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What causes barking cough without fever and how to treat it?

Dry cough especially often manifests in childhood. Barking cough no fever in a child can be a manifestation of allergies or caused by foreign object in respiratory tract, even a speck of dust can cause a cough. Barking cough in a child brings only trouble - it leads to swelling of the larynx, which substantially impairs the permeability of air through the throat, and makes breathing difficult. With this cough can happen vomiting and cause short-term respiratory arrest. Severe swelling of the throat can lead to the complete overlap of the respiratory tract. This is very dangerous, therefore, the appearance of this cough in toddler an urgent need to visit the pediatrician. The most unpleasant what cough without fever may be a manifestation of pertussis.

problema laushego kashlya u rebenka

Causes of dry cough

Cause dry barking cough in a child is swelling of the larynx. Edema is most often observed with common colds, but it is caused by colds and other viral illnesses or allergic reactions. However, in the absence of temperature the list of reasons is narrowed, and is as follows:

  • various infections, laryngitis and pharyngitis;
  • allergic inflammation of the larynx;
  • the cyst that causes inflammation and swelling of the larynx;
  • foreign object in the airway;
  • breakdown.

allergiya - prichina vospaleniya gortaniSometimes even just the dryness of the surrounding air becomes a cause of barking cough. The most unpleasant causes of barking cough in the absence of temperature may be whooping cough or diphtheria.

Although all children are vaccinated at an early age from these diseases may be exceptions, so these reasons are not let out of sight. Cough without fever may be a symptom of worms.

Children can cough much harder than adults. This is because the ligaments and musculature of the larynx in children is still generally poorly developed and not formed to the end. After all, barking cough is especially common in children under age 5 years.

The lumen of the respiratory tract in these children is narrow in itself, but swelling caused by coughing, narrows it even more. As a result, the child can be very difficult to breathe.

Often dry barking cough causes any foreign object caught in the larynx.

A speck of dust or any small particles - often is the cause of such a cough. In this case, nothing to worry about - that is to protect the body, he tries to get rid of trapped dust particles.

You must immediately contact a doctor or call an ambulance if the following symptoms:

title="Vomiting when you cough - the reason for the ambulance call out" alt="Vomiting when coughing - a reason to call the ambulance">

  • the cough comes in the form of frequent, sudden appearing of seizures and does not calm down even at night;
  • vomiting;
  • shortness of breath;
  • a hoarse low voice;
  • weakness and General malaise.

Of course, to distinguish danger signs is not always possible, so any cough is desirable to consult a doctor.

If a child's typical allergic reaction, which often serve as Pets stimuli - animals, plants, chemicals (eg washing powder), strong odors while cooking. Allergy can cause chronic bronchitis, so it too should be treated.

Symptoms and diagnosis

Despite the apparent simplicity of diagnosis, to identify the true cause of dry cough is not so simple and only by a qualified technician. Sometimes to establish a correct and comprehensive diagnosis, there is a group of professionals. In addition to consultation with an otolaryngologist (ENT doctor) may require the assistance of an allergist, pulmonologist, infectious disease and other narrow specialists.

The diagnosis is based on interviews with the child and his parents, then, there is the examination of the patient and listening. In the end, reveals characteristic symptoms, which are diagnosed.

osmotr rebenka u lor-vrachaWhat are the main symptoms of barking cough? If there is no temperature, you need to initially assume the simplest case: the throat hit a speck of dust or some other irritant causing the cough. If so, worry not about it. The child in the end, you cough up a speck of dust. After all, cough and given by nature to get rid of preventing the body subjects.

The most common symptom of dry cough in a child is choking - shortness of breath when coughing and sudden sharply starting attacks.

If a dry cough appearing in babies under 1 year, it is in most cases a normal situation, if the cough appears in the morning. The fact that the baby's body thus frees the throat of phlegm that would accumulate over night.

Treatment of dry barking cough in children

Before treating a cough, it is always advisable to consult a doctor to determine its cause. Otherwise, any treatment may be useless and even cause harm.

Knowing the cause of the cough, fight it easier. If the cough is not the result of allergies, good steam inhalation. In allergic nature of the cough, you can take a pill. In all cases, you need to drink a lot of water, tea or juice, but only slightlya heated state, so as not to injure once again the mucous membranes of the throat. It is helpful to humidify the air in the room where the child is.

romashka dlya ingalyacij pri kashleFor inhalation can be used decoctions of sage and chamomile. In this case, the broth can put a pinch of baking soda. Simple mineral water is also a good tool for inhalation (Essentuki, Borjomi, Narzan).

Again, what if you are allergic for any inhalation is useless and can cause great harm. To relieve allergies suitable suprastin or claritin.

Coughing is usually accompanied by lack of appetite, and the child needs energy to fight the disease. Therefore, to maintain the forces of good to drink a lot of juices rich in vitamins. Food should be simple and tasty, for example, boiled carrots or beets.

And we must not forget that there are such doctors as an otolaryngologist (ENT), allergist, infectious disease, nutritionist, pulmonologist, TB specialist. They will assist you and establish the correct diagnosis.

Barking cough may be a bad sign and may result in, for example, acute laryngitis, which is also called false croup. This disease requires immediate medical intervention, otherwise the child runs the risk of choking.

So first of all need to consult with an experienced children's doctors, specialists in various fields of children's diseases.

nastoj shalfeya dlya ingalyacij pri kashleSo, drugs for the treatment of barking cough may be the following. In cases of allergies or desensitizing effective are antihistamines, such as diazolin, fenkarol and suprastin. The action of these medications designed to relieve swelling and inflammation from the walls of the larynx, that is, the causes of cough. In identifying bacterial infections need treatment with antibiotics. Here cephalexin, Ceftriaxone or Augmentin. They are good at relieving inflammation, removing the bacterial cause.

Medicines for thinning sputum and expectoration includes such well-known drugs, such as syrups “Ambroxol” or “Dr. mom”. Good reviews is the syrup Geelix”. Such remedies to help a dry cough become productive, that is a waste of phlegm.

How to treat barking cough folk remedies

A dry cough can be treated in children without resorting to pharmacological drugs. For this purpose folk remedy.

Of course, different tools have different effects. When choosing funds it is necessary to consider the individual characteristics of the child that his allergic reactions and so on. That is to use any folk remedies needgreat care, watching the child's reaction. If the child is still small, infants, the universal remedy is the syrup of licorice. Syrup of licorice root is taken orally 1 teaspoon several times a day. If the child is already out of the age of breastfeeding, the most effective would be steam inhalation.

Inhalation is used only when the cough has allergic nature. Adding hot water (typically 3 liters of boiling water teaspoon of baking soda and a few drops of eucalyptus oil, you can achieve a quick stunning effect. It has the eect of destroying the germs from the affected areas of the throat, and accelerate the departure of sputum. Inhalation can be repeated several times during the day, but should not be abused.

Not all traditional recipes are suitable for children. For example, radish with honey may cause unnecessary irritation of the throat and worsen the situation. You cannot rely only on themselves and to forget about doctors.

For example, in some cases only antibiotics are helping, assign the use of which can only be a pediatrician. You can drink a decoction of medicinal herbs, children love it very much. Suitable so-called breast-tax.

In any case, to proceed with the treatment is very dangerous, because such complications, such as bronchial asthma, waiting for a chance. But just started treatment always brings a good result.