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Dry cough in the adult: treatments

The most common symptom of many diseases dry cough in adults, treatment depends on the cause of its origin. Non-productive cough is able to deliver a person a lot of unpleasant sensations, impairing the quality of life. Therapy includes symptomatic treatment and drugs to address the underlying disease.

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What arises is a dry cough?

Cough is a defense mechanism aimed at removing mucus and irritating agents from the bronchi. There are many causes of this symptom. Productive cough may depend on the stage of a particular disease. Cough reflex occurs in the early stages of pneumonia, with COPD, asthma, laryngeal stenosis, tuberculosis and lung cancer, chronic bronchitis. Cough in adults can be symptoms of SARS, allergic reactions, laryngitis, chlamydia, mycoplasmosis.

Also important mechanical factors - lymph node enlargement, compression of bronchi by the tumor, the penetration of a foreign body, dust, chemicals in the bronchi, changes in lung tissue fibrosis. Depending on the duration, cough can be acute or chronic. Acute usually disappears after 2-3 weeks, chronic lasts for months.

konsultaciya vrachaSome patients relief of symptoms was observed with administration of drugs with unproven effectiveness: Erespala, Stodal homeopathic remedies, combined medicines with antiseptic and antitussive effect. Ease the cough and herbal medicines, for example, the Chest.

Acute cough associated with viral infections, chronic is a symptom of bronchitis, the effects of Smoking and overweight. Contributes to cough and working with chemicals, living in areas with unfavorable environmental conditions, esophageal reflux, taking ACE inhibitors, diseases of the cardiovascular system (valvular heart disease, pericarditis, thromboembolism), diabetes mellitus (cough caused due to dryness of mucous membranes), thyroid disease and mental disorders.

If this symptom appears after a meal, perhaps the patient has a hiatal hernia, tracheoesophageal fistula, or mental disorder. Cough in the morning occurs in heavy smokers, and also with reflux disease. The final diagnosis based on other symptoms (fatigue, weight loss, pain in the chest), the results of the analyses and instrumental methods of examination.

The characteristics of drycough

The character of the cough depends on its cause. In diseases of the throat and windpipe, he has a loud bark-like character. Frequent coughing quietly talking about the pleurisy. Whooping cough is marked convulsive paroxysmal cough with noisy breathing.

obilnoe pite dlya lecheniya suhogo kashlyaCough reflex can be caused by irritation points of the body (such as inflammation of the cervical and auricular lymph nodes). Thrust occurs when tuberculosis and lung tumors. Unproductive painful cough indicates heart diseases and pathologies allobrogian tissues. In asthma, this symptom is accompanied by wheezing and whistling in the sternum. In heart failure, the cough occurs mostly at night.

Sore throat can also cause dry cough, therefore, diseases such as tonsillitis and pharyngitis, should be promptly treated. If the cough impairs the quality of your life, so they must be eliminated with the help of special drugs and codeine means. If the cause of this symptom was the bronchitis, the doctor will prescribe mucolytic drugs acetylcysteine, and Ambroxol expectorant drugs - solutan and mukaltin.

Cough brings not only benefits, cleansing the bronchi from irritants. It can lead to serious complications - occurrence of myocardial infarction in paroxysmal unproductive nature associated with infectious and inflammatory diseases of the bronchi. Constant occurrence of this symptom may lead to mental disorders and problems in communicating with people. Persistent cough contributes to fatigue, loss of voice, pain in the joints and muscles, disruption of the bladder and rectum, decreased mental abilities and increased blood pressure.

How to get rid of dry cough?

Methods of treatment of dry cough depends on the underlying disease, giving this symptom. Therapy should be under constant supervision of a doctor. Symptomatic treatment involves drinking plenty of fluids, ventilation, humidification. Resorption of the special candies to increased production of saliva, the swallowing of which relieves the cough reflex. Cleansing the bronchi contribute to inhalation with saline.

The combined use of mucolytic and antitussive drugs is unacceptable, this can lead to obstruction of the bronchi. If the primary disease is a bacterial infection, treatment with antibiotics penicillin or cephalosporin. Chlamydial infection should be treated with macrolides. Whenbronchial asthma used bronchodilators and hormonal drugs, TB - tuberculosis funds.

If you have a dry cough, the treatment can be applied traditional methods.

However, remember that not all of them are safe, so before applying you should consult your doctor.

Good effect in unproductive cough give inhalation with herbal teas, taking herbal teas of chamomile, mother and stepmother, and sage. Well-known folk remedy for treatment of cough is radish juice with honey. To ease the cough will help a hot compress on the chest.

Long duration of cough promotes the development of pulmonary emphysema, pneumothorax, stroke, tearing of the eye capillaries and bronchial veins, epileptic seizures, inguinal and umbilical hernias.

Prevention is to eliminate irritants and treatment of the underlying disease. First and foremost, you must give up Smoking and drinking alcohol. In addition, you must develop for themselves a balanced diet. Follow the routine and rules of personal hygiene. During the epidemic of influenza and SARS avoid places where a large number of people. Strengthens the immune system promotes healthy habits, fresh air, exercise. Avoid overheating and overcooling of the body, dress for the weather. Avoid stressful situations and emotional surges.