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Effective expectorant drugs and folk remedies dry cough

Cough periodically tormented by almost all people. It is therefore very important to learn in due time and correctly to treat it. Expectorant drugs dry cough are primarily used for thinning and waste sputum. After application of these drugs, the cough becomes wet and it is already halfway to recovery.

vozniknovenie kashlya

There are many such drugs - medical drugs, traditional medicines, finished formulations for inhalation. Many powerful tools offer us the very nature - propolis, honey, onion, milk, herbs and other plants. Of course, dry cough adult need to apply some tools, and for children - are quite different.

Causes of dry cough

Dry cough usually occurs in the first stages of colds, acute respiratory infections, SARS, influenza, bronchitis caused by hypothermia, bacteria, viruses, allergies. It should be noted that all these diseases generally arise on the background of a weakened immune system. Rarely seen hereditary predisposition, that is, the tendency to catarrhal diseases at the gene level.

mehanizm kashlyaCoughing is a way of protecting the body from bacteria by the excretion of sputum. So do not try to get rid of it. But to make the dry wet to depart sputum is the task of doctors and patients suffering from cough.

In addition to infections that penetrate into the bronchial tubes, dry cough may also be caused by the following reasons:

  • cough can be caused by allergies, when this happens the contraction of the muscles surrounding the bronchi under the influence of serotonin, histamine or bradykinin that is, substances produced by the body under the action of the allergen;
  • the disease can cause congestion in the lungs, this occurs if the heart cannot deliver to the lungs for their work the amount of blood;
  • dry cough can cause obstruction of the bronchi, for example, when the tumor;
  • in some cases, to provoke the disease can and drug, for example, certain drugs to reduce the pressure.

kashel kurilshikaBut the cough is not always a sign of a disease. It often occurs suddenly at hit in respiratory ways of a foreign body. Even a simple speck of dust, unsuccessfully flown in the mouth, can cause a cough, because our body tries to get rid of it. Smoke inhalation is also usually causes a cough.

Cough in smokers is also not uncommon. The disease is often caused by obvious domestic reasons. After all, cigarette smoke, and other irritants, stimulates the secretionexcessive amounts of phlegm in the bronchi, from which the body gets rid of, vikalina her.

Symptoms and diagnosis

A dry cough is different, and its manifestations can be judged about a particular disease. The cough may be bystroprokhodaschee and lingering, with and without seizures, cough at night or only by day, barking cough or calm. Taken into account the illness and accompanying factors - increased body temperature, weakness. All of these indicators experienced doctor will put a diagnosis and prescribe proper treatment. The main thing - do not miss the point that the treatment was timely. Only in this case it will bring good effect for a short time. Let's look at these symptoms in more detail.

bronhialnaya astmaLong continued cough, evidence of chronic disease. If the cough is quick, it is likely acute disease.

If dry cough occurs at night, and in order to calm him down, you have time to sit so that the torso was upright, it's a pulmonary cough caused by increased pressure in the blood vessels of the lungs. For decompression, the man instinctively gets up or sits down, bringing the torso to an upright position. The reason in this case is a bad heart - it's not dokachivaet blood into the lungs. Hypothermia or even emotional stress are also found among the causes of dry cough.

Coughing frequently occur with this diagnosis, such as asthma. A cough accompanied by a whistling or wheezing. The attacks occur at night. Bronchitis in smokers in the chronic form also has similar symptoms.

If the patient body temperature rises, and he feels the weakness, it says about infectious disease. Feeling of General weakness often indicates a blood disease, or even tuberculosis. In tuberculosis to these symptoms are added sweating and severe thinness. They are considered characteristic signs of the disease.

prichiny bronhialnoj astmy

To identify the causes of dry cough are more research - radiography, fluoroscopy, if you suspect a lesion of the bronchi bronchoscopy is assigned.

If you suspect an allergic nature of the disease blood tests. Common blood test will be useful in all cases of dry cough.

Suspected cardiac cough is confirmed or refuted by analysis results of ECG, heart ultrasound, and a small exercise. Almost always taken a stool sample to detect the presence of worms. Because they can be the cause of dry cough.

Overview expectorantdrugs for dry cough

The choice of medication from a dry cough depends primarily on his character and the accompanying symptoms described above. In addition, you need to take into account the individual preferences of the patient. The best way to select the drug is a consultation with the doctor.

priem otharkivaushih siropovFor treatment are used as medical pharmaceutical finished products with dry cough, and folk remedies. Dry cough is also called unproductive, and wet productive. The primary goal of treatment of dry cough is to turn it into a productive cough to remove the phlegm. For this and used expectorant drugs and pills dry cough. In addition to performing its direct function - liquefy the viscous sputum - these drugs more and expanding the bronchi, improves breathing.

Expectorants medicines for dry cough are divided into two groups. The first is increasing the volume of sputum produced so-called sekretomotornym funds. The essence of their action consists in stimulating expectorant reflex. Such drugs include: licorice root, benzoate, bicarbonate, and sodium iodide, potassium iodide, thermopsis.

The second group includes directly thinning phlegm drugs, the so-called mukoregulyatory. These drugs reduce viscosity of sputum, which is achieved by the destruction of intermolecular bonds. Examples of such funds: Ambroxol, Bromhexine trypsin.

Some medications dry cough

bolshoe kolichestvo mineralnoj vody pri kashleAt home cope with dry disease can be drinking large amount of warm liquid, cooked in different ways. For example, even a simple heated alkaline mineral water well relieves symptoms of dry cough. Here Borjomi, Narzan, Essentuki.

Inhalation also is the most effective remedy for this ailment. This method allows the use of different compositions for inhalation and to achieve sustainable results in a short time. Anyway, inhalation even with the use of simple baking soda brings immediate relief.

Of course, today invented a lot of devices for inhalation, among which nebulizar, perhaps, the best established itself at the expense of ease of use, security, and efficiency effects.

However, if you did not have at hand a special device - dose inhaler, it is possible to do inhalations over a pan, covered with a towel or blanket. In this case, inhalation will be appropriate just-boiled potatoes, broth of chamomile, sage, Linden inflorescences, plantain,St. John's wort and other medicinal herbs.

This inhalation should spend at least 15 minutes while the steam is still hot. But you need to keep in mind that at elevated pressure it is better to abandon inhalation, it is not necessary to do them and increased body temperature.

Recipes of traditional medicine

otvar ovsa na moloke pri kashleWide experience of application of folk remedies dry cough emits from the variety are presented below, simple recipes. Onions can be used additionally as an antibacterial agent.

For this recipe you need to prepare a decoction of oats in milk. One Cup of peeled oats add two cups of milk and cook over low heat until, until the oats are completely soft. This decoction should drink at least six times a day.

Healing dry cough and will have the following composition: a teaspoon of honey, butter and soda to melt in a glass of warm milk and drink in small SIPS to the bottom.

Highlight the recipe from the black radish, thanks to its beneficent influence is on the cough and the ability to remove phlegm.

The action of the radish is recommended to enhance using honey.

Black radish with honey. Top large radish need to be cut off, so to get the cover. Remove the core with a teaspoon. In the resulting cavity in the radish pour honey about half. Then you need to close the radish cut at the first stage the lid and lower the root into the water. After six hours of exposure of radish allocates a healthful juice. Obtained an effective remedy has expectorant properties.

Rare to find a recipe of banana brew, which helps with coughing. You need to mash two bananas and dissolve it in a glass of water by adding one teaspoon of sugar. Heat until boiling and remove from heat. The broth is ready.

Recipe based on baking soda. Suitable for adults and children. Dissolved in a glass of warm milk, a teaspoon of baking soda, taken internally several small SIPS for the reception.

Nature comes to the rescue

We reviewed the recipes based on all known products such as black radish and honey, milk, and onions. Against dry cough are often used in various herbal preparations. The combination of herbs can be selected on the basis of individual preferences of the patient and characteristics of his body. In addition to herbal teas often use propolis, vegetable oil, goose fat.

A lot of herbs that have expectorant effect, the nature gives us. Licorice root, chamomile, birch, plantain, mother and stepmother, marjoram, marshmallow - all herbs and plants, able to cure us, not only cough, but also many other ailments. However, the decoctions of these herbs should not drink if you are allergic orasthma.

All these medicinal decoctions suitable for both adults and children. It is advisable to take them after consulting a doctor. Medicinal teas prepared from these herbs aimed at softening the sputum and are expectorant in dry cough.

Many people are accustomed to medical treatment. But many of those who suits this treatment means that taking care of us, nature gives us.