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How dangerous a dry cough?

Cough, dry especially the most frequent symptom, which affects both adults and children. Any cold, allergies or simply bad smell in the air at once lead to its appearance. And maybe that is why people prefer to give up on dry cough hand, thinking that it will soon pass.

problema suhogo kashlyaMost often it so happens, but the cough may return. This is indicative of serious disorders in the body. If the cough is frequent, do not delay going to the doctor, requires full examination of the body.

Why cough adults?

Usually the reason for dry cough is any irritation in the nasopharynx, especially in the back of the wall. Thus the body fights foreign substances such as dust particles or viruses. The main causes of dry cough are as follows:

sigaretnyj dym - prichina suhogo kashlya

  1. The smoke from cigarettes. Substances contained in tobacco smoke, irritate the bronchi. Therefore, a person accidentally breathed it, can involuntarily cough.
  2. Dust. If people breathe the air, filled with dust, it may briefly cover the cough, mostly dry. There is a slight sore throat.
  3. Foreign body in the nasopharynx. This can be anything from badly stuck to the pill accidentally swallowed the object. Foreign particles sometimes severely irritate and require immediate removal.
  4. Bronchial asthma. Sometimes this symptom is the first sign of incipient disease. This cough attacks the patient at night and is accompanied by pain in the chest and the abdomen.
  5. Chronic diseases of ears, throat or nose. They are accompanied by the formation of mucus, which gradually flows down. When the mucus into the nasopharynx, the irritated, the person begins to cough.
  6. Strong nervous shock. This kind of cough called psychogenic and appears as a reflex reaction to stress or a nervous breakdown.
  7. Allergies. Most often this symptom shows up allergic to dust particles, animal hair and household chemicals.
  8. Viruses. The list includes flu, bronchitis, pleurisy, COPD and the like. A cough is the initial symptom, then there are other symptoms, such as temperature.
  9. Medication. Sometimes the cough is one side effect of medicines prescribed by the doctor. This is especially characteristic of the means under high pressure.
  10. Cancer. A cough that persists and is accompanied by high temperature is one of the signs of a tumor in the trachea, lungs, bronchi, or nasopharynx.
  11. Endocrinologydisease in which the lymph nodes grow and begin to press on the windpipe, causing cough.
  12. Diseases of the cardiovascular system. The symptom appears after any exercise. Accompanied by pain in the region of the heart and palpitations. If the disease has reached its peak, during the cough may be blood and mucus.
  13. Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, during which it may form a fistula (abnormal channel that connects the tissues and organs with the outer surface and the hollow bodies to each other). Then the cough occurs almost immediately eating.
  14. TB. In this disease the cough is the main sign of the presence in the body of the Bacillus.

Don't worry, though, if the cough is rare and passes quickly. Due to General air pollution cough once a day is considered normal.

Why do children cough?

plevritAs is usually the case, the same symptoms in the adult and the child can mean quite different disease. Causes of dry and frequent cough in children is not much, but one of them, in addition to the following, may include external stimuli like cigarette smoke or strong smell of perfume. Rarely, tumors, inflammation of the lymph nodes, valvular heart disease and aortic aneurysm. In addition, it can be:

  1. Respiratory viral infection. When viruses penetrate into the nasopharynx, they destroy its epithelium, leading to excitation of sensory receptors responsible for cough. Especially this process is expressed in influenza and other acute viral diseases. If you do not pay for the cough, it can lead to pneumonia, tracheitis or pharyngitis.
  2. Inflammation of the ligaments. Cough when it is diverse: from loud, or "barking" to quiet and barely audible. The disease appears as an addition to viruses and bacteria, allergies, and can occur after overstrain ligaments.
  3. Bacterial infection. Here the principle of operation depends on the disease. For example, diphtheria causes swelling of the nasopharynx and trachea, and a cough. Whooping cough causes sharp and rapid increase in the activity of the cough center. Attacks such cough is very long, sometimes the patient between them almost no time to breathe.
  4. Allergies. Cough in a child can begin in the spring and summer, which accounts for the peak of allergic diseases. In this case, the cough is accompanied by runny nose and occasional watery eyes. If not treated, can develop bronchial asthma.
  5. Pleurisy. Cough, caused by this dangerous disease, very painful, very dry reflex.
  6. Reflux. The coughing begins almost immediatelyafter a meal, especially if the baby is sleeping or just lying. This is because stomach acid inadvertently enters the esophagus, the mouth, and the child could accidentally inhale it.

How to treat a cough?

konsultaciya vracha po voprosu suhogo kashlyaThe first and basic principle of treatment of dry cough is considered excessive drinking. The patient must drink several times a day, preferably something warm. Sometimes doctors recommend to consume herbal teas. Between the shoulder blades can impose a pepper or mustard plaster on the chest - wrap, which specifies the attending physician. Another popular and timeless method are considered to be banks.

Sometimes with dry cough, a small quantity of sputum, often sticky and viscous. Then the doctor will prescribe mucolytics. Such drugs are introduced through nebulizers. Are small devices intended primarily for asthmatics that turn liquid medicine into the almost invisible spray. In them and sell a variety of sprays. Mucolytics can be taken inside. If you exceed the dosage increased cough and a feeling of burning in the trachea and nasopharynx.

If the person has disorders in the bronchi and shortness of breath, bronchodilators assigned. They relax spasms of the bronchi and due to this, reduce the intensity of cough. They are made in the same way as mucolytics. Many of these drugs are allowed to children and prescribed for child suffering from asthmatic cough.

preparaty pri lechenii suhogo kashlya

Sometimes the cough arising from bronchitis, treat with antibiotics. However, this method causes a lot of controversy and debate. The doctors only agreed on the fact that the feasibility of these powerful medications is determined individually taking into account the severity of the disease and peculiarities of organism.

There are drugs that block the dry cough and eventually completely destroy it. They contain in their composition a codeine. Can also apply medication that blocks the cough reflex. But before applying them you need a full examination. For example, tuberculosis or contact with a foreign body in the throat or bronchi, the use of these medicines can only aggravate the situation. They destroy the symptom without touching the reasons, and as a result, the disease continues its devastating effects, but has quietly.

Prevention of cough

pravilnoe pitanie dlya profilaktiki suhogo kashlyaEven a simple cold or mild allergies canit is easy to flow in bronchial asthma or severe viral disease. Therefore it is better to carry out simple prevention and to forget about the obsessive cough and temperature.

It will not hurt to start hardening. Contrary to the stereotype, to harden - it doesn't necessarily subjecting your body to low temperatures and pour cold water. There are many other less stressful ways to strengthen the body. You can walk barefoot. On the street - is the best solution, but there is a risk to cut the leg. You need to forget about Slippers, at least for a couple of minutes. Spend more time outdoors.

Healthy food - also a great way out. To forget about the cold and coughing, enough to eat a large amount of vitamins. Also your physician can prescribe vitamin complex. However, vegetables and fruits are more effective.

Another way out is sports. It's not about grueling workouts in the gym, but the simple morning exercises, slow Jogging and Hiking.

Cough - seemingly simple, but actually dangerous disease.

It is a symptom of many diseases and infections that affect the body's powerful damaging effects.

So, if you have observed a bad cough, even if it was, contact your doctor.

The survey will take not much time but may save your life.