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Make a poultice from potatoes cough

The appearance of the primary symptoms of cold, cough do not immediately start treatment with the pills, try to make a poultice from potatoes cough is a gentle and effective tool. It is at its thermal effects on the lungs and bronchi can improve blood flow and dilate the blood vessels. The occurrence of cough with colds, viral infections, bronchitis is a natural reaction of the body and a means for purification of sputum. A compress of potato is effective for a wet cough, it helps the patient to improve the General condition of coughing and promoting the expectoration, stimulates the body's production of virus.

polza kartofelya pri prostude

Before you can use the people's potato recipes, a good idea to consult a physician. Although such sparing methods of treatment and have no side effects, with some of the associated diseases they can cause harm to the patient.

Why it's good to make a compress

Compresses in its method of application are different. They are used both in cold and warm. The basis for them can be alcohol, oil or vegetable ingredients, such as potatoes.

sogrevaushaya funkciya kompress pri prostude

Choosing a wrap with various fillings, you should take into account the type of cough, the patient's condition, his allergic reaction to a particular ingredient.

Compress, which will warm when you cough, should be put before bed at night.

A limitation in order to put a compress cough, can serve as a high blood pressure patient, some cardiovascular disease, changes in the skin, cuts, or any education on it. Not encouraged to use this method of treatment for infants and aged people. Should refrain from a compress in the acute phase of illness and elevated temperature.

Rules for the treatment of compresses

Compresses can be used to treat various diseases, but the principles of how it correctly to deliver, the same for everyone. What to consider when setting compress cough:

struktura obshego kompressa

  1. Ingredients hot compress should not be applied directly to the skin of the patient. They should be put on warm cloth, and then apply. Previously the skin at the point of application of the poultice should be spread with vegetable oil.
  2. To compress, set the night, does not shift, it must be locked in the desired position. The heart area should always be left open.
  3. After compressremoved, this part of the body thoroughly clean towel to dry condition. Further, to mitigate this area you can put any nutritious cream. Out of the room to the open air after the procedure after 3-4 hours
  4. One pack will not give positive results in the treatment of cough. It is necessary to combine with the adoption of the medicines and treatment prescribed by the attending physician.
  5. An important role in the cough and play those components that are used to compress. For example, when a wet cough is good potatoes.

You should consider the point that if you make a poultice of potatoes, do not apply it immediately, piping hot. This can cause burns and to the fact that all the nutrients of the potato will come out through steam. It is necessary to give the potatoes to cool slightly in the pan with the lid on.

A compress of potato

raspolozhenie sogrevaushego kompressa na grudnoj kletkeOne of the most common prescriptions for cough is a poultice of potatoes. Potatoes are in every home. In addition, it does not cause allergic reactions, such as, for example, in some cases, honey.

To compress you need to prepare two large tuber, gauze and a towel. Potatoes should be thoroughly washed and boiled in their skins. Next, prepare the potatoes together with the skin warming up and laid on the gauze and on one edge of the towel. Out of the corner of the towel mass is offered. The same should be done with the other end of the towel.

A compress is laid out the patient on the chest with one hand, and on the back in the lung area. To prevent displacement and retain heat a towel wrapped on top of plastic wrap and a warm scarf.

This procedure can be repeated 3-4 nights in a row, combining it with medical treatment. In the daytime you can apply potato inhalation. After the procedure and at night need to protect the patient from drafts or exposure.

Treatment potato pancakes

prigotovlenie kartofelnoj lepeshkiThis method of treatment of cough at home is well known and available. To treat them cough even in young children. Potato pancake is good heats, softens cough, promotes the removal of phlegm from the bronchi. This method should not be applied at a temperature, and before starting treatment you should consult with your doctor.

For making tortillas you need to take a few potatoes, to wash them. Potatoes boiled in the skin until cooked. After cooking, the mash tubers with peel. To the kneaded mass flows off a spoonvegetable oil and vodka. The mixture is again mixed. Potatoes formed in a ball and wrapped in gauze. A compress applied to the chest, and the patient wrapped in a blanket. The cake should be kept on the breast for 2-3 h. After this time the drug is removed. The skin is wiped dry and lubricated with cream. The patient after the procedure should be warm to wear.

Tortilla of potatoes with honey

If the patient has no reaction to the honey, the cake can be done with honey. This requires two boiled in their skins tuber mash, add two large tablespoons of vegetable oil, one spoon of honey and mustard, all this mix thoroughly stir and sculpt the cake. Mustard is added to potato pancake longer warm.

The cake should be put in a plastic bag, then wrap with a towel. A compress placed on the chest and locked at night. This will compress during the night to warm the airway of the patient.

Potato cake can be done with the addition of vegetable oil and three drops of iodine. It is also applied to the night on the chest of the patient.

Well water the patient between the production of compresses decoction cooked recipe Vanga. In a liter of water, cook the potatoes, Apple and onions. Cooking should be as long as the amount of water is reduced by half. Broth strain and let the patient for a small spoon three times a day.

Inhalation of steam potatoes

ingalyacii kartofelnym parom pri prostudeWhen you cough during the day, combining with night packs of potatoes, you can breathe the potato pairs. To carry out such a procedure should only be done when the patient has no temperature.

For inhalation boiled potatoes in a pot not less than 3 l Water, in which potatoes are cooked, completely drained. Then the patient covers himself with the blanket pot and breathing steam. The length of the procedure for at least 5 min. If the patient will feel not good, then the inhalation should be discontinued or make a crack in the blankets for fresh air.

Ferry should breathe correctly. Should not be very deep breaths. Also, do not breathe too quickly or deeply to involve potato couple.

Steam treatment of the potatoes can be done in a few days before the onset of cough relief. This procedure has no contraindications and is completely harmless. Therefore, this inhalation can even do expectant mothers.

Enhance the effects of a couple of potato using salt. The potatoes should cook with a pinch of coarse salt. The further procedure is carried out as usual.

The use of potatoes for the treatment ofcough, relieving cough, improving the removal of sputum from the lungs and bronchi is a good help to enhance the action of medicines.

Potato is a natural, harmless product. Treatment of cough with its use has no negative effects and can be used for small children and patients of any age.