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Time-tested: honey cake for cough for children

How to treat cough in children at home? This question interests many parents. Honey cake for cough for children is a time - tested method of traditional medicine. And highly effective, even for the little men - babies.

problema kashlya u detej

Effective way proven

Modern medicine offers many ways to get rid of the cough, and the pharmaceutical market is filled with a variety of medications - syrups, mixtures, sprays, lozenges, tablets. But somehow people are less sick did not. Especially in the season of colds, phenomena such as runny nose and cough are quite common among adults and children. Many moms don't want again and again to stuff the child of synthetic drugs, and are turning to traditional methods. And this is true, if the cough is residual phenomenon for the disease. Then two or three treatments using honey cakes is enough to bronchi cleansed, and the child recovered. Honey wrap cough effective and incipient bronchitis or tracheitis). It will eliminate the soreness and sore throat and chest congestion.

temperatura - protivopokazanie k primeneniu lepeshek

Warming pellet is of several types (depending on predominance of any product) and has high medicinal properties. It is prepared with natural ingredients and successfully replace the mustard which young children are put very problematic, moreover, in some children they may be allergic.

Kinds of cakes:

  • honey;
  • potato;
  • mustard;
  • rye, etc.

How to make a warming procedure?

Baby skin is very delicate and sensitive. Therefore, all procedures are performed with caution and under constant supervision. Not proceeding with even with a slight increase in body temperature.

A few rules about how to put a cake:

mesta ustanovki lepeshek pri kashle

  1. Baby's skin you need to prepare: grease with vegetable oil. You can use liquid nourishing cream.
  2. Honey should be of high quality. If it is thick, it should be slightly warm in a water bath.
  3. Ready mixed for pellet, the mass is placed on gauze or folded in several layers of bandage.
  4. Tortillas stacked with two sides: from the side of the chest (the area of the bronchi) and back side (light). You can not affect the area of the heart.
  5. Fixed pellet of cottonswaddling cloth, which wrapped the child's body. Then wrap it with a warm scarf and is covered with a blanket.
  6. The procedure time is 2-3 hours. But it is provided if the child does not appear irritated and severe redness. Otherwise, the exposure time should be reduced.
  7. The best time of treatment - when the baby sleeps. Maybe he will sweat, so you need to put something under the baby
  8. After the pellets are removed, the skin should be wiped with a damp towel soaked in warm water, removing the remains of the mixture, then wipe dry. And change into clean and dry clothes. Then wrap your chest to keep warm. The kid shows excessive drinking.

Important: the mustard mixture on the basis of don't hold on your chest for more than 2 hours!

Using a hot compress, a dry cough, moisten, and sputum will quickly begin to move away from the broncho-pulmonary tract.

And, therefore, recovery will come faster.

Recipes honey cakes

As we mentioned, honey cakes cough for children may have different ingredients. However all of them present honey.

med dlya prigotovleniya lepeshki ot kashlya

  1. Honey cake cough (without mustard): honey mixed with flour. To increase the viscosity add the vegetable oil or heated water. All taken in equal amounts, 1 tbsp. l. Recommended for young kids (from 6 months).
  2. With mustard. Is similar to the previous recipe but instead of flour use mustard powder (1 tsp). Recommended for children of primary school age.
  3. Potato tortilla. 2-3 boiled potatoes to clear, crush and mix with honey. Add a little vegetable oil.
  4. Potato vodka and mustard. Boil "in uniform" 6 potatoes, then crush with the peel, add 1 tbsp. of honey, vodka and mustard powder. Knead thoroughly. Divide into 2 equal parts. The minimum exposure time is 1 hour. Better to do before bedtime.
  5. Rye. 1 tbsp. of honey take 1 Cup of rye flour, 1 tbsp oil and 1 tsp dry mustard. Pour boiling water and stir until dough. To form a pellet.
  6. With salt. Honey mixed with salt (1 dessert spoon) and add vegetable oil.

The recipe for adults: take 2 tablespoons of honey, flour, mustard powder and vegetable oil. Start kneading the dough. If you have sensitive skin mustard-better to waive or reduce its contents.

When the pellets do contraindicated?

Many people and children are no exception, suffer from allergies to bee products. Honey for cough and medical pellets based on it it is contraindicated. Hypersensitive to mustard should not include it inthe composition of honey cakes.

Sensitive skin baby the use of honey cakes is not recommended. In this case, you can use cabbage leaves. They resolves phlegm in the bronchi and facilitate the treatment of cough. You need to take 2 cabbage leaves, steam them in hot water and warm to make the back and breast of the baby. Then secure the diaper and wrap the baby. Do 3-5 procedures a day at night.

In the presence of skin wounds, scratches, other damage gentle compresses of honey for coughs can cause irritation and increase abrasion. In heart failure of the baby applying warming compresses, including those based on honey, is contraindicated. Important: the treatment of infections, e.g., tuberculosis, warming tortillas is useless. They are used for viral and colds.