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How to make alkaline inhalations dry cough?

Quite effective in some instances can be alkaline inhalations dry cough, which help to ease the condition. In addition, doctors recommend to use simultaneously various kinds of mucolytic and expectorant drugs. Very often different kinds of cold-related diseases accompanied by dry cough, which irritates the lungs and bronchial tubes and adversely affects the General condition.

problema suhogo kashlyaAlkaline inhalations is one of the most affordable and very effective ways to treat dry cough. The duration of this procedure takes only a few minutes a day.

Holding the inhalation for a prolonged dry cough

For very severe dry and barking cough can be a variety of inhalation, such as:
ingalyacii pri zatyazhnom suhom kashle

  • steam;
  • oil;
  • alkaline;
  • with the nebulizer.

Inhalation at strong dry barking cough is a very good method of treatment. Delivering a substance directly in the upper respiratory tract, such procedures greatly accelerate the onset of the desired therapeutic effect. In addition, they cause expectoration, soothe highly inflamed red throat, but also relieve severe dry barking paroxysmal cough.

The main advantage of the procedure lies in its beneficial effects on the entire respiratory system without any significant additional load exerted on the body. Before the procedure, you first need to determine the root cause of cough and choose the most suitable in each case, the drug. Before you apply certain medications, you should consult a doctor, because self-treatment can significantly harm the body. It is important to consider the recommendations of the doctor, because dry cough adversely affects the nerve endings of the larynx and can cause the appearance of bronchial asthma.

In addition, the result of dry cough may appear heart failure, which will lead to very serious negative consequences.

When you need to carry out the alkaline treatment inhalations

konsultaciya vrachaAlkaline inhalations help quickly and effectively get rid of the lingering dry barking cough. Such procedures need to be applied for acute and some chronic diseases of the larynx, lungs and bronchi, such as laryngitis, bronchitis, certain types of pneumonia and tonsillitis.

Very often, inhalationused for the treatment of occupational respiratory diseases, to address ailments of the middle ear and nasal sinuses.

Well help alkaline inhalations with a strong cough, which may occur on the background of the development of pneumonia or severe bronchitis. They are used as a specific tool aimed at prevention of colds and the elimination of complications.

However, before applying such a treatment of cough, be sure to consult with your doctor about safety and appropriateness of the use of such treatment method.

Contraindications to alkaline inhalations

protivopokazanie shelochnyh ingalyacij pri povyshennoj temperature telaAlkaline inhalations have to be appointed as a doctor and conducted strictly under his control. This applies particularly to younger children, because improperly performed procedure can only aggravate the situation and lead to negative consequences.

In addition, there are some contraindications to alkaline inhalations, such as:

  • a significant increase in body temperature;
  • development in the body of a strong inflammatory process;
  • the presence of nasal bleeding;
  • high blood pressure or diseases of the heart and blood vessels;
  • TB.

Special inhalation nebulizer is carried out with extreme caution, because it is so medicinal substances act on almost the entire body. Before carrying out such procedures, you should consult a doctor who will prescribe the most suitable and safe means.

The features of the alkaline steam inhalation

polza nebulajzera pri provedenii shelochnyh parovyh ingalyacijDry cough is very often held different kinds of inhalation. Especially to help alkaline solutions. To enhance the effect of the procedure is often conducted with a nebulizer which implies the use of a special machine that sprays the medicinal substance with the help of a jet of air or ultrasound.

With a nebulizer is very convenient to carry out inhalation, especially young children, if you need frequent holding of such procedures. Inhalation nebulizer should be carried out strictly according to the doctor, and preferably under his supervision, because in each case individually selected drug and its dosage.

To treat dry cough with inhalation with a nebulizerbronchodilators are used together with saline. In the most severe cases can also be used in hormonal therapy, as well as antibiotics, which can also be taken by inhalation.

To liquefy phlegm and its effective and rapid elimination from the body are often used pulmonary on the basis of mucolytics, and to moisten and soothe the throat and bronchi in nebulizer add soda or mineral water.

Alkaline drugs it can be good to combine with different kinds of oil blends, which gives a much more lasting effect of the treatment of catarrhal diseases.

polza sody pri ingalyaciyahAlkaline inhalations have been used for quite a long time for the treatment of dry cough, because they are one of the most simple and yet most affordable medical procedures. Such inhalation can effectively combat various acute and chronic diseases of the upper respiratory tract. Such procedures greatly facilitate the General condition of patients and contribute to the rapid thinning mucus contained in the bronchi, thereby helping to bring it much faster.

For carrying out alkaline inhalations you can use the ordinary baking soda. You need to take one teaspoon of soda in half a liter of hot water. In addition, to conduct inhalation it is possible to use heated mineral water.

The hot solution is for qualitative carrying out steam inhalation should be poured into a tea pot and inhale the steam coming from its spout through the mouth and exhale through the nose. Inhalation and exhalation must be relaxed, slow and measured. The duration of such procedures is only a few minutes a day. Can be performed daily a few such procedures.

Alkaline inhalations can be carried out with a nebulizer, using exactly the same solution. The use of special tools greatly facilitates the treatment and speeds up the healing process.

Very effective use of oil-alkaline inhalation, which help to create a specific protective film on the mucosa of the upper respiratory tract and they are used mainly for inflammatory respiratory diseases and as prophylaxis. For greater efficiency can be carried out first alkaline inhalation, and behind it the oil.

For conducting oil inhalation mainly use different essential oils, and it is implemented using special inhalers which are filled with oily solutions. The procedure lasts approximately 10 minutes. The day requires no more than one such procedure.

Prolonged coughing can be exhaustinguse salt-alkaline inhalations, which involve the use of coarse sea salt. For making this kind of means to dissolve in hot water one spoon of sea salt and baking soda.