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What cough syrup dry cough is the most effective?

How to choose dry cough syrup? A question of interest to many people. Everyone should know that cough is nothing like an ordinary protective reaction of human organism to different respiratory tract irritation. Given that, what is the cause of this symptom can be divided into dry and wet. Dry cough is called unproductive, that is, it is absolutely not accompanied by discharge of sputum. As strange as it may sound, but it is a dry cough presents some risk to the human body and requires special attention and careful attitude. Very often it can occur together with nasal congestion, various kinds of headaches, significant lymph node enlargement and many other symptoms of a disease.

problema suhogo kashlya

Causes of dry cough

The reasons, which may occur dry cough symptom. Among these reasons are threatening to human life diseases, and receive a certain number of certain medications, and even the process of getting some minor particles in the respiratory tract of the human body. The most frequent and the most common cause of this symptom are diseases such as SARS, whooping cough, tuberculosis and some other lung diseases.

Unfortunately, everyone is able to expose their health to defeat all sorts of bacteria and viruses. Most of the above possible infections people carry on themselves from an early age. SARS is able to cover every person of any age, if enough weak immune system. Most people get sick in the cold season.

Diseases associated with dry cough

astma - prichina kashlyaIf a person has a sufficiently long period of time is not a dry cough, it could indicate the presence of such diseases:

  1. Asthma. The disease is only allergic in nature, accompanied by a this disease is very frequent attacks of dry cough, some difficulty breathing and asthma attacks.
  2. Bronchitis. This disease is inflammatory, it can affect the entire mucosa of the human bronchi. This disease occurs most often slowly, in the chronic form.
  3. Pleurisy. The disease presents in the form of some inflammation, which can cover the entire shell of the lung - the pleura. This disease is directly related to pneumonia, tuberculosis and some other seriousdiseases.
  4. All sorts of lung tumors. These tumors can be benign and not carry absolutely no harm to the life and health of a person. In addition to the benign, there are malignant tumor that can lead to such disease as lung cancer.

It should be noted that the resulting cough may not always be associated with any pathological disease. This disease can only be protective reaction of the body to certain stimuli.

Treatment of dry cough

ingalyacii dlya lecheniya suhogo kashlyaFor efficient and fast treatment of colds and dry cough for adults and children, experts recommend three types of treatment and prevention. These include: to do inhalations, thoroughly rinse the throat with all sorts of solutions, which contribute to further recovery, and of course, make the syrup dry cough. Regarding the first two items often don't cause any questions, but with regard to syrups, people often wonder which is better suited to them and their children.

It is worth remembering that a dry cough is a symptom caused due to various irritants of the respiratory tract or of some pathogenic microorganisms. The most important task in the treatment of this dry cough is the elimination of irritation and relief bring up mucus from the lungs and bronchi.

Syrups - these are drugs that are presented in the form of liquid. Mainly the composition of these syrups include all kinds of herbal extracts and different synthetic substances that contribute to liquefaction of sputum and greatly improve its expectoration. Moreover, these syrups have a pleasant enough taste. This factor is very important especially if the cough should be treated child.

It is worth remembering one thing: choosing a dry cough syrup, you have to be very careful, as for children and for adults are suitable for different means.

sirop dlya lecheniya kashlyaSyrup for adults has only two directions. First, it should alleviate the symptom and cause sputum production, and secondly to cure the cough itself is a symptom. So what are the syrups and how to adopt an adult?

  1. Experts prefer to prescribe such syrups to induce sputum from a patient. As for cough syrups, on the other hand, are applied at a wet cough and heavy phlegm.
  2. Make certain syrups dry cough should only by prescription of the attending physician. The fact thatspecialist carefully observes his patient, and only he can decide what kind of preparation can provide a positive result.
  3. In the modern pharmaceutical industry there are some syrups like "Pectoral", "Woken", "Bromhexine" and "bad fever". The medicines have become very popular and in demand. These syrups contain purely herbal ingredients that are very effective in treating dry cough. Each of these syrups is intended as a remedy against dry cough and wet.
  4. For a significantly weakened the human immune system a big effective its therapeutic effects have these syrups, which include glycosides, polysaccharides and many other necessary components.
  5. Today, there are such medications, which is the most common (this, of course, applies to syrups). Such syrups have all sorts of properties, which are essential in the treatment of dry cough.

You have to remember that all sorts of syrups are called the eliminators symptoms and signs of disease that often are the main escorts of coughing. Although in order to completely cure the disease, or, in other words, the root cause of cough, receiving one syrup is not enough.

In this case, we need only a comprehensive treatment, which will include taking the pills, and inhalers, and all sorts of other drugs, which will contribute to further recovery. This applies to both children and adults.

Remember that proper and comprehensive treatment can be prescribed only by a specialist as before to diagnose a particular disease, he carefully examines each patient, and then depending on the level and severity of the disease will be able to assign the correct and effective method of treatment.

Be healthy!