobene).
  2. Expectorants (Geelix, Dr. mom, Pertussin).
  3. Antitussive drugs (hydrochloride glaucine,The codeine).
  4. Means combined effect (Ascoril, Bronholitin).

Rubbing to make children under two years of age is not necessary. In addition, the procedure is not recommended in cases of suspected false croup and bronchial asthma.

Tools used for grinding, are Doctor mom, Polimex and the Other.

Warms compresses and mustard give local effect and help in the discharge of the accumulated mucus. Data manipulation is forbidden to do at high temperature. As for the packs, they are made in the place between the shoulder blades and neck area and left overnight. Mustard applied in the subscapular area.

Breast fees, which are sold in pharmacies are excellent products from dry cough. They are used for inhalation or as a decoction or infusion.

Treatment with traditional medicine and the use of antibiotics

osmotr vracha pri suhom kashleThere are many recipes of folk medicine for dry cough:

  1. Compress based on sunflower oil, cotton material, soaked in oil, lay down on his chest, covered with polyethylene, then dry with a cloth towel and left for the night.
  2. Soda inhalation using garlic in boiling water put the chopped garlic, boil for a few seconds and remove from hot plate. Then added one teaspoon of baking soda. Inhale this mixture should be covered with a blanket. Antibacterial qualities of garlic will help to fight off infection.
  3. Burnt sugar with milk: sugar heated on the stove until it reaches a dark brown color. The syrup is poured into a bowl with milk. The resulting candy is placed in the mouth to an absolute resorption.

Antibiotics prescribed for bacterial cough, such as pneumonia or bronchitis, which are accompanied by high temperature. In the case of cough is viral in nature, antibiotics will not relieve this symptom.

When you attack you need to start to create specific microclimatic conditions in the room. The air must be damp and a little cold. You need to open the Windows and use the means for humidifying the air. Failing that you can hang in the room moist towels. To facilitate breathing the child needs to inhale warm and moist air. You can take your child in the tub and turn on the tap with hot water. However, the odors in the room should not be.

For distraction therapy, at a time when the attack occurs, use hot baths for feet. If the child has no allergic reactions, can be spread on the skin in the wrist or temporal area ointment on the eucalyptus. The child should drink plenty of fluids.It is best to drink baby tea, milk warm, juice of a cranberry, tea with a spoon of honey, warmed alkaline mineral water.

Preventive measures against dry cough

Preventive measure against cough is considered to be primarily the prevention of its causes (viral diseases, infections, allergic reactions).

Including the important role of maintaining the microclimate in the nursery at an optimal level. Normal room temperature - no more than 24 °C, relative humidity of 60%. Need to protect baby from passive Smoking and inhalation of mists household chemicals.