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What cough syrup is better to use?

Cough syrup is hardly the best cure for this symptom. It coats the irritated throat, and the components included in the composition, are easily absorbed by the body. How to choose the right syrup? First you need to understand the cause and to determine the type of problem and then choose a syrup that is designed to treat a particular type of cough.

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Causes and types

Coughing is a reflex, a sharp exhalation occurs when the respiratory tract of accumulated mucus annoying. And it occurs when breathing in gases, dust, foreign objects. Thus, there is self-cleaning. We all know that cough with a cold divided into two types: dry and wet (moist).

A dry cough occurs by fits, there are a dry throat, tickle, shortness of breath. May indicate developing bronchitis. This kind of cough does not bring relief, and more tires. Can occur by inhalation of something irritating (smoke, dust, etc.). In the treatment of it trying to turn into wet, which makes the disease much more effective.

luk s medom pri kashleSymptoms of wet cough are characterized by the release of mucus (sputum). Attacks occur strong aftershocks, but not always expectorated sputum. Thus the patient may feel chest pain. As a rule, in the first stage of a cold there is a dry cough. Then there are signs of damp. The color released by expectoration of mucus can also tell us about the causes of the disease. For example, if the substance is transparent, the disease may carry an infectious character; if yellowish, the cause of the infection lies in the bacteria.

Expectorant is taken in the case when the mucus is too thick and difficult to remove. If the sputum not to remove from the airway, it will interfere with sleep, remaining in the body for a long time, thereby delaying the disease. Cough syrup for dry type prescribed to to turn a dry cough into a wet and thus to overcome the disease. Asthmatics, smokers and patients with cold light stage such drugs are not prescribed.

Medicinal products: syrups

Cough syrup is prescribed depending on the kind of the symptom.

There are syrups for coughs, which have a combined effect, however, such a means can be prescribed only by a specialist. The main criteria for the selection of medication are: it should have an anti-inflammatory effect and prevent the thickening of mucus. When you receive a antitussive, it is recommended to drink plenty of fluid, and control body temperature.

src="/respiratory/images/32-2.jpg" title="Syrup for cough treatment" alt="Syrup for cough treatment">the most widely used tools:

  1. Syrup of licorice root. A natural remedy is time-tested. It is recommended to use both alone and with other drugs to restore lung function. Having low toxic effect on internal organs, but in severe forms of the disease may not be effective. While taking this medication, it is recommended to drink plenty of liquids.
  2. Plantain syrup. An effective anti-inflammatory drug. Consists of natural ingredients. Suitable for children older than 2 years. Good job with the initial forms of dry cough, turning it into wet, helps to relieve inflammation of the Airways.
  3. Ambrobene. The composition of the syrup contains marshmallow root extract, and other plant components. Well facilitates the patient's condition in acute forms of bronchitis. People who are prone to allergies, this medicine is not suitable.
  4. “Geelix”. Has a natural composition without the alcohol and sugar. Good for the body, helping it to quickly deal with the disease, eases cough, helps eliminate phlegm with wet.
  5. “Dr. Mom”. Syrup of plant origin. Powerful expectorant medicine. Effective effects, even with pneumonia. One of the best drugs to date, which has non-synthetic composition. Suitable for adults and children.
  6. “Mucosolvan”. Synthetic drug or flavorings. Fast acting, effective against the acute form of bronchitis, reduces inflammation. To assign this drug needs a doctor, because “Mucosolvan” has side effects.
  7. “Erespal”. Good fights cough of allergic origin, bronchitis, laryngitis. Has many contraindications. Assigns it to only be a specialist.

Before choosing a drug necessarily need to consult a physician, as in some cases, the intake of syrups will be ineffective. In addition, some of them have contraindications, so hurry make the syrups should not like to treat their children. As pharmacy alternative medicine cough syrup you can make at home. There are many popular recipes:

  1. From nettles. Leaves, nettle roots boil in sugar syrup. Such a tool is an excellent replacement for expensive synthetic drugs. Take 2-3 tablespoons per day.
  2. Of onion and honey. Onion finely chop and put in a saucepan, add 2 tbsp of honey. Leave for 3 hours to bow gave juice. If the mass will be too bitter, add some sugar. In early forms of cough take 1 tablespoon 2 times a day.
  3. Vanilla syrup. Heat a glass of milk, but not boil,add 2 tbsp honey and 1/4 tsp of vanilla powder. Stir well, leave for 30 minutes. Take 1 tbsp 3 times a day.

Do not forget that traditional methods are good in early forms of the disease. They can also be used to facilitate the flow of coughing, but only with the permission of the doctor. In acute forms of bronchitis-medication is contraindicated.

As a conclusion

Cough syrup - an effective tool in combating this problem. Pick it must be according to the type and form of the disease.

To give preference to the recommended for herbal medicinal products without additives, colorants. To facilitate suitable and traditional methods, but with a strong, painful, tormenting cough, you must seek medical help as only an expert can correctly assess the patient's condition and prescribe treatment.